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Finding a Job. Warm-up Student Employment Profile.

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1 Finding a Job

2 Warm-up Student Employment Profile

3 Why do you Work? To make money To live on your own To pay your bills Feeling of importance

4 Job Search Methods

5 Personal Contacts 80% of available jobs are never advertised over half of all employees get their jobs through networking – friends To develop new contacts, join student, community, or professional organizations

6 School Placement offices Usually have a list of part-time jobs listed on campus Provide career counseling Career resource libraries Host job fairs

7 Employers Make a list of possible employers Look up their websites – many have information on how to apply for a position and who to contact. Call and ask for an interview

8 Classified Ads “Help Wanted” in the newspaper Don’t rely solely on classifieds – follow other leads as well. Answer ads promptly Read ads every day Beware of “No experience ads” – this usually indicates low wages & poor working conditions or commission work

9 Internet Networks & Resources Find advice on conducting your job search more effectively Search for job Research prospective employers Communicate with people who can help you in the job search.

10 Good Sites is a database consisting of three separate career resource provides information on educational, licensing, and certification requirements for different occupations listed by

11 More Sites provides listings of local employment service offices which help job seekers find is by the U.S. Dept. of

12 Job Interview Tips An interview gives you the opportunity to showcase your qualifications to an employer, so it pays to be well prepared.

13 Preparation Learn about the organization Have a specific job in mind Review your qualifications for the job Prepare answers to broad questions about yourself Review your resume Practice an interview with a friend or relative Arrive early

14 Personal Appearance Be well groomed Dress appropriately - conservatively Do not chew gum No cigarettes No heavy make-up, open toe shoes, revealing clothes, huge earrings, wrinkled clothes, hair in face, sagging or oversized clothes.

15 The Interview Relax & answer each question concisely Respond promptly Use good manners Learn the name of the interviewer & use it Shake with a firm handshake Use proper English – avoid slang

16 Be cooperative & enthusiastic Show interest Ask questions about the position & organization, but avoid asking things that are easily known or found on the company website Thank the interviewer when you leave Follow up with a Thank you note.

17 Test Listen closely to instructions Read each question carefully Write legibly & clearly Budget your time wisely & don’t dwell on one question.

18 Information to bring to Interview Social Security Card (or know #) Driver’s license Resume References – usually need 3 – make sure you get permission from the people first. Avoid using relatives Transcripts – to verify grades, etc.

19 What employers want Dependable people who will work when scheduled

20 Tips for Job Application Complete all requested information Write clearly & neatly in black or blue pen Check for spelling & grammatical errors List most recent job first Don’t forget to sign your application

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