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European Commission Leader+ Observatory Seminar “Leader in the New Member States” 13-17 November 2006 - Tihany, Hungary Mini-plenary session B2: How does.

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1 European Commission Leader+ Observatory Seminar “Leader in the New Member States” November Tihany, Hungary Mini-plenary session B2: How does the LAG operate at local level? Maura Walsh, IRD Duhallow Ltd.

2 IRD Duhallow - A Local Action Group Operating at Local Level

3 IRD Duhallow Ltd. Founded 1989 by local businessmen
Initial Aim to generate jobs through Tourism Located in a Natural Area of Development in the South West of Ireland Area 1,800 sq. km; Population of 30,000 Mainly Rural – 4 towns – under 2,000 people Main Problems:- Depopulation – out-migration, Reliance on Agriculture, Lack of jobs locally, Lack of Jobs for Women Implementing LEADER since 1991

4 Level of Autonomy Company Limited by Guarantee, not having Share Capital A Not for Profit Registered Charity in Ireland Implements LEADER -Contract from Ministry Single Integrated Local and Rural Development Structure – many programmes Has control of own budget a quarter of LEADER annual allocation lodged in advance Selects & Pays projects on decision of Board Ministry Inspects Files and Projects Requests to Ministry to “top-up” Drawdown

5 simply as a LEADER Administration
The Role of Animation & Capacity Building defines the LAG simply as a LEADER Administration OR Local Rural Development Agency operating across a wide range of Programmes and Initiatives to meet the needs of the community and region

6 Building Social Capital
Community Enterprise Social & Economic Levels of Social Capital Development Community, Social and Quality of Life Active Community Participation Awareness Raising and Animation Time

7 Decision Making and the LAG
The level of Autonomy in decision making will determine the LAG Structure The Number of Programmes delivered through the LAG will also impact on structure Interestingly the LAG Structure will often determine (Limit) its Capacity to deliver the on the Scope of LEADER and/or take on any additional Programmes Irish LAG’s comply with Government standards of Ethics in Public Office, Procurement etc. An Insurance Bond protects Public Funds The LAG as an Agent for Animation

8 IRD Duhallow Board 2006 Community Forum Social Partners Business
Development Women & Childcare Social Economy Youth & Education Youth Equality Disability & Migrants Urban Estates Migrants & Refugees Community Forum Rural Regeneration Geographic Enterprise Bereavement Support IRD Duhallow Board 2006 Childcare Disability Enterprise Network Social Partners Business Sector Women Elderly Lone Parents Agriculture Smallholders Policy Beef, Sheep & Tillage Environment Carers Local Organisations Statutory Agencies Mental Ill Health Employment & Training Project Evaluation Project Assessment Human Resources Finance Strategic Working Group Sub-Committees Operational Sub-Committees Strategic Working Groups

9 Developing the Development Strategy!
Consultation, Partnership & Common Sense Know European Rural Development Strategy Be Familiar with the Operating Guidelines Do not be Limited by either in developing your Strategy- other Programmes potential Include as much as possible But Remember it must be “Doable”

10 Natural and Cultural Resources Community Development
Human Cultural Economic Natural Eco Tourism Activity Holidays Environment Education IRD Duhallow LEADER + Natural and Cultural Resources Natural and Resources &Training A Living Country Side Environment Awareness Promote Walking Holidays Develop Angling Facilities Heritage Management Preservation & Restoration Enhance Built Heritage Promote Sustainable Land Use New Service Enterprises New Sustainable Jobs Diversification New Food Products Social Enterprise Community Development Increase participation of Youth & Women Develop Social Economy Improve Local Services Establish Transnational links New Training Opportunities Support Networks Improve Community Facilities Improve Quality of Life Networking Traditional Village Renewal Technology The Arts Support Cultural Centres Community Arts Support Craft Enterprise Facilitate Networks Research & Archiving Training Marketing & Promotion Foster Creativity Sustainable Growth Technical Support Capital Investment Recruitment Assistance Product Development New Food Businesses Mentoring Pluriactivity Rural Development Identity

11 Implementation & Monitoring
Remember The Specific Features of LEADER…Bottom Up, Area Based, LAG, Integrated, Innovative, Transnational, Finance. Its not just the outcomes that are important The LEADER Method must be fully Applied In Implementing LEADER this way you will also be developing your LAG and territory as well as creating a “Virtuous” circle of Animation & Capacity Building LEADER is about doing thing WITH people not FOR People….But it is about DOING

OBJECTIVES & GOALS STRATEGIC AIM 1 ENTERPRISE DEVELOPMENT Rural/Agri Tourism (no working group but some of the remit falls under Comm Dev) Business Development Diversification & Expansion Enterprise / Ent. Network Agriculture Small Holders Agriculture WG Business Support Enterprise Network Social Enterprise Social Economy WG Networks Enterprise Network 20 New Businesses of which 4 Women’s & 6 Target Group 25 Existing Business Diversified 6 New Food Products 3 new participants Company Dev Prog 20 Farm Diversification 4 Enterprise Units 170 Small Holder Families Assisted 170 in Pluriactivity 170 On-Farm Enterprises 170 Farm Efficiency 140 in Value Added 1500 Environment Resource Mgmt. 6 Wildlife Habitats Supported 4% Peatlands Conserved 5 Lectures/seminars 500 in Environment Awareness 6 new Environment info packs published 1 Business Resource Centre 8 Training Progs 15 Business Plans 30 Business Ideas 3 Network Progs 2 Mentor Panels 4 Firms Trading Internationally 15 Feasibility Studies 12 Employment Grants Develop Enterprise Network Develop Crafts Network 6 Enterprise Awareness Progs 10 Target Group Entrepreneurs 20 at risk kids assisted in School Business Programme Establish 6 Community Enterprises Create 34 New Social Econ jobs 3 new jobs in Food Centre 6 Part time jobs in Food Centre 6 Sustained 2 Salmon Spawning Rivers enhanced Enhance 60 km Riverbank Establish 3 Loop Walks Sliabh Luachra Trail 1 Archaeological Trail Millstreet Country Park 20 New Products/Amenities 1 Centre for Celtic Spirituality 4 Cultural Centres upgraded 1 New Cultural Centre established 1 TNP Culture Project Assist 2 Musicals 3 New Trails Web Site for Culture

STRATEGIC AIM 2 COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT Youth & Educ. Y & Ed WG Community Forum Comm Dev WG Women & Childcare Women & Childcare WG Employment &Training E & T WG Equality & Migrants E, D & M WG 9 After Schools clubs with 90 primary kids 3 New Play Areas 5 Afterschools at 2nd level for 75 kids 1500 info on 3rd level 50 targeted for “ “ 1 Outdoor Pursuits & Leadership Prog. 3 New Youth Clubs for 60 young People Establish Youth Info Centre, serving 600 100 young people in Intergenerational Learning projects Train 9 facilitators in Dev Ed 2 Leadership Progs to train 120 people Estate management in 8 estates 24 village & 4 town renewal plans Competition for most inclusive town 160 participated in Intergenerational Learning Prog 120 groups /30 communities n’working Support 6 Fora with 60 groups. Upgrade 12 facilities Re-location of 18 families 6 Community projects on Environment Community Environment Awards Enhance greens in 10 villages. 2 Community Parklands 4 w’shops habitat mgt Info pack on built environment Survey heritage & special features Sustainable forest management Est. 10 re-cycling/composting projects Research into consumer behaviour 6 new community crèches Awareness campaign Increase women’s participation by 100 2 new Networks 20% increase in Network membership 24 Seminars organised Participation in outside Networks Establish multi-level Training Centre 25 LTU in jobs ex Progression Prog 90 Women in Preparation for work 500 in Adult Ed progs 40 Women in Personal Development H.R training in 20 sme 6 accessible training units 10 IT training progs 6 IT access points est. 30 Communities in Introduction to IT 8 Business Training Progs delivered 3 Environment training on de-materialisation Expand to 2 Branches Aware for 40 people E3 Bereavement Support Groups Integration Prog for 30 Asylum Seekers Support Group for 40 disabled 650 2nd Level & 800 Primary kids in Include me In

14 IRD Duhallow Staff Structure 2006
Maura Walsh Manager Eileen Linehan Team Leader Enterprise & Project Admin Brendan O Keeffe P/T Team Leader Community development Margaret O Connor Financial Control Admin Team Leader Clare O Keeffe Small Holder Support Worker Helen O Sullivan Community Development Carmel O Connor Finance Officer Catherine Crowley Enterprise Officer Helen O Donoghue Accounts P/T Dianne Devitt Equality, Disability &Migrants Kate Kelly Finance Officer Marie Twomey Food Centre Manager S.E Marion O Sullivan Youth & Education Derval Corbett Office Admin Ita Hickey Carmel Mullane John Brosnan Supervisors Rural Soc. Scheme Martina Drew Office Admin Paddy O’Connor FAS CE Supervisor Yvonne Flynn Rural Transport Co-ordinator Richard O Brien Transition to Employment Marie Flemming Office Admin Community Services Mainstream Rural Dev. FAS RSS TEP Cohesion LEADER LDSIP EOCP

15 Project Selection Process
LAG Staff assist applicants and ensure compliance with LEADER guidelines Project Evaluation Committee examines projects with respect to strategic plan, budget, compliance Bottom Up and Local Knowledge Evaluation Committee Recommends to LAG Board which makes the decision Conflicts of Interest declared and noted at Board A register of Interests of all board Members kept Project Promoter & Ministry notified of Decision Project Assessment Committee oversees implementation Time scale varies but 6 weeks is the goal

16 Since it’s inception IRD Duhallow has...
Created 790 New Jobs Sustained Enterprises Providing over 1,100 jobs Levered over €36.3m in resources into Duhallow Provided over 3,500 Training Places Placed over 500 into employment Facilitated the creation of over 500 childcare places Supported 96 Community & Voluntary Groups Enabled Networking & Co-operation Funded over 600 projects by Communities Implemented 26 National & EC programmes through a single community based rural development structure

17 …………………….. Assisted 23 Publications
Convened 40 Seminars and Conferences Developed 25 new amenities and visitor attractions Assisted & Funded 15 new accommodation units Empowered over 4,000 young people to get involved in development projects Initiated support projects in 18 schools Carried over 22,000 passengers through Rural Transport Developed Transnational linkages with 22 countries Implemented 35 National & EU Programmes through a single Administrative structure

18 Conclusion Integrated Local Development Structures will have an enhanced role in the delivery of the Irish National Development Plan 07-13 LEADER Partnerships (Integrated Structures) LEADER Programme focus drawn from EU Agreements Lisbon ( job creation): Gothenburg (sustainability): Cork (Living Countryside) Social Inclusion Programmes – Additional Target Groups All of the Country will be included in new programme. Additional Programmes to be delivered through Integrated Local & Rural development Agencies

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