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Enhanced Publications Presentation for ODaF Europe 2009 Thomas Place 2 April 2009.

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1 Enhanced Publications Presentation for ODaF Europe 2009 Thomas Place 2 April 2009

2 Enhanced Publication A digital publication enhanced or enriched by extra digital content, e.g., by the corresponding data set The digital publication and the extra content form a compound digital object The components of a compound digital object are digital objects that can be distributed over the web –compound of distributed digital objects –not a package of digital objects by-value, but by- ref

3 CO MetadataObject file Title Author(s) Simple (compound) object mode l

4 Semantics: types of objects in CO info:eu-repo/semantics/descriptiveMetadata [1, 2,...] info:eu-repo/semantics/objectFile [0, 1, 2,...] info:eu-repo/semantics/humanStartPage [0, 1] NEEO proposal: If Item == objectFile info:eu-repo/semantics/publishedVersion info:eu-repo/semantics/authorVersion More types to be added: Data set Chapter etc

5 Enhancing publication with data set CO MetadataObject file Titel Auteur(s) Metadata DDI Object file What belongs to what? Extra semantics Same data can be used by other publications. Separate CO for data set Note that for some researchers the data set and the publication belong together; without the publication the data set misses its context.

6 CO MetadataObject file DDI CO MetadataObject file Titel Auteur(s) CO can be component of another CO Aggregation ore:aggregates / ore:isAggregatedBy Aggregation

7 Driver-II D4.2 Report on Object Models and Functionalities SURF foundation, 6 November 2008 Peter Verhaar

8 Identification of requirements for the storage and management of enhanced publications Data model Recommendations for serialisation of the data model in RDF/XML using the OAI-ORE model Aims of the report

9 Enhanced publications are compound digital objects which combine ePrints with one or more metadata records, one or more data resources, or any combination of these. Definition publication ePrintdata metadata Compound data object

10 All entities have identifier semanticType All entities are digital objects (atomic, CO) Versioning, provenance

11 ORE in short ORE: Object Reuse and Exchange Exchange of compound objects on the web Composing new objects on the basis of web resources Linked to Semantic Web and especially to Linked Data (RDF Lite over HTTP)

12 In the words of Herbert Van de Sompel Subject: Aggregations of Web resources Approach: Publish Resource Maps to the Web that Instantiate, Describe, and Identify Aggregations Object Reuse and Exchange: Towards a Machine- Readable Web



15 Enhanced Publication as an ORE Aggregation

16 Driver II: M4.1 Datasets & Demonstrator for Enhanced Publications The Demonstrator is available at: Login: driver2 / bijrijder Best: Firefox 3.0 and Java VM Techniques: OAI-ORE v0.9 RDF XSLT XHTML CSS and Javascript





21 SamenInDelen Demonstrator, ReMs live

22 1.Objectives SURF-project Samen in Delen (Together in Sharing) Create 6 enhanced publications, for 3 types of research data: survey data (wp1). experimental economics (wp 2). financial data (wp3). Evaluate DDI 3.0 in the context of EP s (wp4). Create a sustainable environment for EPs (wp5). Commitment, procedures, infrastructure. Set up a demonstrator for EPs (wp6). Introduction: objectives and partners

23 Three types of aggregation (COs) Collection van publications Publication (enhanced) MODS Object file Dataset Reference list Enhanced object file Dataset DDI Instance Publication Data file SPSS file Software

24 The ingredients of the demonstrator Repository EURotterdam >Data files >DDI Repository UvTilburg Repository SamenInDelen >DIDL representations of COs >New objects, not in other repos >XSL stylesheets Application (Cocoon: transformations) >Identifier -> DIDL & DDI -> HTML/Atom >DIDL -> MODS/DC

25 SamenInDelen demonstrator








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