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TIPD návštěva z Velké Británie - díky spolupráci partnera UHK se podařilo v rámci TIPD návštěvy představit a prezentovat projekt Nadané dítě.eu.

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Presentation on theme: "TIPD návštěva z Velké Británie - díky spolupráci partnera UHK se podařilo v rámci TIPD návštěvy představit a prezentovat projekt Nadané dítě.eu."— Presentation transcript:

1 TIPD návštěva z Velké Británie - díky spolupráci partnera UHK se podařilo v rámci TIPD návštěvy představit a prezentovat projekt Nadané dítě.eu

2 Představení účastníků jedná se o návštěvu pedagogický pracovníků z Velké Británie celou akci organizuje UHK cílem akce je představení vzdělávacího systému v České republice a prioritně návštěva škol zabývajících se výukou nadaných dětí

3 Příloha č. 1 Prezentace představení účastníků TIPD návštěvy, města a školy, kde pracují

4 Gifted and Talented Leicester City

5 Leicester City is the largest city in the East Midlands, with a population of 288,000, including over 70,000 children. It is one of the most diverse cities in the United Kingdom Leicester is a city of contrasts and some parts of the city face significant economic and social obstacles.

6 Objectives of the visit To identify and understand strategies and resources used in classrooms to provide effective learning opportunities for gifted and talented pupils To identify and understand strategic ways to implement and evaluate provision for gifted and talented pupils

7 People on the visit Elaine Batchelor Hannah Jefferies Mark Sutton Rebecca Fletcher Lakshmi Patel Kaye Wilson Paul Dhillon Chris Dixey Francisca Gillespie Paul Gillespie

8 Elaine Batchelor I have been privileged to have many experiences in teaching and learning. I have taught in 5 schools, been the Local Authority (LA) Science Consultant and International Co- ordinator and a University lecturer for Initial Teacher Training. I currently lead the LA network for Gifted and Talented Leading Teachers. As well as teaching physics and science for over 27 years, I have taught engineering science, mathematics and health education. I am driven by a passion to raise standards for all students and welcome the opportunity to share on an international level strategies for school leaders and classroom practitioners. Position: Consultant Director of Learning School: City of Leicester College 11 -19 A proud mum too of a son who is 22 and a daughter of 17.

9 Hannah Jefferies I moved to Leicester after finishing university and have now been teaching in the city for almost 19 years. I have taught children from Foundation stage to year 6. I have worked as a Special Needs co-ordinator in my last 2 schools. I currently work at Hazel Community Primary School and my job title is Lead Teacher for Inclusion and Reading Recovery teacher. This encompasses co-ordinating provision for gifted and talented, special needs and looked after children. I am married to Adi and we have 3 daughters- Sarah (14), Ruth (14) and Rachel (10). I enjoy being part of our church, being part of a reading group, playing the flute and walking in the countryside or near the sea. My ambition is to live in a house with a seaview!

10 Mark Sutton Im originally from Melton Mowbray, but have lived for quite a few years in both Birmingham and London before returning to Melton and Leicestershire just over four years ago. While in Birmingham I completed a degree in both silversmithing and jewellery, before moving onto a Masters degree in Product Design. Following a number of years working as a Product Designer, both in Birmingham and London, I decided on a complete career change, which brought me into teaching. Ive been teaching for the last 5 years, first of all completing a PGCE in the West Midlands and then moving on to teach Design & Technology in Solihull. Then, just over three years ago I joined Soar Valley College as Assistant Curriculum Leader in D&T. As for personality, well I tend to be quite outgoing, and will talk to just about anyone about just about anything – except football, which is a complete mystery to me. Other than that I hope Im somebody that people remember, hopefully for all the right reasons

11 Rebecca Fletcher Im originally from Grimsby but escaped to Leicester to complete a degree in the History of Art & Design at De Montfort University. After university I was unsure which path to follow so I took a part-time job in a bar. Without meaning to I ended up managing the bar and over the next 7 years ran a number of bars in Leicester, including the Orange Tree and The Lansdowne. Although I loved my job, I realised I didnt want to become Bette Lynch and so applied for a part-time City and Guilds course in teaching. I enjoyed this so much that after completion I applied for a PGCE in Art & Design at Birmingham UCE. I have now been teaching Art & Design at Soar Valley College for 4 years and I love my job (most of the time!) In my second year I obtained a responsibility post in Active Citizenship and now run a high profile EMAS group and Student Council which takes up most of my time. Im not trained in Gifted & Talented and at present, our school does not have a Gifted & Talented Co-ordinator, so Im hoping this trip will enable me to offer greater support to my students and I aim to share this knowledge with my colleagues upon my return. As for personality – I tend to get along with just about anyone and enjoy meeting new people. I can talk for England (and the Czech Republic!) and can come across quite confident (even when I dont feel it). I enjoy music and learning new things, and somehow have managed to gain a lot of useless information about lots of things! Im very creative and spend a lot of my time making. My new years resolution is to read more, cook more and do more exercise. Ive already read 1 book and now own a yoga mat. Its a start!

12 Lakshmi Patel I am 26 years old. I am a year 5 primary school teacher at Wyvern Primary (Leicester) and I am in my 4th year of teaching (2 years teaching yr 3, 2 years in yr 5). I am a newly appointed Gifted and Talented Co-ordinator and also the Science coordinator. At Wyvern Primary, there are approximately 425 pupils (238 males and 187 females) and 23 teaching staff.

13 Kaye Wilson I have been a teacher for a very long time and have taught at Holy Cross Catholic Primary school in Leicester for almost 25 years! I do not know where the time has gone! I have taught pupils from the age of three to eleven and currently teach a Year 6 class who are 10/11 years old. My school is quite small with less than 200 pupils. Since I am a Primary Teacher, I have to teach 13 subjects. However, as a Senior Teacher in my school, I take a lead in the teaching and learning of staff and pupils in English, Maths and RE. I am quite a creative person with a love of Art and so this influences my approach to teaching my class and my work with our school choir. At the moment, my at school is working in collaboration with the Royal Shakespeare Company and Philharmonic Orchestra on a project called Alike in Dignity in which the children get to explore Romeo and Juliet! This is very exciting. This follows our recent visit to Stratford upon Avon, birthplace of William Shakespeare, where myself and 50 children enjoyed a performance of Arabian Nights! This is just the sort of thing that I love ! In my spare time I enjoy watching football matches – live or on TV, researching my family history or doing something creative like card making/cross stitching. I live with my very patient and football-mad partner in South Wigston together with an assortment of cats!

14 Paul Dhillon I am twenty seven years old. I am from Leicester and have lived here all my life except for three years studying Philosophy at Leeds University and 5 months travelling in South America after my graduation. Travelling and seeing new things is one of the things I like doing most. My other interests include playing and watching football (I follow Leicester City) and running half marathons. I work at a school called Moat Community College in Leicester. I started at Moat in 2006 after completing my teacher training and teach English and Media Studies. I have recently been appointed as Lead Teacher in Gifted and Talented. The school is based in the centre of the city and includes many students from economically deprived circumstances. The intake of the school does not represent the general population of the UK, as most students are Muslim and the majority of students parents come from either Asia or Africa. The school has a high value added index, meaning students tend to achieve highly given their general circumstances. I find Moat a really positive environment to work in.

15 Chris Dixey I am a quiet person but get on well with most people. I have been teaching Science since 1993 and started my career as a Supply Teacher at Mary Linwood School, which no longer exists. I worked as a supply teacher in various schools in Leicester and Leicestershire including, Humphrey Perkins High School, Newbridge High School, Abington High School, Rushey Mead School and Mundella School (which no longer exists!) Since the reorganisation of City Schools in 1999 I have worked at Riverside Business and Enterprise College which is due to close in 2011!!! The year before I am due to retire!!!!! It is only this year that I have taken on the role of G&T Lead Teacher. I am therefore hoping to learn some new skills to take back to my colleagues. Like most people in the teaching profession I have little time for interests but I do belong to a walking group and I do read a lot. However, when I retire I would like to learn to play the piano and I plan to spend more time walking and travelling. I also intend to further my research on my family history, I have so far got as far back as the early 1800s. I have a son of 33 who has travelled the world and a daughter of 31 who is currently working at a ski resort in the French Alps. Regarding my photograph, that was my first ever pint of Guinness, I was in the viewing tower of the Guinness factory in Dublin so just had to sample one!

16 Paul Gillespie-Mendes I am a Design and Technology teacher at St Pauls Catholic School and my specialism is Product and Graphic Design. I am also the International Professional Development Co-ordinator for the school, which involves linking our classrooms here with those in Zimbabwe and Nigeria using technologies such as Skype and email. Before my career in teaching I went to Nottingham Trent University for a three year BA in Graphic Products. During this time I was given an opportunity to work within the design industry. I grasped this opportunity with both hands and soon became Co-Director of a design company in Hull. The industry had its fair share of recession turbulence which made me re think my career. During my time in industry I also completed an Arts degree with the open university. I then went on to complete a Masters in Multimedia Design with De Montfort University in Leicester. I have been teaching for eight years now and am thoroughly enjoying my time within education. My hopes and ambitions are to develop and contribute to the global classroom where any student can access quality education and opportunities whatever their circumstances.

17 Francisca Gillespie-Mendes I am a Performing Arts teacher at St Pauls Catholic School and specialise in Drama. I also co-ordinate the Creative and Media Diploma, which is a new qualification that my school is piloting with Gifted and Talented students in year 10. St Pauls Catholic School is an 11-18 comprehensive school with Performing Arts status. I am heavily involved in extra-curricular activities and frequently work with other schools in order to put on performances. During my degree I was fortunate enough to participate in a student exchange with the National University of Singapore and studied there for a year. Being able to experience learning in another country positively influenced my final year of study. I am looking forward to experiencing another countrys methods of teaching in order to inform my current teaching practices. Outside of school I enjoy reading, dancing and travelling. I have travelled through most of South East Asia, North America, Australia and parts of Europe. The next continent I plan on visiting is South America, with this in mind I am currently learning Spanish and will take my GCSE in it this year.

18 Příloha č. 2 Program TIPD návštěvy Program TIPD návštěvy z Velké Británie Neděle 14. 12.SKUM, ZIKP 19:00Přivítání a welcome drink Pondělí 15.2. SKUM, MANM 8:30 – 8:45 Přivítání proděkankou Maněnovou 8:45 – 9:15 Představení vzdělávacího systému ČR 9:30 – odjezd bus 27 od Zimního stadionu 10:00 – 11:45 Návštěva školy M. Horákové 12:30 Oběd s prorektorem Slabým a kancléřem Tikovským 13:30 – 15:00 Prohlídka města vedená Dr. Tikovským 15:15 Prohlídka Nového pivovar s Mgr. Munzarovou Úterý 16.2.MANM, ŠIMI, KROB 8:27 – odjezd troleje č. 6 na SNP 8:45 – 12:30 Návštěva školy SNP Oběd v Alessandrii 14:00 – 17:00 Hudební soutěž na ZUŠ Na Střezině

19 Příloha č. 2 - Program TIPD návštěvy Středa 17.2.SKUM, ZIKP 8:45 – 9:15Prezentace Dr. Müllerová (KNJL) - ?? 9:15 – 9:55Prezentace implicitních teorií – Dr. Havigerová – A11 10:00 – 11:30Diskuse se studenty – A18 Oběd U Ferdinanda 13:00 – 14:45Práce s talentovanými dětmi na Katedře Fyziky – Dr. Kříž 14:50 – 15:50 Ukázka práce v Laboratoři – Dr. Jezbera Čtvrtek 18.2. PECY, BLEH + SKUM, MANM, ZIKP 7:30 odchod z hotelu 8:03 odjezd vlakem – 2 přestupy 9:30 – 12:00 Návštěva ZŠ Masarykova v Rychnově nad Kněžnou oběd 13:30 – 15:30Diskuse se zástupci PPP Rychnov nad Kněžnou 16:02 odjezd vlakem – 1 přestup 19:30Farewell drink Pátek 19.2. SKUM, ZIKP 6:30odchod od hotelu 7:08 – 8:47cesta vlakem do Prahy 10:00ZŠ nám. Curiových – škola pro nadané děti 13:00 rozloučení u hotelu Novotel Praha, Kateřinská 1476/38, 1200 Praha

20 Spolupráce ZŠ Masarykova a PPP KHK v rámci již započaté spolupráce ZŠ Masarykova umožnila návštěvu školy i ukázky vyúky, přestože byly jarní prázdniny p. ředitel Mgr. Petr představil historii školy a provedl návštěvníky po budově školy bylo připraveno několik velice zajímavých ukázek z výuky s využitím moderních výukových metod a techniky

21 největší úspěch měla ukázka logických her, kde zapojili i pedagogičtí pracovníci z VB

22 Návštěva PPP KHK přivítání a veškerou konverzaci v PPP KHK, pracoviště RK zaštítila Mgr. M. Homolková byla představena práce poradny jako takové, její služby poskytované rodičům i školám po krátké prohlídce pracoviště bylo přichystáno pro návštěvníky občerstvení, při kterém byl prostor pro přiblížení metod práce v PPP či případné názorné ukázky

23 M. Homolkovou byly velmi kvalifikovaně zodpovídány veškeré dotazy

24 Projekt Nadané dítě.eu po diskuzi byl prezentován projekt Nadané dítě.eu prezentace byla zaměřena na složení cílové skupiny, vzdělávání pedagogických pracovníků, cíl projektu a samozřejmě ucelený pohled na danou problematiku ve školách v ČR na závěr byly všem zúčastněným předány projektové propagační předměty

25 Poděkování za realizační tým grantu Nadané dítě.eu děkujeme za možnost podílet se na této akci a za spolupráci a vstřícnost při realizaci : Univerzitě Hradec Králové ZŠ Masarykova, RK – p. řediteli Mgr. Luďku Petrovi Mgr. Michale Homolkové za skvělý překlad do angličtiny

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