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Welcome to A-B Techs Mechanical Engineering Technician Occupational Analysis.

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1 Welcome to A-B Techs Mechanical Engineering Technician Occupational Analysis

2 Welcome Why are we here? –Confirm the occupational definition –Confirm primary duties and tasks –Review knowledge, skills, and traits that are needed in this job –Make sure that our program teaches what is needed for this job You are the experts

3 Introductions US –Carol Rovello – facilitator –Chris Tibbetts – notetaker –Sherian Howard – observer –Robert Anderson – observer –Larry Boyd – observer You –Name, job title, company, other

4 Ground Rules We will: –Facilitate a balanced discussion –Summarize your ideas –Remain neutral You will: –Listen to the other panel members –Contribute equally and freely –Limit value judgments

5 The Occupational Definition Should: Tell you –Who –What –How –Why

6 A Mechanical Engineering Technician: Designs, develops, tests, and manufactures industrial machinery, consumer products, and other equipment by: –Preparing layouts and drawings of the assembly process and of parts to be manufactured. –Estimating labor costs, equipment life, and plant space. –Testing and inspecting machines and equipment or works with engineers to eliminate production problems. –Assisting in product tests, making sketches and rough layouts, recording data, making computations, analyzing results, and writing reports. In order to ensure process integrity, increase production, cut costs, and ensure quality.

7 Important Definitions A duty is a general area of competence that successful workers in the occupation must demonstrate or perform on an ongoing basis. A duty must have at lease two tasks. A task is a work activity that has a definite beginning and ending, is observable, consists of two or more definite steps, and leads to a product, service, or decision.

8 Knowledge, Skills, and Traits Knowledge is an understanding of and/or familiarity with facts and information. A skill is the ability to perform occupational tasks with a high degree of proficiency. A trait is an innate or learned ability or distinguishing quality that allows an individual to complete a job.

9 Review Duties and Tasks Duties –Confirm –Prioritize Tasks –Confirm –Frequency – blue dots –Criticality – red dots –New employee training – green dots

10 Review Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities Review Suggested changes, additions, deletions

11 Wrap-Up What we accomplished Next steps Thanks for helping us with this important project

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