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Foreign EASA Part-145 Organisation Roadshow

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1 Foreign EASA Part-145 Organisation Roadshow
Singapore 11th October 2006 JULIAN HALL EASA Continuing airworthiness Manager 11 October 2006

11 October 2006

3 Changes in Europe INTRODUCTION
Significant changes within the European Aviation Regulatory framework have been brought about by the introduction of new European Aviation Regulations. In particular Regulation 1592/2002 of the European Parliament and of the Council, which established the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA). 11 October 2006

4 EASA Objectives Establish and maintain a high uniform level of civil aviation safety in Europe; and to ensure a high uniform level of environmental protection to facilitate the free movement of goods, persons and services to promote cost-efficiency in the regulatory and certification processes and to avoid duplication at national and European level 11 October 2006

5 EASA Objectives to assist Member States in fulfilling their obligations under the Chicago Convention to promote Community views regarding civil aviation safety standards and rules throughout the world by establishing appropriate cooperation with third countries and international organisations 11 October 2006

6 EASA Functions Rulemaking
Assist the European Commission in preparing legislation, and support the Member States and industry in putting the legislation into effect Adopt our own certification specifications and guidance material, 11 October 2006

7 EASA Functions Certification
Conduct technical inspections and issue certificates where centralised action is more efficient Standardisation Assist the European Commission in monitoring the application of European Community legislation 11 October 2006

8 Regulation (EC) 1592/2002 of 15 July 2002 AMC & Guidance Material
Regulatory Framework Basic Regulation Regulation (EC) 1592/2002 of 15 July 2002 Annex I : Essential Requirements for Airworthiness Annex II : Excluded Aircraft Agency Opinion Regulation (EC) 1702/2003 on Airworthiness and Environmental Certification Regulation (EC) 2042/2003 on Continuing Airworthiness Agency Opinion Section A: Application Requirements Annex I (Part-M): Continuing Airworthiness Requirements Section A: Technical Requirements Annex (Part 21) Section B: administrative Procedures Section B: Administrative Procedures Appendices: EASA forms Annex II (Part-145): Maintenance Organisation Approvals Appendices: EASA forms Annex III (Part-66): Certifying Staff Annex IV (Part-147): Training Organisation Requirements Guidance Material Part 21 Certification Specifications AMC & Guidance Material Part M, 145,66,147 Agency CS , AMC & GM AMC 20 AMC 21 CS 25 CS 34 CS 36 CS E CS P CS APU CS AWO CS ETSO CS Definitions CS 22 CS 23 CS 27 CS 29 CS VLA CS VLR Parliament and Council European Commission EASA 11 October 2006

9 Requirements for organisation approvals
OVERVIEW OF REG. 1592/2002: With respect to the field of organisation approvals several important factors need to be highlighted. The Agency is responsible in accordance with Article 15.2 to: (a) conduct, itself or through national aviation authorities or qualified entities, inspections and audits of the organisations it certifies 11 October 2006

10 Requirements for organisation approvals
(b) issue and renew the certificates of (i) design organisations; or (ii) production organisations located inside the territory of the Member States, if requested by the Member State concerned; or (iii) production and maintenance organisations located outside the territory of the member states 11 October 2006

11 Regulations A. Commission Regulation (EC) 1702/2003 entered into force on 28 September 2003. This Regulation has one annex-Part 21. B. Commission Regulation (EC) 2042/2003 entered into force on 28 November This Regulation has 4 annexes. Annex i-Part M Annex ii-Part-145 Annex iii-Part-66 Annex iv- Part-147 11 October 2006

12 NAA Standardisation meeting 02.12.2004 - Koeln
The playing field FIN NO S EE LV DK LT KZ IRL RU BY RU UK 25 EU NL PL B UA 3 EEA D CZ L SK 6 JAA MD A F CH HU RO GE SI AZ HR AM BA SM BG IR MC IT P E MK TR AL EL IQ SY 11 October 2006 DZ MT CY NAA Standardisation meeting Koeln MA TN

13 Regulations Annex II to 2042/2003 is Part-145. This implementing Rule deals with the approval of maintenance organisations and is derived from the former JAR 145 requirement. There are relatively few changes between the former JAR 145 and EASA Part-145. 11 October 2006

14 Commercial/large transport aircraft
Annex I Annex II Annex III Operator Part M Part 145 Part 66 CAMO (Continuing Airworthiness Management Organisation) Sub Part F Part 147 Annex IV ( NATIONAL) EU 2042/2003 11 October 2006

15 Transition November 28th 2004 was the end of a transition period (specified in Article 4 to Regulation (EC) 2042/2003 whereby all ‘grandfathered’ former JAR-145 approvals had to be transitioned into EASA Part-145 approvals. For the Agency this meant all the ‘grandfathered’ foreign JAR 145 and JAR 147 approvals had to be given EASA Part-145 and Part-147 approvals respectively. 11 October 2006

16 EASA approved organisations
A) US Bilateral Aviation Safety Agreement/ Maintenance Implementation Procedures TOTAL 1338 Part-145 organisations B) Canadian Technical Arrangement for Maintenance TOTAL 138 Part-145 organisations C) Foreign non –bilateral Part-145 approvals TOTAL 270 Part-145 organisations D) Foreign non –bilateral Part-147 approvals TOTAL 14 Part-147 organisations 11 October 2006

17 EASA Certification Process
Approved Organisations Total numbers 11 October 2006

18 EASA Part-145 in Singapore
Total number of EASA Part-145 approvals issued in Singapore is A further 3 have been issued pending numbers. CAA UK 24 DGAC France 12 LBA Germany 2 TOTAL 38 Additional applications on file 16 11 October 2006

19 Continuation activity
All 1760 foreign EASA approved organisations are subject to a full technical review every 2 year period to ensure “continuation”. (This approximates to 17 “continuations” per week). In addition foreign CAMO and sub part F applications are being received from applicants. These are new codes so the total volume of activity has yet to be determined. 11 October 2006

20 EASA Structure EASA Organisation 11 October 2006

21 Rulemaking Directorate
EASA Structure Rulemaking Directorate 11 October 2006

22 Quality & Standardisation
EASA Structure Quality & Standardisation Directorate 11 October 2006

23 Administrative Directorate
EASA Structure Administrative Directorate 11 October 2006

24 Interaction between Directorates
RULEMAKING CERTIFICATION Rules/AMC/GM & interpretation Technical oversight/resources allocation Issue of certificates ADMINISTRATION ( FEES & CHARGES ) STANDARDISATION Quality/Standardisation of system 11 October 2006

25 Organisations Department
Head of Organisations Department WILFRIED SCHULZE Secretariat Design Organisations Manager ROGER SIMON Production Organisations Manager ALLAERT KALSHOVEN Maintenance/Training Organisations Manager JULIAN HALL 11 October 2006

26 Continuing Airworthiness Organisations Section
Manager Continuing Airworthiness Organisations JULIAN HALL Secretaries Administrative Assistants US BILATERAL PART-145 FOREIGN 147 CANADIAN T/A PART-145 FOREIGN CAMO FOREIGN 145 FOREIGN SUB PART F 11 October 2006

11 October 2006

28 EASA Part 145 Approval Competent Authority:
EASA for organisations outside of Member States Approval in accordance with Annex I of Basic Regulation & Annex II of 2042/2003 (Part 145) EASA may progress investigation internally or allocate to an NAA Decision No 13/ guidelines for allocation of certification tasks to NAAs 11 October 2006

29 EASA Part 145 Approval Allocation of a technical agent to carry out work on behalf of the Agency is limited to Member State NAAs by Management Board Decision No 3/2004 of February 2004. NAAs are selected based upon: Availability of resources Competence and experience Total estimated cost 11 October 2006

30 EASA Part 145 Approval Application:
Guidance on EASA web site EASA Form 2 and Certificate of Incorporation to EASA. Applicant invoiced for initial fee Payment received CAM allocates oversight – EASA or NAA 11 October 2006

31 EASA Part 145 Approval Fees and charges. The Agency must recover the costs of its certification activities. The European Commission have detailed Regulations which apply to EASA and industry. Regulation (EC) No 488/2005. Amended by Regulation (EC) No 799/2006 11 October 2006

32 EASA Part 145 Approval The Team - Normally one person but can vary depending on; Size of organisation Complexity of the approval applied for Number of approved sites Nature of the services covered & direct impact to aviation safety Type of audit EASA must give prior agreement if more than one person used 11 October 2006

33 EASA Part 145 Approval Initial Approval:
i.a.w. Part 145 section B, AMCs & GM. EASA Form 6 All Findings closed prior to recommendation Maintenance Organisation Exposition EASA Form(s) 4 Consistency of Form 2 with Form 6 and MOE Continued Surveillance Plan (24 months) 11 October 2006

34 EASA Part 145 Approval Initial Approval: Approval of MOE
Acceptance of Accountable Manager Approval of Form 4 nominees Team Leader to check the number of technical staff detailed on EASA Form 2 against number required for scope of approval 11 October 2006

35 EASA Part 145 Approval Issue of Approval: Recommendation from NAA
Normally correspondence in English NAA to provide EASA with; Submission of proposed EASA Form 3 Countersigned EASA Form 6. Surveillance Plan for next 24 month period 11 October 2006

36 EASA Part 145 Approval Change of Approval: Name of the organisation
Main location of organisation Additional locations (except line stations) The Accountable Manager Persons nominated under 145.A.30(b) Facilities, equip, tools, material, procedures, work scope, certifying staff – that could affect the approval 11 October 2006

37 EASA Part 145 Approval EASA Form 2 from applicant Change of Approval:
NAA to supply EASA; Submission of proposed EASA Form 3 Countersigned EASA Form 6 covering changes 11 October 2006

38 EASA Part 145 Approval Continued Surveillance:
Visits normally minimum of once per year Complete review of Part 145 compliance every 24 month period Accountable Manager interview EASA Form 6 recommendation New surveillance plan at end of period (Based on initial approval date) 11 October 2006

39 EASA Part 145 Approval Continued Surveillance
Level 1 findings – EASA must be informed and will take appropriate action Level 2 findings – The initial time period for closure may be extended but in this case EASA must be informed 11 October 2006

40 EASA Part 145 Approval Continued Surveillance:
Day to day Communication MOE amendments Changes to senior personnel 11 October 2006

41 EASA Part 145 Approval Records
The NAA should hold records in relation to the approved organisation which will include; EASA Form 4(s) EASA Form 6 EASA Form 3 MOE Any correspondence associated with the approval 11 October 2006

42 EASA Part 145 Approval Records
The NAA should hold records in relation to the approved organisation which will include; EASA Form 4(s) EASA Form 6 EASA Form 3 MOE Any correspondence associated with the approval 11 October 2006

43 EASA Part 145 Approval Panel of Experts: Established by EASA
Specialists with extensive technical knowledge of aircraft maintenance Provide technical advice to EASA May act as Team Members Must ensure no conflict of interests 11 October 2006

44 Conclusions Striving to maintain and improve safety will always be the essential pillar of EASA. In the near future the EASA fees and charges Regulation will be amended based upon a review by the European Commission, in order to produce a more balance and simple system-this should be available in 2007. 11 October 2006

45 Conclusions FEES AND CHARGES REGULATION Lessons learned
Income lower than initially intended & needed Internal processes imposed by Regulation very complex NAA contact management during transition very demanding Development of internal working Procedures Fees & Charges Handbook in place All necessary tools (forms, templates etc) in place Confirmation to Commission in accordance with Art. 14 of Fees & Charges Regulation Recruitment and training of necessary staff 6 new administrative assistants + 4 contract agents recruited and trained to handle applications and financial transactions From 1 June 2005: All applications to the Agency 11 October 2006

46 Conclusions Actions to be taken Revision Step 1 (short term fix)
Administrative simplifications (payment modalities) Increased income generated from major players In force since 1 June, 2006 11 October 2006

47 Conclusions Revision Step 2 (long term solution)
Project with external consultant Objective: Simple and sustainable system satisfying all needs Planned entry into force: January 2007 11 October 2006

48 Conclusions In order to assist industry in complying with a complex series of aviation regulations, in a dynamic and globalising industry, the Agency is committed to reducing redundant regulatory oversight wherever possible. 11 October 2006

49 Conclusions Due to the large number of EASA Part-145 organisations in Singapore , the similarity of the Continuing airworthiness Regulations and the level of confidence in the Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore, EASA is prepared to enter into discussions regarding a possible future working arrangement with CAAS. 11 October 2006

50 Contact details EASA Web site
Queries for applications Queries for fees and charges Frequently asked questions 11 October 2006

51 EASA Part-145 foreign approvals
EASA Headquarters in Köln/Germany Thank you! 11 October 2006

52 Questions 11 October 2006

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