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PowerPoint 2008 Created by The Office of Media and Educational Technologies on: 07/2010 “This presentation contains copyright material used under the educational.

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1 PowerPoint 2008 Created by The Office of Media and Educational Technologies on: 07/2010 “This presentation contains copyright material used under the educational fair use exemption to U.S. Copyright law. Further use is prohibited.” 1

2 Objectives Maryland Technology Standards for School Administrators Standard 1: Leadership and Vision Standard 2: Teaching and Learning Maryland Teacher Technology Standards Standard 5: Integrating technology into curriculum and instruction Maryland Technology Standards Standard 3: Technology for Learning and Collaboration 2

3 Agenda Toolbars Elements Gallery Toolbox/Palettes Inserting online clipart Inserting pictures Inserting tables Inserting documents Inserting hyperlinks Inserting video Inserting music Exporting PowerPoint slides 3

4 Select View>Toolbars - and choose the toolbars to add Toolbars 4 Standard

5 Toolbars Cont’d 5 Drawing Tables & Borders Reviewing Outlining Formatting

6 New in 2008: The Elements Gallery offers tabs to enhance your presentation Elements Gallery 6

7 Toolbox/Palettes Select the Toolbox on the Standard Toolbar The Formatting Palette appears with several menus: Object Palette, Custom Animation, Scrapbook, Reference Tools, Compatibility Report 7

8 Toolbox/Palettes Cont’d 8

9 Inserting Online Clip Art Clip art can be added to any page, regardless of the layout. Go to Insert>Clip Art (the clip art library opens) Select Online and the Internet Browser opens Microsoft Office Clip Art Page Browse Clip Art and Media Categories 9

10 Inserting Online Clip Art 1 5 10

11 Inserting Online Clip Art 2 2 11

12 Inserting Online Clip Art Choose a category 3 12

13 Inserting Online Clip Art 1 check images and Select Download 4 13

14 Inserting Online Clip Art The picture will appear as a.JPG 14

15 Inserting Online Clip Art 5 15

16 Inserting Pictures Choose location of the picture on computer Pictures other than clip art can also be added to any side layout Select Insert 16

17 Inserting Pictures Picture can come from a variety of sources including: Digital camera, import images into iPhoto library From any picture location. Select Pictures folder for location Select Insert 17

18 Inserting Table (Option 1) Tables visually organize the information on the slide Select Table Styles from the Elements Gallery 18

19 Inserting Table (Option 2)  Insert>Table>  Choose the number of rows and columns>Select OK The New Table Hurray! 19

20 Inserting a Document Insert>Object>Choose type of file and if it is a new file or a previously created one>then select OK Create New – type the information on the document and then close the document. It will automatically be updated into the slide. 20

21 Inserting Document 1 1 Create from file option 2 2 3 3 21

22 Inserting Document View Here is what the document looks like. This one has been given a yellow background and a line outline to make it stand out. To edit, select the object, select fill and select background color. 22

23 Inserting a Hyperlink During a presentation it may be necessary to insert a link to a webpage or a document. Hyperlinks can have different styles: A hyperlink can be placed on the page with a display words. The hyperlink can be embedded in a word or an object, highlight the word or object Either style: Insert>Hyperlink>type in the web address in the top area or select the document to link to>select OK 23

24 Inserting a Hyperlink 24

25 Inserting a Hyperlink 25

26 Making and Object a Hyperlink To embed the hyperlink in an object or word, select the object or word Insert>Hyperlink>type web address or document to link to. The display will state, > 26

27 Inserting Video Video segments can also add a great visual connect to learners. Videos can come from file Examples include: DEStreaming, iPhoto slideshow that files or other movie files. PowerPoint also has a gallery with animated clip art. 27

28 Inserting Video from Existing File Insert>Movies Navigate to find movie and select 28

29 Inserting Animated Clip Art Go to Insert>Clip Art Select Show: All Motion Clips Select a Category Select Clip Select Insert 29

30 Inserting Clip Art Audio There are no audio files (in clip art) installed with the default installation of PowerPoint 2008. Step 1 – >Insert >Clip Art, Select Show Sounds Step 2 – Select Import 30

31 Inserting Sound Sound adds another element to a presentation and connects to auditory learners in the classroom. A variety of sounds can be added to slides, including sound bites, music from a CD, or a recorded voice. Downloading sounds from the clip art gallery online converts sounds to a.wav file and places them to your default download location. The.wav file will need to be imported to the clip art gallery 31

32 Inserting Sound from Clip Art Gallery Go to Insert>Clip Art Choose Show All Sounds There are no sounds in gallery Select Online 32

33 Inserting Sound from Clip Art Gallery Type Sound in the Search Box Select & Download clip Import and copy audio into Clip Art Gallery (You can also select music & import from iTunes) 33

34 Inserting Sound from Clip Art Gallery Your audio clip will now be in your Clip Art Gallery. Go to Insert>Clip Art Select audio clip Select Insert 34

35 Inserting Sound from File Select Insert>Sound and Music>Sound From File Locate the folder that contains the sound and select Insert Speaker icon will appear on slide 35

36 Sound File Notes To preview the sound in Normal view, double click on the sound icon Automatic and Continuous Play Options : To loop the sound so it plays throughout the slide show, go to Slideshow>Custom Animations> Options and select Play using animation order and loop until stopped. Go to Order and Timings and select automatically “0” seconds after previous 36

37 Inserting Recorded Sound Go to Insert>Sound and Music>Record Sound Select Record and speak into the internal microphone Select stop when finished Play to preview sound. If satisfied, name the sound and select Save Go to Animations to set any custom animations for the sound. 37

38 Exporting Slides to Picture Files PowerPoint slides can be exported as images and then downloaded into iMovie, iPhoto, or imported into other documents to enhance projects. All slides will be located in a folder and can be used in a different programs. 38

39 Exporting Slides to Picture Files File>Save As Pictures>Format Choose JPEG format>Save A dialogue box explains the location the folder is saved to. 39

40 Questions? 40 For more information for see your OIT rep or visit the DR

41 unused 41

42 New Features in PowerPoint 2008 New Toolbar  Themes  Layouts  Transitions  Table Styles  Charts  WordArt  SmartArt Graphics (11 pages) 42

43 Inserting Online Clip Art 1 43

44 Inserting Online Clip Art 1 Decide on image, Check it Click download 5 5 will download to desktop 44

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