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EIONET Workshop 20071 Session 4: Biodiversity related data sets at the European level Examples of using datasets from other thematic areas Climate change.

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1 EIONET Workshop 20071 Session 4: Biodiversity related data sets at the European level Examples of using datasets from other thematic areas Climate change Agricultural landscapes Forests and shrub-land Inland waters, coasts and seas Valuation of biodiversity

2 Assessing climate change impacts on biodiversity New indicators for new questions

3 EIONET Workshop 20073 Changing plant phenology Menzel et al., 2006 (COST 725 study,

4 EIONET Workshop 20074 Changing species distributions Source: Hickling et al., 2006

5 EIONET Workshop 20075 Animal population impacts: polar bear habitat

6 EIONET Workshop 20076 PROJECTION: HadCM3 model; emissions scenario B2 EEA Expert Workshop Natura 2000 and climate change: all papers available at

7 Assessment of biodiversity in agricultural landscapes Mapping Europes High Nature Value farmland

8 EIONET Workshop 20078

9 9 HNV mapping – Estonia ESCCA database of semi-natural communities Example: Muhu island

10 EIONET Workshop 200710 HNV mapping – Lithuania Natural Grasslands Inventory Example: Adutiskis area

11 EIONET Workshop 200711 HNV mapping – Czech Republic National biotopes map N2000

12 EIONET Workshop 200712 HNV mapping – England UK BAP priority habitats

13 EIONET Workshop 200713 HNV mapping – Sweden National survey of semi- natural meadows and pastures

14 Forest Biodiversity related data sets at the European level: Forest and shrub-lands

15 EIONET Workshop 200715 Forest related data relevant for European-level biodiversity assessments Land cover data Reporting to UNECE/FAO + MCPFE Forest monitoring Forest focus/ICP Forests/Life+ Socio-economic data/Eurostat Research cooperation/COST Actions EC Biodiversity reporting incl. NGO monitoring

16 EIONET Workshop 200716 EiEi Forest monitoring: Forest reporting: Forest assessment: Forest policy: National level European/Global level National Forest Inventories Forest Focus ICP Forests UNECE/FAO Forest Resource Assessments National Correspondents Ministerial Conference for the Protection of Forests in Europe State of Europes Forest Data submission DG ENV, JRC, AGRI PCC Hamburg UNECE Convention on Long-Range Transboundary Air Pollution NFPs EU Standing Forestry Committee

17 EIONET Workshop 200717 101 SFC 23 October 2007 ICP Forests/Forest Focus Level 1 plots classified by Forest Types (Categories) (BioSoil) FutDiv/Life+ : Tree species Structure Dead wood Ground vegetation BirdLife Forest Task Force

18 EIONET Workshop 200718 101 SFC 23 October 2007 ENFIN/COST E43

19 EIONET Workshop 200719 EEA report 'European Forest Biodiversity - Ecosystem condition and sustainable use To be launched at the upcoming CBD COP-9 in Bonn, May 2008 Eionet consultation January 2008 European forest: Where are we now, how did we get there and what are we doing? A Forest Type approach MCPFE 2007 data

20 Assessing biodiversity in inland waters, coasts and the seas What data do we use to generate our assessments?

21 EIONET Workshop 200721 The EEA water Core set indicators Are under thorough revision by the Water and Agriculture group. Further work is concentrating on EU Water Framework Directive biological data Up to now there was a limited use in assessments on marine biodiversity and has not always been, strictly speaking, biodiversity. Some biodiversity-related aspect of fisheries. A one-shot listing and producing some evidence on wide ecological impacts of fisheries for the Belgrade, which included some biodiversity- relevant information. The EEA water Core set indicators

22 EIONET Workshop 200722 Status of marine fish stocks (CSI 032) ewdata/viewpub.asp?id=2117 To be updated!!!! Many commercial fish stocks in European waters remain non- assessed. Of the assessed commercial stocks in the NE Atlantic, 21 to 53 % are outside safe biological limits (SBL). Of the assessed stocks in the Baltic Sea, the West Ireland Sea and the Irish Sea, 22, 29 and 53 %, respectively, are outside SBL. In the Mediterranean, the percentage of stocks outside SBL range from 10 to 20 %.

23 EIONET Workshop 200723 Nutrients in transitional, coastal and marine waters (CSI 021) No general and clear change is observed in the eutrophication state of Europe's coastal waters. The phosphate concentration has decreased in some areas, but the nitrate concentration has generally remained stable over recent years. ap.asp?id=16852

24 EIONET Workshop 200724 Land accounts: coastal zone

25 EIONET Workshop 200725 National coastal zones covered by Natura2000 sites (2005)

26 Valuation of biodiversity

27 EIONET Workshop 200727 Ecosystems: functions and services Source: Jean-Louis Weber

28 EIONET Workshop 200728 Non-market ecosystems services Valuation methods: Cost-based approach Production function Revealed preference techniques Travel method Hedonic pricing Stated preference techniques Contingent valuation Conjoint analysis

29 EIONET Workshop 200729 Value analysis Marketable goods/services Market analysis => prices x quantities = values study area depend on homogeneity of the market (may be large) Non-market services => Behavioural/attitudinal analysis values (= quantities x prices) study area depends on homogeneity of population (commonly small)

30 EIONET Workshop 200730 Valuation of non-market services Available results for small areas (study sites) Study site => policy site? Benefit Transfer method Transferred values depend on local conditions Ecosystem characteristics Characteristics of local population and economy

31 EIONET Workshop 200731 Datasets? Data are conditional => we need data plus the analysis Metadata sets =>databases with research literature Preference for well-recorded research

32 EIONET Workshop 200732 Metadata sets Source: McComb et al. (Ecological Economics, vol. 60, 2006

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