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Maximo to PeopleSoft Interfaces using Web Services

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1 Maximo to PeopleSoft Interfaces using Web Services
Lon Nestrud Denver International Airport

2 Agenda Overview of Business Drivers Overview of DIA-CCD Solution
Technical Architecture Data Flows Exception/Error Handling Future Plans Questions?

3 Business Drivers DIA Uses Maximo for Purchasing (among other things)
City and County of Denver does most of the actual Purchasing using PeopleSoft Previous Flat-file Integration Had Many Problems and Challenges IT Responsible for Resolving Exceptions Maximo Upgrade from Version 4 to Version 6 DIA Purchased Oracle SOA Suite for its Enterprise Integration Platform

4 DIA/CCD Solution Web Services Using XML Messages
Oracle SOA Suite Used to Orchestrate Integrations Purchase Requests sent in real-time from Maximo to PeopleSoft Purchase Orders sent in real-time from PeopleSoft to Maximo Invoices, Payments and Vendors sent using Batch Jobs Exceptions routed to Business Users to Resolve DIA’s Financials System (AMS) Tied into Solution CCD’s TCS Tax System Tied into Solution

5 DIA/CCD Solution Technical Details
Oracle SOA Suite 10g (10.1.3) Oracle HTTP Server Oracle J2EE Application Server (Including Technology Adapters) Oracle BPEL Process Manager Integration Work Done using Oracle’s Jdeveloper BPEL Toolset (GUI Designer) Transport is SOAP (XML) Messages over HTTP or HTTPS (encrypted) across the CCD Ethernet Network. Integration to AMS Financials using DB Tables

6 Technical Architecture

7 Basic Data Flow (Used for PRs, POs and Vendors)

8 Modified Data Flow (Used for Invoices and Payments)

9 Purchase Requests

10 Purchase Orders

11 Invoices

12 Payments

13 Vendor Master Data

14 Exception Handling SOAP Web Services allow for a notify/response transaction model. For PRs, POs and Invoices – immediate feedback is provided to the initiating system (though the Maximo/PeopleSoft user interface is not currently automatically updated based on the reply) Errors are routed - through messages - back to the business experts that will know best how to resolve the issue. Example …

15 Example Exception Handling Invoice

16 Future Plans Add New Workflow Processes for Managing and Resolving Exceptions Add Logic to Better Handle Non-nominal Cases (i.e. Change Orders) Integrate Maximo with Kronos (Time Entry) and other DIA/CCD Systems Add Business Activity Monitoring Dashboards Upgrade to Oracle SOA Suite 11g

17 Questions?

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