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EASA and the EU Regulatory Framework

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1 EASA and the EU Regulatory Framework
Peter Corbeel Rulemaking Directorate Initial Airworthiness Manager DOA Workshop Dublin

2 Overview Pre-EASA General EU principles EASA regulatory framework
Agency organisation Role of Agency Role of NAA‘s Developments DOA Workshop Dublin

3 Pre-EASA Before 28 September 2003
Co-operation in Joint Aviation Authorities Joint rulemaking Joint certification But: Member States fully legally responsible (except “3922” JARs) All rules and certificates issued by NAA DOA Workshop Dublin

4 General EU principles EU institutions EU is regulator in many domains
Council Parliament Commission Court are “supranational” EU is regulator in many domains Exclusive; or Shared competence EU regulator: Council & Parliament (co-decision) Commission: implementing rules DOA Workshop Dublin

5 General EU principles (continued)
Normally EU law is executed by MS Some executive power with Commission and/or EU Agencies Judicial control: By national courts for MS acts By European court for Community acts DOA Workshop Dublin

6 EASA regulatory framework
The Basic Regulation The Parliament and the Council define the Scope of Powers transferred to the Community They adopt the Essential Requirements specifying the objectives to be met Basic Regulation Regulation (EC) 1592/2002 of 15 July 2002 Annex I : Essential Requirements for Airworthiness Annex II : Excluded Aircraft DOA Workshop Dublin DGINT/2

7 EASA regulatory framework (continued)
The Implementing Rules The Commission adopts standards for implementing the essential requirements Regulation (EC) 2042/2003 on Continuing Airworthiness Annex I (Part-M): Continuing Airworthiness Requirements Annex II (Part-145): Maintenance Organisation Approvals Annex III (Part-66): Certifying Staff Annex IV (Part-147): Training Organisation Requirements Annex (Part 21) Section A: Technical Requirements Section B: Administrative Procedures Section A: Application Requirements Appendices: EASA forms Regulation (EC) 1702/2003 on Airworthiness and Environmental Certification DOA Workshop Dublin DGINT/2

8 EASA regulatory framework (continued)
The Agency’s soft laws The Agency adopts non binding standards AMC & Guidance Material Part 21 Parts M, 145, 66, 147 Certification Specifications AMC 20 CS 25 CS 34 CS 36 CS E CS P CS APU CS 22 CS 23 CS 27 CS 29 CS VLA CS VLR CS AWO CS ETSO CS Definitions DOA Workshop Dublin

9 Agency organisation Executive Director Standardisation Director
Patrick Goudou Policy officers Legal Plans & Programmes Quality Safety analysis & research Communication Manager Standardisation Director Francesco Banal Administrative Director Markku Junkkari Rulemaking Director Claude Probst Certification Director Norbert Lohl DOA Workshop Dublin DGINT/2

10 Agency organisation (continued)
Rulemaking Director Claude Probst Product safety Flight standards Environmental protection International co-operation ATM & Airports Assistant DOA Workshop Dublin DGINT/2

11 Agency role “Rulemaking” “Certification”
Draft (amendments to) Basic Regulation and implementing rules Draft and adopt soft law: CS and AMC/GM “Certification” Issue design approvals (TC, STC, etc.) Issue DOA and APDOA Issue foreign MOA, POA and some on behalf of MS Continued oversight of those certificates DOA Workshop Dublin

12 Agency role (continued)
Standardisation Monitoring implementation of EASA rules by MS and report to Commission Accreditation of NAA’s Centre of expertise within EU International relations Harmonised rules Acceptance of foreign certificates DOA Workshop Dublin

13 Role of NAA‘s Issue certificates
Airworthiness Certificates (C of A, etc.) Noise Certificates Part M Subpart F MOA, CAMO, Part 145, Part 147, Part 66 POA, Part 21 Subpart F Expertise for Agency rulemaking and certification “Article 10” DOA Workshop Dublin

14 Role of NAA‘s (continued)
Member States may no longer : issue their own rules deviate from common rules impose additional requirements conclude arrangements with third countries DOA Workshop Dublin

15 Developments EASA Scope
Current scope: airworthiness and environmental compatibility of products Extension of scope: air operations, flight crew licensing, foreign operators Ultimately it could also cover the safety regulation of airport operations and air traffic control services DOA Workshop Dublin

16 Developments (continued)
Various other developments BASA with USA “MDM.032” new rules for non-complex aircraft 28 march 2007 DOA Workshop Dublin

17 EASA and the EU Regulatory Framework
END QUESTIONS? DOA Workshop Dublin

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