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Jobs, Innovation and Our Water Future

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1 Jobs, Innovation and Our Water Future
Tod Dabolt Director, Information Management PMO Office of Water U.S. EPA

2 Jobs, Innovation and Our Water Future
We cannot continue down the historic path of water management and meet America’s future water needs. Innovation in water management will meet America’s water needs, create jobs and strengthen our economy.

3 Failing Water Infrastructure
$300 billion in wastewater and $335 billion in drinking water improvements needed by 2028 6 billion gallons clean drinking water lost every day D Minus rating for U.S. wastewater and drinking water infrastructure

4 Water Pollution Problems are Growing

5 Additional Challenges to Water Management
Population growth Development patterns Climate change

6 Innovation and Economic Growth
U.S. environmental technology industry in 2008: 1.7 million jobs $300 billion in revenues $43.8 billion in exports U.S. share of foreign environmental technology markets: 5.7 % in 1997 9.8% in 2007

7 Areas Ripe for Innovation
Chicago City Hall Green Roof Green infrastructure Drinking water systems Water-energy nexus 3% of U.S. energy use is to pump and treat water 4% of U.S. freshwater is used for cooling

8 Water, Jobs and the Economy
Every job in water and sewer creates 3 new jobs $1 invested in water and sewer leads to $6.35 in long-term private output $1 billion in water infrastructure creates 40,000 jobs $1 billion in water efficiency creates 22,000 jobs $188 billion to upgrade U.S. water and wastewater infrastructure would generate $265 billion in economic activity and 1.9 million jobs American Jobs Act: $10 billion for a National Infrastructure Bank

9 Americans Support Investment in Clean Water
63% believe EPA needs to do more to protect air and water (USA Today poll) 72% rank water issues in the top four environmental problems: Contamination of water by toxic waste Pollution of rivers, lakes and reservoirs Pollution of drinking water Maintenance of the nation’s supply of fresh water for household needs

10 Let’s Chat… How can we expand the dialog to reach a broader audience?
What additional data and information should we provide? How can we strengthen our partnerships with application developers to message the value of Clean Water?

11 Jobs, Innovation and Our Water Future
Thank you

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