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SLiM Strain Localisation in Magmas: SLiM Yan Lavallée Mt. Pelee, 1902.

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1 SLiM Strain Localisation in Magmas: SLiM Yan Lavallée Mt. Pelee, 1902

2 Starter (& consolidator) 1 question Advanced the opportunity to further your achievement ERC grant

3 A topic – A title B1 – crucial first step B2 – dont omit anything wait – …and feeling watched Interview – nerve racking??? Applying to the ERC

4 Is your acronym meaningful? …useful? Strain Localisation in Magmas SLiM A title – an acronym

5 A very personal matter Do it in one go! Demanding Exhausting Writing

6 B1 - Cover The tendency of geomaterials to localise deformation is a measure of the fragility of the Earth – a threshold to the occurrence of geological hazards. At volcanoes, the remarkable, unpredictable and alarming occurrence of eruptions, switching from low-risk effusive to high-risk explosive eruptive behaviour is a direct consequence of strain localisation in magma (SLiM). Convincing 15 out of 15 scientists that Global impact The opportunity to undertake the challenge …Hooked on a feeling

7 B1 – Why you? It is this leading involvement in rheological studies and related impact in geologic hazards that has helped define the questions to be addressed herein– questions that demand swift answers from the geoscientific community. This research will redefine the frontier of studies of material approach to volcanic events.

8 B1 Statement of problem The phenomenon Its role The challenge The goal Get to the goal as soon as possible (1 page) Highlight it The opportunity The objectives INNOVATIVEINNOVATIVE


10 Tricks Point the obvious bold statement Invent expression use your knowledge of poetry does it flow with ease? Simplicity is key breakdown the work packages

11 Visually appealing

12 Strain Localisation in Magmas Videos were not allowed last year are they now?

13 Strain Localisation in Magmas Historical significance: the beginning of volcanology

14 B1 – why the ERC? The project SLiM aims to capitalise on opportunities gained by these technological advances and tailor-make three innovative apparatuses with multidisciplinary outcomes to stimulate research at the forefront of volcanology. The technological development required to achieve the objective of SLiM would not be feasible without the financial opportunity provided by the Starting Grants of the European Research Council. The expense associated with the acquisition, maintenance and operation of such devices is a central aspect of the budgeting of this proposal. It is also the justification for the budget nearing 2M Euros. …remind them! Innovation and risk

15 B2 wont get sent out and you get to wait 2 years If B1 does not convince the committee,

16 B2 – addressed to your peers Give it all youve got Do not be vague introduce the experimental conditions Explain to them what you will build have you done this before? what material will you use? Be realistic are you asking enough? too much? is the research program/schedule sound? ask/say what you need

17 Waiting – being watched …for 6 months

18 The tower of evil; this building just makes you wanna jump Stage fright remember, YOU know best

19 In Earth Science: 5-min why you? the problem: a simple question for those who did not read the proposal the opportunity: onefold or twofold (for Starters: maybe not fourfold) why is it innovative – timely – interdisciplinary – high risk? your model Interview

20 The problem - knowledge gap The grand challenge! Total alkalis (wt. %)

21 SLiM considering changes in deformation mechanisms Magma failure Vesiculation Crystallisation Slip velocity Magma rheology Permeability evolution Healing Melting Comminution Friction Forecasting tool Seismic signature Failure criterion Brittleness Plasticity Viscosity Onset of SLiM YOUR MODEL:

22 What is possible, today! why is it innovative – timely – interdisciplinary – high risk? The opportunity

23 …how will you spend their money? How? Time = 0s2 s4 s6 s8 s10 s

24 Strain Crystal content Brittle + Slip velocity

25 Did you know that plasticity has been studied in other material? -Of course, but… Will you be able to resolve seismic source trigger mechanism? -NO, what we can do is… …and this provides us with… if you are to be funded, will you provide us with a new view of volcanic conduits in five years? -Certainly! As it is, our model is wholly inadequate Their questions

26 Your questions

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