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A Child is Waiting for you! Welcome to Hope Sunday.

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1 a Child is Waiting for you! Welcome to Hope Sunday

2 Our vision for every child, life in all its fullness. Our prayer for every heart, the will to make it so. Vision Statement

3 Fast Facts About World Vision Began in 1950 Serving close to 100 million people in nearly 100 countries More than 45,000 staff—with 97 percent working in their home countries Recognized as the world’s largest Christian humanitarian organization Trusted for our excellent stewardship

4 What Makes World Vision Different? Long-term self-sufficiency instead of short-term fixes: Our holistic approach addresses the interconnected causes of poverty We work alongside community members to address their unique needs We partner with local churches and other community organizations

5 5 Points of Holistic Development

6 More than 3 million children are supported Sponsors’ gifts equip children, their families, and their communities for healthier lives through things like: Clean water, food, and basic health care Spiritual support and life-skills training Personal encouragement through letters Economic development opportunities such as micro-finance loans World Vision Child Sponsorship

7 Alleluia Promise, 13, is an orphan who stays with her grandmother in Nalweyo sub-county, Kibaale district, Uganda. Through sponsorship, she is able to go to school and wants to become a teacher after her education. “I no longer worry about getting wet in the classroom when it rains, or struggling to write from the floor,” exclaims 13-year-old Alleluia Promise, perched at the edge of her seat in her classroom. “World Vision built us classrooms and gave us desks!” Alleluia Is Now Able To Go To School…

8 Ingyin May is four, and before becoming a sponsorsed child, she was small and often unwell. Her parents have little knowledge about nutrition and do not have much time to look after their children as they need to struggle to get a small daily income. As a sponsored child, she now receives educational, medical and other supports. Her family also benefits from World Vision activities, including nutrition training. Ingyin has now started to learn to read and write and she has gained weight. "I want to see my daughter as an educated person, " said Ingyin's mom. Little Ingyin also echoes her mother’s words. "I want to be a teacher," she says with her small voice. Sponsorship Brings a Rosy Future for Ingyin May

9 HIV Positive Pathias is Now Full of Hope… Pathias is HIV positive and is the only boy in a family of five. His mother is also HIV positive, and he lost his father to the virus in 2007. Though Pathias has great passion for school, his sickness almost ended his education. Thanks to World Vision, his health has improved and he says his sponsor has inspired him to work hard. “I thank my sponsor so much for being there for me, especially for buying me the bicycle, blankets, mattress and school materials. Let him know that I love him so much and he should not stop supporting me so that I can finish school just like I have promised him before,” Pathias emphasizes.

10 You Can Make a Difference By Sponsoring a Child Today! For just about $1 a day, you can provide things like education, clean water, nutritious food, basic health care, and so much more for little ones just like Alleluia, Ingyin and Pathias. It’s so easy, and you’ll enjoy watching your sponsored child grow up with all the benefits your donations make available.

11 Thank You! Be sure to visit the sponsorship table, or talk to your Hope Sunday Host about how you can change a child’s life forever.

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