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Grenoble Innovation for

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1 Grenoble Innovation for
Advanced New Technologies

2 Grenoble: a dynamic and international environment
Grenoble: 45.1 N, 5.7 E A scientific, economic and academic hub In the Rhône-Alpes Region: #2 in France in Patents Awarded

3 Building upon success A 250-hectare scientific center within the city, forged on the success of MINATEC A multitude of players moving forward together, driven by the vision of Jean Therme, Director of the Grenoble CEA Center, and the far-reaching urban design project of architect Christian de Portzamparc An international campus aimed at offering an exceptional working and living environment to students, scientists and companies from all over the world

4 Science and technology ambitions The objectives
Addressing major societal challenges information, energy and health

5 3 technological centers: MINATEC, GreEn, NanoBio
Science and technology ambitions The objectives Addressing major societal challenges information, energy and health Transcending barriers to create 6 coherent centers of excellence 3 technological centers: MINATEC, GreEn, NanoBio 3 transversal centers: EPN Science Campus, Basic research, Technology management MINATEC Information NanoBio Health GreEn Energy EPN Science Campus European large infrastructures Technology management Basic research

6 Science and technology ambitions The figures
GIANT today GIANT tomorrow 6,000 researchers 5,000 industrial jobs 5,000 students 300 residents 10,000 researchers 10,000 industrial jobs 10,000 students 10,000 residents 100,000 visitors annually 5,000 publications annually 500 patents filed annually 4.1 Md€uros annual economic impact 50 start-ups launched in past five years

7 Science and technology ambitions Project funding
Project investment 1 285 M€ ( ) Research & Education 580 M€ Including MINATEC NanoBio GreEn GEE & RF 110 M€ 45 M€ 120 M€ 290 M€ Development work 305 M€ Infrastructures 400 M€ Funding entities State 19% Local government 24% European large infrastructures 19% CEA 5% Private 33%

8 Science and technology ambitions Top Ranking for 3 centers of technological excellence
MINATEC : micro-nanoelectronics GreEn : clean energy NanoBio : biotechnologies

9 Urban ambitions Existing situation: a campus next to the city center

10 Urban ambitions Amenities and services
Reception, learning center, hotels, restaurants, leisure Landscaping of the river banks and parks… Green mobility, tramway, bicycle tracks Family and student housing, shopping center A green neighborhood within the city, offering ideal living conditions and architectural excellence

11 Urban ambitions A carbon-neutral site Energy efficiency:
“Greentech” energy production: Solar, hydrogen, hydraulic Energy efficiency: Low consumption buildings Integrated energy management Integrated mobility: Electric mobility services

12 Envision tomorrow…

13 Thank you for your attention

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