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For Users : Username & Password for logging in to system : CME proposal to be added in system For System Configuration : Initial budget or latest updated.

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2 For Users : Username & Password for logging in to system : CME proposal to be added in system For System Configuration : Initial budget or latest updated budget : Approval Flow for each channel


4 User Account Slide > R egister………………………………………………………..5 > F orget Password……………………………………….….8 > L ogin…………………………………………………………....9 Proposal > A dd new proposal……………………………………….14 > R eview / Approve / Comment Proposal………24 > S earch proposal…………………………………………..36 HOME Click here to come back content page Click at the page name to go to that page

5 For existing CDS user, you can use account as same as CDS for logging in to system For new coming user, You have to request account by Register your information in system If you're not sure, please try to click 'forget your password?‘. The System will check whether your e-mail has already recorded or not. If your email already existed, system will send new password to your email. If not, please go to register page by click the ‘Register' link.Register HOME

6 In register page, fulfill your profile, upload your display photo and click “Submit” ** The field with red asterisk (*) is mandatory field. ** Uploaded file must be.jpg or.jpeg and file size must not greater that 300 KB HOME

7 The message will be showed when the registration was completed. Then system administrator will review your profile. After your account has been approved, system will generate password and send the account ‘s detail to your registered e-mail. HOME

8 Fill your e-mail and click 'Send new password to my E-mail' System will generate new password and send to your e-mail. HOME

9 To login, fill your email and password, then click 'Login'. You can check at 'Keep me signed in' to automatically keep your session for 3 days HOME

10 The system menus consist of 3 parts ; 1. Standard menu ; for normal user to add and view proposal 2. Personal menu ; where you can see your profile, change password, download user manual and log-out from the system 3. Help & Support menu ; Contact admin via email and link to download all user manuals 1 2 3 HOME

11 There are 6 standard menus as below, 1. Home page > this menu will show all your related proposals classified by approval step 2. Add New Proposal > to create new proposal in system 3. Upload Old Proposal > if you have approved proposal to record in system, you can add by selecting this menu 4. Waiting List > to view your related proposals in each status with the number of pending proposal. 5. Search Proposal > for search all proposals or advanced search by condition 6. Budget > there're 2 sub menus - Search all budget - to view budget by year, country, product group, channel - Spending report - to view comparison between requested budget and actual payment amount by proposal HOME

12 There are 4 personal menus as below, 1. Profile > To view and update your profile in the system. 2. Change Password > For change old password to new word that easy to remember. You should be change password after first time login and after forget your password 3. Help & Support Document > To view and download all user manuals. 4. Log Out > To disconnect from the system Help & Support menus, 1. Contact CRM System Admin > Click here to write email if you have any question. 2. Help & Support Document > To view and download all user manuals. 12341234 1 2 HOME

13 This page will show all of your related proposals classified by approval step, - Proposal waiting for your approval - Proposal waiting for your agreement - Proposal waiting for your acknowledgement - Your draft proposal - Latest approved proposal - Latest rejected proposal - Your related proposal : list of proposals related to you, but waiting for the others - Old proposal waiting for your approval : After you uploaded approved proposal (old proposal), the accounting controller have to review before approve. **The red row shows proposal that you've submitted. HOME

14 To add new proposal, click 'Add New Proposal' then 1. Select country - this will show all countries in your responsibility. 2. Select product group - this will show all product groups available in selected country. 3. Select channel - this will show all channels in selected product group. 4. Select sub channel - this will show all sub channels in selected channel. 5. Select proposal type - there're 2 types of proposal, must do and non must do list. After you selected all fields, click 'OK' to continue. ** If can't find your product group or sub channel, please click the blue link to inform us. HOME

15 Note : The channel name in dropdown list will show in different color. The white channel is mean that channel already has the initial budget. And you can submit proposal to the relate parties. HOME

16 The add proposal template consists of 3 parts. 1. Proposal Detail 2. Budget Control 3. Proposal Relate Parties HOME

17 Proposal Detail : You can fill-in and upload proposal detail in this part. For example, proposal name, duration and upload full proposal. The uploaded file name must be English character and number only, and file size must not greater than 3 MB. **The System will automatically generate proposal number with the format 'CME20XX-YYZZZZ-AAA' 20XX = Requested Year YY = Country abbreviation ZZZZ = Channel abbreviation AAA = Run number count by country and year HOME

18 Budget Control : This part will show budget's detail by selected country and channel. Fulfill the requested budget of this proposal by selecting between… 1) Local Currency (green textbox) or 2) Other Currency, we provide USD/EUR/THB, but requested budget with this choice will more require to fill and upload capture screen of exchange rate from central bank. After filled the requested budget, the number will show automatically in yellow area. HOME

19 Example : Proposed in USD Currency HOME

20 ** Total number of budget in Key Account Detail part(pink textbox) and requested budget should be matched. ** Total number of sales target in Key Account Detail part(green textbox) and sales target should be matched. Budget Control (more detail) : Some channel and sub channel will require you to fill more detail. For channel Corporate Reseller/Stationary/OAIT/BookStore, you have to fill more detail as below For sub channel Exclusive/Strategic from channel Corporate Reseller/Stationary/OAIT/ BookStore, you have to fill key account detail as below HOME

21 Related Parties : The list of related parties will show automatically by country, product group and channel you have selected. This is the list of persons who have to review/approve/comment or acknowledge your proposal. The table shows approved step, name, email and authority of each related party. HOME

22 You can add more related parties for specific proposal by type the e-mail in green textbox and click 'Add more' : The detail of related you've added will show in the last row as authority of acknowledge. After complete the form, you can save your proposal by select between Save draft - your proposal will be saved as draft and not send to related parties until you submit it. Draft proposal will be automatically deleted after 45 days. Submit to Related Parties - the proposal will send to related parties step by step for approval requesting. HOME

23 After submit the proposal, the system will redirect to homepage where you can review your relate proposals. The pink hi-light row shows the proposal that you was created. Click at proposal name to view the detail. If there're many proposals in each table and you can't easily find for specific proposal. System provides filter at the top of each table. You can set filter by country, channel, sub channel and requester's name. The proposals show in different tables as its different status. If you still cannot find your proposal, you can search it by going to search proposal page. HOME

24 View proposal After click proposal name from home page or search from proposal page, system will take you to view proposal page which consists of 5 parts 1. Proposal Detail 2. Budget Control 3. Budget Control (more detail) & key account (if any) 4. Webboard 5. Related Parties ** Only the requester and related parties can see the proposal detail. HOME

25 View – Proposal Detail You can view the proposal detail and click green link to download full proposal file HOME

26 View – Budget Control This part shows the budget detail. If budget is not be requested in local currency, you can click at green link to view capture screen of exchange rate. HOME

27 Budget Control (more detail) If the proposal's channel is Corporate Reseller/Stationary/OAIT/BookStore, this part will show. The table shows list of the proposals in same country, channel and sub channel so that related parties can consider historical submitted proposal. HOME

28 Webboard All related parties and requester can discuss about proposal in webboard part. If related parties have any question or comment about the proposal, they can post by typing and click comment. They can also upload file for reference. ** the uploaded file name must be English character and number only, and file size must not greater than 1 MB HOME

29 Relate Parties Show the relate parties role (Approve/Agree/Acknowledge/Comment), status and action date. The related parties can also add more related person in this part. If the proposal is waiting for some related to approve/agree/comment for a long time, You can click at to remind the related parties in that step. The system will automatically send the reminder email to them. HOME

30 Authority There're 4 types of authority in this system, those are, 1. Agree/Disagree 2. Approve/Reject 3. Comment 4. Acknowledge HOME

31 Authority - Agree/Disagree : for review proposal before send request to approver. By using this authority, CR/CL or others can review and comment on proposal first. The person with this role can agree or disagree proposal. - If agree, proposal will move to next approval step. - If disagree, proposal will go back to requester to revise and submit again. HOME

32 Authority - Approve/Reject : The approver can consider to approve or reject proposal. - If approve, proposal will move to next approval step. - If reject, proposal will go back to requester to revise and submit again. HOME

33 Authority – Comment : the persons with this authority can leave their comment on webboard. After submitted comment, status will change to commented. ** Approval process won't be success if the required comment is missing. HOME

34 Authority – Acknowledge : to acknowledge proposal, the related with this role can click 'Acknowledge' button. ** Approval process will be success even no one click acknowledge. HOME

35 Edit submitted proposal : Even you have submitted your proposal, you can edit it by clicking 'Edit' button. The system will ask for confirmation, if you'd like to edit, click 'OK'. After edited, you can save proposal as draft or immediately submit. After you submitted proposal(again), the number of revision will show after proposal name. And the proposal will request for approval at first step again. HOME

36 Search proposal On this page, you can search all proposals. The system provided many data fields to filter the proposals. Select or type the detail you would like to search for, then click 'Submit'. At search result, you can re-order each data field by clicking at the header of each field. HOME

37 Approval flow : System can configure approval flow by country, product group and channel. Please feel free to inform us, if you would like to change. Upload File : File name must be English character or number only. Maximum File size for Proposal = 3 MB, Webboard = 1 MB and Profile Picture = 300 KB Notification e-mail : We have notification e-mail twice a day, 9 am and 2 pm (GMT +7.00). If you have urgent proposal or would like to remind your related parties, please use remind function. HOME

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