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2 Match the pictures with the words:
cheese cabbage sausage sweets cucumbers greens oranges fish meat

3 Find the odd word: - tomato, cucumber, apple, cabbage - meat, fish, chicken, cake - coffee, greens, tea, juice - cut, chop, slice, bake - sweets, cakes, lemon, biscuits - apple, orange, banana, sausage - boil, fry, roast, put

4 Find the antonyms to the given adjectives:
sweet green bad cold wet tasty big dry warm good ripe sour tasteless small

5 Divide these words into 3 columns – verbs, nouns and adjectives:
fat, pour, egg, steam, tasty, boiled, garlic, bread, bake, fried, grill, cheese verbs nouns adjectives

6 Match two parts of the word-combinations:
chicken cake chocolate coffee fried soup black pie apple fish peel sugar powdered potatoes

7 Arrange the words into the columns
Fruit Vegetables tomato, onion, apple, garlic, cucumber, lemon, orange, potato, cabbage, carrot, banana, cherry, peach, beetroot, plum, raspberry, pea, strawberry, bean, grape, pineapple, pear

8 1. tea, The English, of, are, fond.
Make up sentences: 1. tea, The English, of, are, fond. 2. Ukrainian, tasty, is, cuisine, various, and. 3. very, sausage, Ukrainian, is, delicious. 4. like, tea, coffee, Some, drinking, or, people. 5. Fast, are, food, with, people, restaurants, popular, young.

9 Arrange the words into the columns
Healthy food Unhealthy food fried potatoes, fish, sandwich, cutlet, apple pie, yoghurt, nuts, pepper, cabbage, mayonnaise, chips, ice-cream, cucumber, orange juice, grilled meat, bread, hamburger, sugar, porridge, apples, eggs, cheese, strawberry, sour cream.

10 Fill in the gaps: tom__toes on__on ga__lic

11 Fill in the gaps: che__se sa__sage br__ad

12 Fill in the gaps: potat__es car__ot beetr__ot

13 Fill in the gaps: cu__umber b__tter o__l

14 Fill in the gaps: co__fee __uice m__lk

15 Fill in the gaps c__ke br__ad s__eets

16 Fill in the gaps bana__as a__ples l__mons

17 Unscramble these words:
- aewtr - sreegn - esgg - chckine eta gecaabb ishf

18 Find and correct the mistakes:
1. Pears do not grow in the trees. 2. Bananas are red. 3. Carrots grow in the trees. 4. We can eat apples in soups. 5. Cucumbers are sweet. 6. Lemons are green and sweet. 7. We can use coffee in salads.

19 Complete the sentences: 1. I am hungry. Give me _____________ .
Complete the sentences: 1. I am hungry. Give me _____________ . 2. He likes tea with ____________ in the cup. 3. She wants to drink. She is so ___________. 4. What vegetables do you like? - ____________, please. 5. This isn’t very sweet. I’ll add some __________. 6. I think I’ll have _________ for dessert. 7. In the morning we usually drink__________.

20 Make up the recipe of the mashed potato.
Use the words: - take - peel - wash - cut - potatoes - butter - salt - add - milk - mash

21 - boil potatoes, eggs and sausage - peel eggs
Russian salad Ingredients: - eggs - sausage - cucumbers - potatoes - peas - mayonnaise Recipe: - peel potatoes - boil potatoes, eggs and sausage - peel eggs - cut potatoes, eggs, sausage, cucumbers - add peas and mayonnaise - mix all ingredients

22 Borsch Ingredients: Recipe: - meat - cabbage - tomatoes - potatoes
- onion - beetroot - oil - carrots - greens Recipe: - Cook some meat - Peel vegetables - Slice potatoes - Grate one beetroot and some carrots - Chop one onion and greens - Put vegetables into the pan - Add tomatoes and spices - Boil potatoes - Add vegetables and some salt When borsch is ready, add some sour cream into your plate Enjoy your meal!

23 Write the numbers of the sentences in the right order to make a story (recipe):
Take the pan and pour some oil. Enjoy your meal. Peel potatoes. Put potatoes on the pan. Slice potatoes. Fry for 15 minutes. Add some salt, pepper or garlic.

24 Make up the recipe of the fruit salad Use the words:
- banana - strawberry - pineapple - kiwi - orange - yoghurt - slice - mix - add

25 Make up the recipe of the vegetable salad. Use the words:
- cucumber - tomato - oil - onion - paprika - slice - add - mix - salt

26 Match the pictures with the words: add fry mix bake grate boil peel

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