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Attacking the Prompt! The first step to writing a successful on-demand essay. James Monroe High School

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1 Attacking the Prompt! The first step to writing a successful on-demand essay. James Monroe High School

2 Process Writing vs On Demand Writing Process Un-timed Fluid Evolving Preparation Reflection Writer’s Workshop Peer Editing On Demand Timed Limited Resources One Draft Self- editing (if time permits)

3 Planning Your Time If you can plan before going into a timed writing situation do this ahead time; if not, it should only take a few seconds. Determine your time limit: Write down: start time time that marks 20% of allotted time and 5 minutes before the end

4 For Example: SAT has a 25 minute time limit. Start time 8:00 a.m. 20%= 5 minutes (8:05a.m.) 3-5 minutes before end time: 8:20- 8:22a.m.

5 20 % Planning Time Use this time to: read and analyze the prompt and instructions Read the rubric if given Pre-write Develop a thesis or main point Do NOT start writing right away! Use the last 3-5 minutes to bring your writing to a close, and to reread and proofread your final product

6 Step One Students need to make sure they understand what the prompt is asking. Identify KEY words: * Describe: Write about the subject so the reader can easily visualize it; tell how it looks or happened. Use adjectives, adverbs and descriptive language to paint a mental image for you reader. * Compare: Analyze the similarities and the differences between two or more items.

7 * Contrast: Look only at the differences between two or more items. * Explain: Give the meaning of something often answering the question "why"? *Discuss: A more open-ended approach asking the writer to provide a broader range of possibilities. * Argue: (or present a point of view or take a position) Usually requires the writer to take only one point of view (either pro or con) and substantiate that position. Don't be concerned about taking the "right" or "wrong" position; just support a position soundly and consistently.

8 * Analyze: Break the subject (an object, event, or concept) down into parts, and explain the various parts. * Criticize/Critique: Point out both the positive and negative aspects of the topic. * Evaluate: Give your opinion of the value of the subject; discuss its strengths and weaknesses. * Illustrate: Make the point or idea by giving examples.

9 Step Two Reread the prompt carefully and give them what they want. CAPS-R 1.What is the C laim or topic? 2.A udience: for whom are they writing? 3.What is the P urpose of the task? 4.What are the best S trategies for this purpose? 5.What R ole is the writer being asked to assume? (If no role is stated or implied- What role would best address this prompt?)

10 Let’s Try It! Released CAHSEE Prompt Students should be required to do volunteer work in order to graduate, or should volunteer work be just that- voluntary? Write a persuasive essay in which you try to convince the readers to agree with your opinion. Use specific reasons and examples.

11 5 Questions Claim? Audience? Purpose? Strategies? Role? Volunteer work= grad requirement General/ adults in decision-making position To persuade Examples, cause and effect Expert/ Student

12 Next Step: Look at the Rubric There isn’t enough time to spend on all of the score points, but be aware of the requirements for the highest score point and the minimum score point for proficiency. Usually these are on a four point scale so you want to look at the 3 and 4. Identify the key elements such as: meaningful thesis control of organization support with specific details

13 Moving on… Brainstorm ideas for supporting details

14 And on… C reate an Outline I: Introductory paragraph Includes thesis II: Reason One A. Details B. Details III: Reason Two A. Details B. Details IV: Counterclaim V: Conclusion

15 Or a graphic organizer

16 Create Your Thesis Statement Address the language in the prompt to develop a strong thesis. Make sure to take a position if you are asked to do so, and make it clear. Make sure your thesis is broad enough to support in a full-length essay, but narrow enough to use specific details.

17 “What do they want from me?” Checklist for Your Writing Use the checklist below to help you do your best work. Be sure to: Read the description of the writing task carefully; Provide a strong introduction, body, and conclusion; Use specific details to support your response; Write in an interesting style and vary your writing Correct any obvious mistakes in grammar, usage, and mechanics

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