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ENTERPRISE EUROPE NETWORK IN HUNGARY Erzsébet Dobos Director of Enterprise Europe Network ITD Hungary 9th of October 2008.

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1 ENTERPRISE EUROPE NETWORK IN HUNGARY Erzsébet Dobos Director of Enterprise Europe Network ITD Hungary 9th of October 2008.

2 GENRAL OVERVIEW Enterprise Europe Network Hungary Mission Map General Services Special Services Different at every partner organization Performance of the first half of the year Success stories of the Hungarian consortium

3 ENTERPRISE EUROPE NETWORK HUNGARY Our place in the largest European network 1 consortium 9 partners (chambers of commerce, development agency, foundations) 60 experienced professionals Operations in all the 7 Hungarian regions Mission Support to the creation and development of SMEs Assistance and information to SMEs on EU activities and opportunities Feedback on views and problems of entrepreneurs One stop shop – No wrong door Direct service or signposting to the right business organization


5 OUR GENERAL SERVICES Individualized advice on EU-subjects: From CE-marking to FP7 projects, internal market issues, European legislation Match-making: Business meetings, business cooperation database, individualized partner search Technology transfer: Mediating technological cooperation agreements, advice on IPR Transnational projects: Match-making, business cooperation, training, etc. Training and capacity building: Sharing best practices among SMEs, active and individual training Feedback to the Commission

6 OUR SPECIAL SERVICES I. ASTRA export club (ITD Hungary Zrt.) Tailor made training course to SMEs starting their export activities For SMEs who havent yet started exporting or are at the beginning of this activity EARTH: clubs for obtaining general knowledge about export STAR: company visits, individualized consultancy SUN: self-developing group for strategic actions based on the idea of Danish export consultants MICRO CREDIT program (PRIMOM, ZMVA) Several micro credit possibilities for micro companies Free consultancy on most fitting facility

7 OUR SPECIAL SERVICES II. PANNON Cluster for wood industry (ZMVA) 132 members in Western Transdanubia Participation at international fairs, organizing thematic exhibitions Common marketing Database PLATO program (GYMSKIK) Sharing expertise Supporting internationalization among SMEs Godfather companies coach around 30 SMEs, meeting monthly, discussing challenges, searching for solutions

8 OUTCOME OF THE FIRST HALF OF THE YEAR The Enterprise Europe Network has already: Answered approx. 1,200 questions on EU subjects Participated in 27 brokerage events Organized 44 local events on SME-related topics like: Financing Business cooperation Standardization CE-marking Implementation of the internal market Intellectual property rights

9 SUCCESS STORY I. – ATTIfree Kft. Specialized in production of wrapping and packaging material Being the inventor of a special odor elimination system Taking part in the SUN method group of the ASTRA program at ITD Hungary Zrt. Goals achieved with the help of the Enterprise Europe Network Started a company in Mongolia for the distribution of his odor elimination system Being the supplier of boxes for a company active in the food industry he met at SUN and is starting a representative office in Spain with them A company he met at SUN provides him plastic parts for his machines producing packaging material Planning to develop an innovative product with the support of domestic and foreign companies Taking part at tenders of ITD supporting trade development

10 SUCCESS STORY II. – Molnár Gumi Bt. Family run business Producing rubber products like extruders, cylindrical vibration dampers, machine feet, conical dampers, parabolic dampers, rubber profiles Never been engaged in direct export activity, always exported via an intermediate agency Taking part at Hi Industry fare and matchmaking event in Herning, Denmark co-organized by ITD Hungary Zrt. First direct contact to foreign companies in his sector ITD Hungary Zrt. was helping to overcome language barriers at the meetings Got already at the participated meetings promising offers and requests Has since then fruitful cooperation with a Danish and a Swedish company

11 SUCCESS STORY III. – Diogenész 2001. Bt. Specialized in production of wooden goods, barrels Taking part regularly at events organized by former EIC and current Enterprise Europe Network partner, ZMVA He also took part at INNOTECH conference, May 2008. He held a speech in the topic of innovative products He has entered into contract with an Austrian company he met at the event They have a technological cooperation and are about to build together wooden houses in Hungary and Austria They won a price at the Inno Lognum Sopron fare for their innovative activity

12 SUCCESS STORY IV. – BT&SONS Specialised in production of gates and fence systems, hinges and locks for windows, steel structures, wooden pallet systems They took part at a match-making event in Brasov, Romania They were looking for new buyers of their production lines and a company who would represent their products in Brasov They had several meetings with companies who were interested in buying their products After the event companies were contacted by the already existing Romanian representative office which handled the orders and made contracts with the new buyers WoodExpo fair for the wood sector was parallel going One of their colleagues met a Romanian company They agreed with the Romanian company to become the representative of the Hungarian one with Brasov location. They already signed the contract for representation.

13 Erzsébet Dobos Director of Enterprise Europe Network ITD Hungary H-1061 Budapest, Andrássy út 12. Tel: +36-1-473-8253 E-mail: THANK YOU VERY MUCH FOR YOUR ATTENTION

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