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Permit to Fly: the new rules

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1 Permit to Fly: the new rules
Peter Corbeel Initial Airworthiness Manager Cologne

2 Permit to Fly: the new rules
NAA information meeting Agenda Welcome Current rules New rule development Some major principles of the new rules Detailed review of rules + AMC/GM Rules and AMC/GM for approved organisations EASA procedures Cologne

3 Welcome We know that: Rule change is very close to date of implementation Text might not be perfect But please note we: have tried to alleviate burden on all have to respect legal constraints Intend to improve when scope of EASA is extended Let’s all do our best to achieve smoothest implementation ! Cologne

4 Current rules Airworthiness Certificates
EASA has only three airworthiness certificates: (normal) Certificate of Airworthiness only if normal C of A is not appropriate / not possible: Restricted Certificate of Airworthiness Permit to Fly Cologne

5 Current rules (contd.) Restricted C of A
Normal case: based on a Restricted TC: (normal) TC is not appropriate (deviate from CS) agricultural,; fire prevention and suppression; aerial surveying,; patrolling; weather control,; aerial advertising,; wildlife conservation; and other special purpose agreed by the Agency. Exception: Not based on Restricted TC Cologne

6 Current rules (contd.) Restricted C of A
Other requirements same as for normal C of A (maintenance, spare parts, etc) Cologne

7 Current rules (contd.) Permit to Fly Until 28 March 2007
21A.174(d) Application 21A.185 Issue of permits to fly NAA issue PtF after: Agency found that aircraft can perform safe flight (with restrictions) But: 1702/2003 article 2.11: NAA makes findings until Cologne

8 New rule development Draft TOR + invitation for nominations published Drafting group created : AECMA Europe Air Sports (2) International Air Carrier Association CAA-UK DGAC-F Austro Control EASA (2) Cologne

9 New rule development Group started 02-02-06 5 meetings until 16-04-06
NPA published 235 comments received by Review group created: drafting group + ENAC Italy + EASA Standardisation Review group started 2 meetings until CRD + draft rule published Cologne

10 New rule development (Ctd)
10 reactions on CRD received by Agency Opinion published EASA Committee meeting Committee members can oppose until European Commission adoption and publication ??? Agency Decision AMC/GM to Part to be published on the same date Cologne

11 New rule development (Ctd)
What if new rule is published after ? 21A.185 is fully applicable All players are invited to use new procedures (forms etc.) as if new rule is in place Cologne

12 Permit to Fly: the new rules
Some important principles: Different types of PtF all covered by one rule shared responsibility: Agency – NAA Old national PtF grandfathered Applicable to EU registered aircraft Valid in all member states Privileges for DOA and POA Maintenance rules in flight conditions Separate Subpart P: Permit to Fly Cologne

13 Different types of PtF all in one rule
Complicating factor for drafting Existing (R) C of A temporarily invalid unapproved change Unrepaired damage (long) due maintenance Pre C of A TC not yet issued (Production) Flight testing C of A or Restricted C of A not appropriate or not possible Air racing / record breaking Some orphan aircraft Cologne

14 Shared responsibility Agency-NAA
Complicating factor for drafting: shared responsibility: Agency – NAA Agency: All design issues NAA: Conformity (production) C of A issuance and oversight Permit to Fly issuance Implementation of maintenance rules Permit to Fly: often deviation from approved design: Agency involvement Cologne

15 PtF Grandfathering Principle:
All PtF or other certificate grandfathered until first expiry date or maximum For “permanent” PtF: flight conditions are grandfathered indefinitely (until need for change), unless Agency determines insufficient level of safety (Reg 1702/2003 art. 2.e) Cologne

16 PtF applicability PtF rules applicable only to
aircraft registered in EU; or Unregistered when identification marking prescribed by MS (Reg 1702/2003 art. 2.2) Result: new rules do not cover validation of foreign PtF Cologne

17 PtF validity PtF issued in accordance with new rules are valid in all Member States: No additional national conditions/limitations for domains covered by the approved flight conditions Holder must comply with other local operational rules outside scope of PtF National rules should not obstruct free circulation Cologne

18 DOA/POA privileges DOA (possible) privileges:
Approve flight conditions for all PtF except 21A.701(a)(15) Issue PtF when configuration controlled by DOA POA (possible) privileges: Approve flight conditions and issue PtF for aircraft it produced when design is approved In previous draft: privilege for CAMO: this will be subject of new NPA Cologne

19 Maintenance rules for PtF
According to 2042/2003 art. 3.3 aircraft under PtF are exempted from Part M In stead: maintenance rules are defined in the flight conditions In most cases they can refer to Part M Cologne

20 Separate Subpart P Initial drafts were amendments to Subpart H (airworthiness certificates) Due to complexity decided to create new subpart As a consequence all references to PtF are deleted from subpart H Cologne

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