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Back to School 2015-2016 Mrs. Jednak 4 th Grade. I grew up in Washington Township. I graduated from the University of Delaware in 2006 with an undergraduate.

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1 Back to School 2015-2016 Mrs. Jednak 4 th Grade

2 I grew up in Washington Township. I graduated from the University of Delaware in 2006 with an undergraduate degree in Elementary Education K-8. I graduated from Wilmington University in 2011 with a masters degree in Educational Leadership and Supervision. It is my 10th year teaching. I previously taught 2 years of 5 th grade in Vineland, 4 years of 6 th grade in Deptford and 3 years of 4 th grade in Raleigh, North Carolina.

3 9:20am Morning Routine 9:30-10:55 Reading Workshop 10:55-11:35 Specials 11:40-12:15 Writing 12:15-1:15 Math 1:15-1:55 Lunch 2:00-2:25 IDR (Independent Daily Reading) 2:25-2:45 Health/P.E. 2:45-3:35 S.S./Science 3:40 Dismissal

4 Binders * Monitor child’s progress * Please DO NOT remove papers until notified (end of each Unit) * Student’s responsibility with parental support Take Home Blue Folder * Contain important papers and homework * Reading Logs and Behavior Calendars Organization

5 Assignment Book Compliments of the PTO Used daily, recorded each morning Sign each night for 1 st marking period On going assignments/ nightly assignments Brief questions or comments to teacher Student’s responsibility, parental support Organization

6 Please sign or initial calendar every Friday Monitor child’s assignment completion/behavior Incomplete assignment circled Behavior circled Kept in binder or blue take home folder Student’s responsibility Clean slate every month Celebration at the end of each month Calendars/Incentives

7 Language Arts Literacy Classwork/participation/HW- 20% Published/Process Piece - 40% Quizzes/Benchmark Assessments/on- demand - 15% Word Study- 10% Writer’s Notebook- 15% Math/Science/S.S. Test/Projects- 40% Classwork- 25% Quizzes- 25% Homework- 10%

8 Reading Classwork/Participation 40% Homework 10% Quizzes 20% Tests/Benchmark Assessments 30% District Grading Scale A= 100%~93% B= 92%~85% C= 84%~77% D= 76%~70% F= 69% and Below

9 All students grades and progress reports can be accessed using PowerSchool. School flyers and information on Bells website We will be using Remind this year, where you can receive text messages from us with important updates. To receive messages via text, text @mrsjedna to 81010.

10 Monday through Thursday nights Due the following day unless otherwise specified. Calendars will be circled for missing assignments or being unprepared for class. Each student starts with a 100% for homework every marking period. If homework is incomplete, 5 points is taken off of their homework grade for each missing assignment.

11 Encourage building stamina with books they can read with 99% accuracy. Reading logs due each week on Monday Students will set individual reading goals to work on and practice

12 Accelerated Reader: Book finder located on the Bells homepage All students have a reading level based on AR and will be reading books on that level. Please encourage students to read on-level books at home! Scholastic Book Club Best to order online- Students get free $5 Class code is LFHRM

13 Narrative Narrative Informational/Explanatory Informational/Explanatory Opinion Opinion Fantasy Fantasy Poetry Poetry Focus on building stamina while writing!

14 Map Skills Early Development of United States The Constitution and Government Economics, Innovation, and Technology Taught 1 st and 4 th marking period. Social Studies

15 Physical Science : Forces in Motion Simple Machines Life Science: Systems and Life Cycles Taught 2 nd and 3 rd marking period. Science

16 *Built on a spiral and accumulation of knowledge *Emphasis on mathematical thinking *Emphasis on problem solving *Take risks and learn from mistakes * Online access: http://connected.mcgraw- * Encourage daily practice of all math facts! **Pre/Post Math Facts each marking period***

17 The students will be learning Spanish in the classroom this year. There will be a midterm and a final.

18 PAW PRIDE One per month/pizza lunch Be Responsible Be Respectful Be A Friend Be Safe Student Recognition

19 Fourth grade visits Philadelphia for a walking tour in the spring.

20 Each student will be student of the week around the week of their birthday. They will present a poster all about them and the class will write positive compliments about each student. We are no longer allowed to have birthday treats brought into school, however, children are allowed to bring in pencils for the class or a book/game to donate to the classroom to celebrate. Birthdays

21 Meetings for the Bells School Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) have meetings during school and at night. If you are interested in helping out, please let me know. We will have a Halloween Party and a Winter party with store bought food only this year.

22 PARCC testing- only once this year the last week of April NJASK Science

23 (856) 589-8441 x3305 Teacher Websites will have regular updates as well as

24 I look forward to partnering with you in the education of your child! Questions? Thank you for coming!

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