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Contents VVocabulary EExercise 1 EExercise 2 EExercise 3 RRecipes TTest yourself.

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Presentation on theme: "Contents VVocabulary EExercise 1 EExercise 2 EExercise 3 RRecipes TTest yourself."— Presentation transcript:


2 Contents VVocabulary EExercise 1 EExercise 2 EExercise 3 RRecipes TTest yourself

3 fry bake grill boil grind grate slice chop peel dice mash vocabulary

4 Exercise 1 mixfrysc ancgrill sgrateia hrafricp bimdicee anbichde kdlkboil epeekprk Find 12 words connected with cooking.

5 fry onion potato water fish bake potato bread cake milk grill meat fish rice bacon boil cake eggs milk meat grind coffee salt pepper cheese grate cabbage meat carrot cheese slice flour onion meat bread chop tomatoes coffee onion eggs dice meat onion tomatoes salt Exercise 2 Cross out the word in each group which cannot follow the verb

6 1-to crush food into a soft mass 2-to remove the skin from a fruit or vegetable 3-to break something into very small pieces or powder 4-to cook something in boiling water 5-to make bread, cakes, etc. using an oven 6-to cook something in hot fat or oil 7-to cut something into very small pieces with a knife 8-to rub cheese, vegetables, etc. against a grater 9-to cook something over a fire on a frame of metal bars 10-to cut food into small square pieces 11-to combine two or more substances so that they become a single substance Exercise 3 mash peel grind boil bake fry chop grate grill dice mix


8 Fruit Salad Slice or dice some bananas, apples, oranges, kiwi etc. Add ice cream or syrup. Enjoy!

9 Broccoli with chicken Boil 400g broccoli, dice and fry 400g sirloin of chicken. Mix 125g sour cream, 2 tb.sps of Mayonnaise,1 tb. sp.of lemon juice, pinch of salt and ground black pepper. Put the ingredients into a bowl, mix them and enjoy.

10 Olivea with chicken Peel, boil and dice four potatoes; boil and dice three eggs, three carrots and 300g sirloin of chicken. Chop one onion. Add green peas, mayonnaise. Mix the ingredients. Enjoy!

11 Test yourself fryboilbake chop grill peel mash grate slice dice grind

12 Well done!













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