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John Kilmartin New Business Manager, West Coast IDA Ireland Dec 2012 Ireland – A platform for European Expansion.

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1 John Kilmartin New Business Manager, West Coast IDA Ireland Dec 2012 Ireland – A platform for European Expansion

2 Who is IDA Ireland - Irelands inward investment promotion agency - Responsible for the attraction and development of foreign investment in Ireland

3 Key Message Ireland is a location where researchers work in and with the worlds leading companies on ground breaking projects R&D activities taking place within multinational companies in Ireland Collaborative R&D projects between multinational companies located in Ireland and Irish universities Collaborative R&D projects between multinational companies across Europe and universities across Europe



6 World Leaders Choose Ireland

7 & The Next Wave of Fast Growing Companies

8 Why choose Ireland.. TAX R&D Tax Credits 12.5% Rate IP and Holding Company Regime Ease of Interaction with Revenue Language – English Speaking & Multilingual Access to EEA for Hiring > 500 million people TALENT Highly Competent Management & Technical VISA & Work Permit Process streamlined by IDA TRACK RECORD Infrastructure, EU & Euro Member Pro Business Environment – Ease of Doing Business Cultural Affinity with the US / Time zone Education, IP Protection Legal (Common Law) Being based in Dublin gives us access to a highly skilled workforce and enables us to coordinate our business growth across Europe and beyond to deliver the best possible service to our members. Kevin Eyres, MD Europe LinkedIn Ireland is a great place to run our business. We have access to creative, young people who see Dublin as a desirable place to work. People are coming to Ireland from other parts of Europe. We are growing significantly in Dublin. We are very committed here and were going to continue. Eric Schmidt, Chairman, Google

9 Typical Activities in Ireland EMEA HQ OperationsShared Services and Finance Sales/Marketing and Customer SupportResearch and Development

10 in Ireland Smarter Cities Technology Centre, Dublin Dublin Team will help cities around the world to be more connected, sustainable and intelligent 66 million investment, c.200 roles for subject matter experts to be created Dublin City collaborating with IBM as a Test Bed, positioning Dublin as a smarter city IBM opens first office in Ireland 1956 IBM Technology Campus Established 1996 Smarter Cities Technology Centre Established 2010 3,200 people employed in Ireland Today IBM in Ireland Employ 3,200 people between Dublin, Cork & Galway across multiple international mandates including: Research & Development Software Engineering Supply Chain Management Pan European Telesales Financial Shared Services Technical Support IBM Technology Campus, Mulhuddart, Dublin Focal point for IBMs investments in Ireland on this 100 acre site Research, development & services centre Other IBM operations in Dublin include: Innovation Centre Data Centre Cloud Computing Centre International Treasury Centre

11 in Ireland Silicon Design Research Group 19 million investment in silicon research, product design & test development Digital Health Research Group 25 million investment to lead identification of global digital technologies, products & services for healthcare industry Technologies developed will provide preventative and independent care for the aged. First set up in Ireland 1989 Established a Silicon Research Group and Digital Health Research Group 2006 Over 4,000 people employed Today Intel Shannon, Co. Clare: Established in 2000 by acquisition of Basis Technology Designs advanced microprocessors for use in embedded computing, communications and storage markets 50 million investment by Intel in Jan. 09 will increase research staff to over 300 people by 2013 Intel Manufacturing Facility, Leixlip, Co. Kildare Since setting up, Intel has invested over 7 billion here expanding its product range here Largest Intel operation outside of the US Europes most advanced semiconductor manufacturing facility Location of 3 semiconductor wafer fabrication facilities: Fab 10, Fab 24 and Fab 24-2 Intel Innovation Centre is a 36 million investment in R&D of applications in wide variety of areas This has grown to a global network of 12 centres, all reporting into Ireland

12 in Ireland Global Centre of Excellence for Customer Experience, Dublin Focuses on developing product, process, people and technology solutions to – Improve customer experience Drive increased revenues for PayPal worldwide As a result of success of this Centre to date, a number of global roles are now located in Ireland including – Global Head of Customer Support Global Head of Process Excellence Global Head of Training In 2009, PayPal expanded into a new, larger facility in Dublin First established in Ireland 2003 Global Centre of Excellence set up 2009 c.1,200 employed Today PayPal European Operational Headquarters, Blanchardstown, Dublin PayPals first entity outside of The US Hosts PayPals European customer service, risk & fraud prevention, merchant services and process excellence team. Over 1,200 native European speakers employed Young and educated workforce – average age of 27 years Over 40 different nationalities represented Ireland Benefits PayPal: Quick access to operational & multilingual professionals Convenient access to The EU & The US Cost-effective labour

13 in Ireland Established EMEA Operations centre in Dublin 2003 Additional 200 jobs announced in September 2010 2010 Employment is currently at 1,500. Today Ireland Benefits Google- Favourable labour market, expertise in business processes, innovation and quality together with new media skills. Corporate tax rate. Access to innovative and progressive management pool. Access to EMEA. Strong telecoms & data hosting infrastructure. Competitive operating environment. Dublin operation supports all products: Search Engine, Consumer products (Gmail, Calendar), Advertising products (AdWords, AdSense). Business solutions for major corporations. Also supports: New product development through the engineering team Finance (EMEA) Payroll (EMEA) Legal (EMEA) HR (EMEA) Activities in Ireland: Advertising Sales & Customer Support Engineering Operations & Data Hosting Enterprise Finance Human Resources Legal & Public Policy Marketing & Communications Software Engineering Geo Operations Centre 65 nationalities, 45 languages spoken fluently, coverage of 99% of European population in their native language The Irish operation has grown to become Googles European HQ Ireland is known for operational excellence. Dublin is Googles Multi-jurisdictional Multilingual Multicultural Hub

14 in Ireland Research & Development Group and Biopharmaceutical Facility Small molecule development centre set up in 2006 In 2006, Biopharmaceutical development and manufacturing facility set up in Kinsale Investment of 300 million Places Kinsale at the centre of Lillys (mAb) Biotech strategy Initially Established 1981 First R&D group & Biopharma Facility established at Kinsale 2006 EMEA Financial Shared Services Centre set up 2010 Eli Lilly S.A., Kinsale, Co. Cork Eli Lillys leading API plant worldwide Employs over 470 people Centre of excellence for small molecule manufacturing for a number of Lillys most important drugs Over 800 million has been invested in the Kinsale facility Products from Kinsale are shipped to finishing plants around the world Ireland Benefits Eli Lilly- Top class technical and managerial skills Safe & stable regulatory environment Proven location for pharmaceutical & biotech manufacturing Eli Lilly Kinsale, Co. Cork, is companys leading API plant worldwide Financial Shared Services Centre, Cork City Centre will employ 100 people, supporting EMEA markets

15 in Ireland Established in Waterford 2001 Phase One completion 2003 Phase Two completion 2005 Further 130m investment 2008 c.450 people Today Ireland Benefits Genzyme- Stable Economic Environment, part of Eurozone Availability of Skilled Workforce Tax Environment Pro-development structures (support of IDA Ireland) Centre of excellence for Pharmaceutical Manufacturing and Biotechnology Availability of strong technical & business support services Why Genzyme Chose Waterford- Availability of 31 acre site for existing and future development Finished pharmaceutical manufacturing established in the area Local 3 rd level college pro-active in meeting Genzymes needs Transport/Communications Infrastructure Genzyme Waterford- State of the art facility for finishing of biopharmaceuticals and employs a high level of automation, including Manufacturing Execution Systems Solid-dose tableting facility Two packaging lines Multi-dose and multi-scale development facility Further Investment- April 2008- A further investment of 130m made into manufacturing at Waterford. The latest phase enhances the existing sterile fill/finish manufacturing capabilities and expands the quality control (QC) laboratories, introduce softgel capsule manufacturing and provide new office space.

16 in Ireland First Set Up in Ireland 1994 Cork Operation Established 1998 c.5,000 employed by BSC in Ireland Today Boston Scientific (BSC), Galway Employs 3,000 people, BCSs single largest site globally Manufactures products for two of BCSs operating divisions – CRV Group (Cardiology, Rhythm and Vascular) and Endoscopy This site also manufactures products to diagnose & treat: Coronary artery disease (Cardiovascular) Diseases of the digestive system (Gastroenterology) Diseases of the airways and lungs (Pulmonary) BSC has a large R&D group based in Galway with 250 people currently working on various R&D projects Designs next generation products as a standalone R&D group within BSC BSC Cork Employs 1,300 people Manufactures devices for the Neurovascular business, coils, catheters and guide wires BSCs main manufacturing centre for its Neurovascular products BSC invested 21.7m establishing an R&D group in Cork in 2009 Works closely with sister site in Fremont, California BSC Galway – Companys single largest site globally BSC Clonmel, Co. Tipperary In 2006, BSC acquired Guidant Corporation who had set up an operation in Clonmel in 1998. Produces pacemakers and defibrillators Employs c.650 people

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