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ITD Hungary Zrt. Erzsébet Dobos, Business Development Director Moscow, 7th June 2010.

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1 ITD Hungary Zrt. Erzsébet Dobos, Business Development Director Moscow, 7th June 2010

2 Land: 93,030 km² Population: 10,1 million Population density: 109.2 people/square km Capital: Budapest (population:1.8 million GDP/capita, at PPP: EUR 15,300/ USD 18,840 (2009) (wiiw, EIU ) Currency: Hungarian forint HUF Hungarys GDP/capita stands at 64% of the EU average. From Hungary, a market of some 250 million people can be reached within 600 miles. Outward investments (2009): 11,1 billion EUR Hungary

3 Improving economic performance in 2010 EU-member since 2004 GDP growth 2010: +0% (2009: -6.3%) Export growth 2010: +4.0% (2009:-9.1%) Industrial production: +2.5% (2009: -15.9%) Average wage: 724 (Q3 2009)* Unemployment rate (2009: 10.1%) Average inflation rate 2010: 4.3% (2009: 4.2%) GDP Output Inflation Employment and wages EU * Exchange rate: 1 = 271.27 HUF Source: GKI (Economic Research Institute) February 2010

4 VAT: 25% Corporation tax: 19% Contribution payable by employers: 28% Personal income tax until 5 million HUF: 17% Personal income tax over 5 million HUF: 32% Insurance contribution: 7,5% Pension insurance: 9,5% Taxes Improving economic performance in 2010

5 Founded by the Hungarian Government to achieve its foreign economic policy goals promote and facilitate foreign investments develop international trade promote Hungarian capital investments EU integration-oriented SME development Central Office in Budapest 20 regional offices 60 Foreign Trade Offices ITD Hungary Investment and Trade Development Hungary

6 ITD Hungary Key competences of the agency: FDI Promotion Exploring new channels to investors One-Stop Shop for investors Implementation Aftercare Promoting Hungarian businesses internationally Supporting export capabilities of Hungarian SMEs Supporting foreign investments of Hungarian SMEs Supporting Hungarian SMEs to become suppliers of large multinationals Other major tasks Maintenance of representative network abroad Channeling the business related experiences of ITD Hungary through policy making initiatives to the government for boosting competitiveness

7 Business Development -Main role Enhancing Hungarian product, service and capital exports through its wide range of services Recycling Biotechnology Renewable energy ICT Automotive Electronics Aviation and Aerospace Digital media and creative industries Dynamics of the sector Existing presence Growth Stability Decline LowAverage Strong Priority sectors to focus on

8 Business Development- Activities Partner management structured by industrial sectors Deep, sector-specific knowledge to advise domestic companies on export-related issues Co-operation with more than 2000 companies based on annual business developmental plans Organising business networking meetings, sector- specific seminars, exhibitions, trade-shows Actively supporting the SMEs sector Business matchmaking Organising collective Hungarian participation on exhibitions and fairs

9 Business Development- Activities Partner management programme - results personal contact established with 2073 significant exporting companies in Hungary -> 70% of total export of Hungarian SME-s, 3,8 billion traditional industries (food, textile, machine manufacturing), as well as new, knowledge-based sectors (ICT, biotechnology, environment) Russia ranks the 3rd most important planned export market for Hungarian SME-s ITD organised 216 export development programmes in 2009 with 1500 participating companies -> estimated result: 400 million export orders through the programmes of ITD

10 Business Development- Activities Customer Relations Centre Offering leads on export opportunities in electronic and printed form; Gathering and disseminating information on EU and local funding opportunities, Hungarian and European tenders; Offering advice on export procedures, customs, legal and taxation issues; Maintaining nation-wide company database Medium-term goal: To establish foreign trade E – market

11 Development of Supplying Sector Support the realization of subcontracting networks Increase the number of suppliers in the manufacturing sector Applying the Suppliers Development Programme Enhancing suppliers network meeting the demand of the big investors locating in Hungary Business Development- Activities

12 Instruments for development full audit at the selected subcontractors with the OEM indication of the area to be developed summarization of support possibilities active Forum for suppliers, integrators, multinational companies enhancing supplying relations (data banks, e-market, consulting) suppliers conferences and events suppliers coaching (training, "best practice improving suppliers capabilities ) Business Development

13 Main sectors – trade relations with Russia Agriculture, Food products and technolgies for the food industry (machinery and equipment) Processed meat Vegetables and fruit products Wine and spirits Cleantech: waste management technolgies, waste water and drinking water systems, environmental engineerin Medical devices and equipments (hospitals, lab- technologies) Textiles, apparel (clothing, textiles for special usage) Construction: engineering services, project management Electronics: devices for the automotive industry

14 I.In the decision making process Tailor made, comprehensive information packages on the economy, politics, financial incentives, business environment, tax system and individual sectors Identifying locations, organizing site visits Organizing partner meetings II. During implementation Advising on project partners and project financing Accelerated permitting procedures Assistance in applications for incentives III. In the operation phase Maintaining continous contact Advising and assisting companies seeking to expand Advocacy to improve the business climate Investment Promotion- Services

15 II. One-Stop Shop 358 projects/year 27 realized investment in 2009 Euro 895 million investment in 2009 5,461 new jobs in 2008 I. Lead Generation Contact with 7,600 companies in 2009 About 150 events in 2009 III. Implementation Administrative one-stop shop for investors 20-25 implementation projects in 2009 IV. After Care 25 potential reinvestment in 2009 160 after care events with about 230 companies all over Hungary Generating new investments (manufacturing, R&D, service centre) Ongoing advocacy, and follow-up of the potential investment projects Investment Promotion- Results

16 Investment Promotion – Results Announced investment projects 2002-2009 Source: ITD Hungary

17 Enterprise Europe Network Hungary Our place in the largest European network 1 consortium 9 partners (chambers of commerce, development agency, foundations) 60 experienced professionals Operations in all the 7 Hungarian regions Mission Support to the creation and development of SMEs Assistance and information to SMEs on EU activities and opportunities Feedback on views and problems of entrepreneurs One stop shop – No wrong door Direct service or signposting to the right business organization

18 Enterprise Europe Network- General services Internalization Individualized advice Consultancy European legislation International and national tenders Market access Your Europe Portal Brochures Databases Events Individualized partner search Company missions Brief lists Seminars, workshops Matchmaking events

19 Enterprise Europe Network- General services Innovation, technology transfer Individualized advice: Consultancy Audit IPR Transnational Technology Transfer Tender watch service Brochures: Catalogue for matchmaking event in renewable energy sector Database: SME Feedback Database Events: Seminars, workshops

20 Enterprise Europe Network- General services FP7 programs Individualized advice: Consultancy FP7 Tender watch service Sharing best practice Database: SME Feedback Database BBS Events: Seminars, workshops FP7 for ICT sector R&D Day at Miskolc

21 ITD Hungary Zrt. 1061 Budapest, Andrássy út 12. Tel: +36 1 472 8100 Fax: +36 1 472 8101 E-mail:; Your contact

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