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Creating Your Competitive Proposal Projects, Grants, Fellowships...

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1 Creating Your Competitive Proposal Projects, Grants, Fellowships...

2 First, know your deadline and give yourself ample time.

3 From start to finish, remember that proposals need to persuade the selection committee that the proposed course of action is feasible and worthwhile. This includes describing exactly how you will spend the time and resources allocated by the fellowship. It often requires you to include a timeline, a budget, and the deliverables

4 Next, Find a Mentor

5 What is your Project Subject? What is the problem or opportunity you will address, and why is it important? What are your goals and objectives for the project? What activities or methods will help you reach your goals and objectives? What resources will help you successfully complete your project? Faculty, Staff, External Organization Mentors and their roles Previous Coursework, Experience, Skills Literary or Scholarly Resources What are your timelines and benchmarks? Who will benefit from your project? // How will you benefit from this project? What will be the deliverables or outcomes? Questions to Ask Yourself When Considering the Project

6 Components of the Proposal The Project Abstract-typically 150 words in length The Project Description-varies in length

7 The Project Abstract 150 word executive summary of the project W hat you will be doing How you will do it Why you are doing it~what is the intellectual or practical merit What you hope to achieve~your project deliverable and lasting impact

8 The Project Description provides details, describes how the project will be implemented, and your intended outcomes

9 Preliminary Bibliography & Resources What academic resources will you rely on to complete your project?

10 Timeline and Benchmarks What are the benchmarks for the project?The project broken into stages. What is your timeline for meeting these benchmarks and completing the project?

11 The Budget and Budget Justification the details of your budget should reflect the details of your narrative (and vise versa) break down each item in to parts and give specifics: materials and supplies, quotes, hourly rates, travel, living expenses be realistic but do not underestimate your needs be certain that your figures add up correctly (attention to detail)

12 Outcomes and Deliverables For the project: What are the tangibles or deliverables manifest at the end of the project? For you: What will you get out of this experience? A publication, a presentation, work toward a senior thesis?

13 A Well Written Proposal a.) The Rationale for the Project is Clearly Stated Why should people care about your project? Why is it a problem worth addressing? Is the research question novel?

14 B.) The Means (method) of Completing the Project are Well-defined

15 The Scope of the Project is Feasible: Can you complete the project in the expected timeframe? Do you have the resources to do so? Do you have the necessary technical or subject matter expertise?

16 The Project is Detailed and Well- Researched: Do you know what you need to complete the project, and have you provided evidence indicating so? Have you explained your project so reviewers know what you will be doing and how you will be doing it?

17 Introduction. State the problem, the opportunity, research question or project goal and describe what you will be doing. Procedures/Methods. How you will complete your project? Include benchmarks and processes in detail. Supporting Arguments/Literature Review. What about your project has scholarly or practical significance? What resources will you consult? Outcomes/Expected Findings. Describe the outcome(s) of your project, the deliverable(s), and possibly how the work will continue.

18 Why Good Proposals Get the applicant failed to follow guidelines the applicant did not adequately explain the worth of the project the methodology, benchmarks, or budget are vague or unrealistic the applicant left questions and doubt in the reviewer’s mind

19 Proposal Checklist: __I have carefully read and followed the instructions for completion of this fellowship proposal. __I am aware of the deadline and am leaving ample time to write and revise. __I have shared my proposal with my mentor, the LEEP Center, and/or the Writing Center to ensure my writing is clear, concise, and grammatically correct. __The order and structure of my proposal description follows that of my abstract. __My proposed budget corresponds to the narrative of my project description. Also, I have calculated and totaled my costs correctly. __My objectives are clear and the scope of the project is feasible. __I have explained my project such that individuals not knowledgeable in my field can understand my proposed work.

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