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Child Discovery Centre Box 9566 Lanet 20212 Nakuru, Kenya

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1 Child Discovery Centre Box 9566 Lanet 20212 Nakuru, Kenya

2 Backgound Information The Centre was founded in the year 2000 by Br. Francis Kamanda, FSC. It is modeled on the San Miguel Schools We give hope to children with difficult background (children who previously lived in the streets, those from malfunctional families, those who have undergone some form of abuse and those that are either fully or semi orphaned especially through (HIV/AIDS)

3 Our Neighborhood Typical Housing Drinking Den for illicit brew Local market Kids going home from school

4 Lake Nakuru National Park This sanctuary is internationally renown for the millions of flamingoes and other wild animals Though a stone through away from the Center we cannot afford to go in and see the animals Male & Female Ostrich Giraffe White RhinoFlamingoes & Buffalos Pride of Lions Zebras

5 Boys Dorms up/ Girls below

6 Future Girls & Matrons House Outdoor Toilets Frontview of the Dorm Matrons House in relation to the Dorm Inside the Dorm

7 It is time to clean up Young and old do their own laundry by hands

8 Community Service If we dont do it for each other, who will? Together by association

9 Together we shall place food on the table Making grits Taking the food to the serving table Splitting firewood

10 Enjoying a Meal Together

11 Washing Dishes After Meal

12 Planting Maize and Beans

13 Harvesting the Maize

14 Threshing the Maize & Beans

15 Fish Farming Project Feeding the FishIntroducing the fingerlingsFilling-in the pond Excavation and shaping the pond Lining the pond

16 Learning some skills Building & Construction Hair Plaiting Baking Welding & Painting

17 Visits with fellow Lasallians Manhattan College New York Mwangaza College Nakuru Christ the King Academy Rongai Boys Nakuru

18 St La Salles Day

19 Harsh reality of death In a month we lost three mothers; this gave birth to other sets of orphans

20 Thank you very much May the Good Lord Bless you for your: –Generosity –Kindness –Love –Support Live Jesus in Our Hearts

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