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Empowering Roma youth to lead changes Sebijan Fejzula FERYP.

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1 Empowering Roma youth to lead changes Sebijan Fejzula FERYP

2 FERYP History The Forum of European Roma Young People (FERYP) is the first European Roma Youth Network established as a non-formal network in 1997 and registered as a European Roma Youth Association in 2002.

3 The aim of FERYP FERYP supports, encourages and enhances active Roma youth participation in decision- making processes with the aim to mainstream Roma issues in youth policies and youth issues in Roma policies and programs.

4 Where are the Roma Youth? The Roma youth, suffering from multiple disadvantages, is calling for action and pushing for changes so much needed to improve the status of Roma in general. Youth empowerment is crucial for steps forward.

5 Where are the Roma Youth? Yet, there are no policies targeting Roma youth specifically. The EU Framework for National Roma Integration Strategies shows that Roma youth was not perceived as a priority stakeholder while designing the Strategies.

6 Developing Leadership We are change agents and our leadership can bring vitality, creativity and courage for social change in Roma communities. We have the power to inspire and mobilise others for positive action. We can encourage the questioning of systems and beliefs that limit lives and choices.

7 FERYP Core Area IDENTITY - "No Roma shall hide their identity for fear or shame ANTI-GYPSISM - Combat Anti-gypsyism sentiments in media, social networks, political campaigns and everyday communication among non-Roma throughout Europe.

8 FERYP Core Area ADVOACY - Providing Roma youth with the opportunity to build skills in leadership and advocacy, learning to advocate for themselves and for their communities, giving Roma youth the opportunity to provide mentorship for future Roma youth advocates. (FERYP Advocacy Academy) CAPACITY BUILDING - Improvement of capacities of Roma youth organizations and individuals on EU Funding and raising awareness of Roma Youth to get involved and to ensure the active participation of Roma youngsters, making of them active agents of changes on local, national and international level.

9 Specific Roma Youth policies need to be implemented Creating a "Roma Youth Strategy" at national level, involving National Roma Councils and National Youth Councils, for targeting Roma youth as a specific stakeholders in creating bridges between civil society and Roma communities. WE NEED - "start up" funds, using the creativity of Roma youth for creating their own spaces involving communities. FERYP is ready to work closely together with the institutions for the implementation of Roma Youth Strategies through the FERYP local points

10 Specific Roma Youth policies need to be implemented Facilitating channels for access of relevant information related with European youth and Roma communities, enabling the intercultural dialogue between different European youngsters. WE NEED- institutional support at international and national level to run specific projects to empower Roma youth following the principles of youth participation mentioned in the "EU youth Strategy 2010- 2018 where, by the way Roma youth is totally missing

11 Specific Roma Youth policies need to be implemented Develop non-formal education for drop-out students who need to acquire skills required in the current labor market; Offer youth-specific career guidance and counseling;

12 Specific Roma Youth policies need to be implemented Small grant schemes for local youth organizations and informal groups to enable them to realize local initiatives / micro – level interventions. Strong political support for campaigns against anti-gypsyism and stereotypes in order to fight stigmatization of Roma.

13 FERYP Contacts Website: E-mail: Facebook: Twitter:

14 Thanks for your attention! Sebijan Fejzula FERYP member

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