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Oklahoma City Gangs Presented by: Frank Alberson

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1 Oklahoma City Gangs Presented by: Frank Alberson
Gang Intervention Specialist with Effective Transitions Inc.

2 Background Grew up in Indiana, but was born in Bridgeport, Connecticut
Graduated from Anderson University with degree in Criminal Justice I have lived in Oklahoma City since 2000

3 Background Court certified drug expert Came to Oklahoma six years ago
Methamphetamines Hallucinogens Heroin Came to Oklahoma six years ago Started as a Detention Officer I Detention Officer II Moved to Oklahoma County Juvenile Probation for approximately 1 year. Now work for Effective Transitions Incorporated as a Gang Intervention Worker

4 What is a Gang? The definition of a gang according to OJJPD is:
The terms “youth gang” and “street gang” are commonly used interchangeably and refer to neighborhood or street-based youth groups that are made up substantially of individuals under the age of 24. They must include at least three or more members and must engage in criminal activity.

5 Little Rascals Three or more individuals who meet on a regular basis.
Claim a geographical location. Engage in delinquent and criminal behavior

6 Why Join Gangs? Lack of parental supervision
Lack of a parent( Mother or Father) Quick and easy money A need to belong Respect ETC…

7 Who joins Gangs? Adolescents (ages 12-17) Whites Blacks Browns Boys
Girls Everyone can be a victim to GANGS

8 What Gangs do we Have? Westside 90’s Crips Hard Hoova Crips
Shotgun Crips Playboy Gangsta Crips Rollin 60 Crips Murder 1 Culver City Cruiser Southtown Barrio Rollin 20’s Crips 24K Crips Prince Hall Village Outlaw 30’s Bloods 456 Piru Blood Juarito’s South Side Loco’s Grande Barrio Central

9 Crips Wear Blue as primary color. Some sets wear all blue or some sets wear blue as the main color with other colors. Are enemies with Bloods and other gangs. Profit from drug sales.

10 Rollin Sixty Crips Are a “love set” of Westside 90’s
Started in 1966 in L.A. (Tiequan Andrew Cox)

11 Rollin 90 Crip Favor the color baby blue Wear Tennessee Titans,
North Carolina San Diego Chargers

12 132 Shot gun Crips Will wear dark green and blue.
Started in California around 1976. Diss: snot gun or snot run 132 is a street in Gardena, California, where the set originated from.

13 107 Hoova Crips Wear orange and blue.
Some will carry a crown royal sack. Diss: Snoova Do not get along with 90’s, 60’s or shotgun, or blood sets. 107 comes from block of Hoover Street in Los Angeles

14 Blood Enemies with Crips.
“Blood” was a commonly used word among African-American soldiers in Veitnam. Started in California around the same time as crips. Diss: Slob, eating at BK. Damu is swahili for blood

15 Hispanic Sets Will also wear red or blue colors.
Will use Roman Numerals. Make money selling drugs Run guns. The number 13 or XIII will tell you they are sureno. The number 14 or XIV will tell you they are Nortenos.

16 GBC (Grande Barrio Central 23)
Use the number 23 Highest population in detention. Wear Red, Black and Grey. Have recently split into East and Westside factions. Diss: Cornbread

17 Juaritos Use XIV or 14 14th letter of the alphabet is N for Norteno or northerner. Diss: Doritos, or Fritos.

18 South Side Loco (SSL) Use number 13 or XIII.
M, is the 13th letter of the alphabet. Are always recruiting. Largest Hispanic gang in Oklahoma City.

19 Graffiti

20 Graffiti

21 Gang members from MWC and the Panic Zone

22 Hard Hoover Criminal Gansters
Wear orange and blue, Bronco’s and Astros

23 Tenth Street Playaz

24 Throwing up BK

25 Shotgun Crip

26 Game Tight Clicc

27 Game Tight Clicc

28 Hoover and Game Tight Clicc

29 O.G. HK from Murder1 (Blood set)

30 WS 60 Crip

31 “Bk” blood killa

32 Gangs use drugs and violence to obtain what they want

33 Gangs know no color, they may align over racial barriers however every ethnicity has some form of organized crime or gang activity.

34 South Side Loco’s

35 Southside locos

36 Southside

37 SSL gals

38 SSL



41 Southside Loco’s

42 Note the number 13 and the Black and grey colors,

43 SSL

44 Southside Locos and most hated crew


46 Grand Barrio Central (GBC)
Uses the Numbers 23 and wears red and blue, occasionally gray. It’s the largest gang in the Oklahoma County Juvenile detention center.

47 Bloods, that not cigarette smoke either.

48 Bloods May wear Pittsburg Pirates or Philadelephia Phillies sports apparel. Also will wear anything in all black or red May be seen with Boston Red Sox hats Favor the Five point star Add a K after c’s to signify crip killer, example: Ckrab Blood Gangs in OKC: Murda1,Bounty Hunter Blood Monsta Block, 456 Piru. IFG 77 Block,

49 How do I get help if I know a child involved with gang activity?
Call or visit Effective Transitions, Inc. 245-A W. Wilshire Oklahoma City, Ok (405) Call your local police substation or Call the Oklahoma City Police Gang Unit Hotline:

50 Remember: Gangs are only as strong as the community allows them to be!
Conclusion…………………… Educate yourself on Gang issues, as the saying goes, “knowledge is power.” Remember: Gangs are only as strong as the community allows them to be!

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