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The Fellowship of the Rings

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1 The Fellowship of the Rings
The Hero’s Journey The Fellowship of the Rings

2 Stage 1 The Ordinary World
Frodo Baggins begins his journey at the Shire. This is Frodo’s safe haven and home.

3 Stage 2 The Call to Adventure
Frodo Baggins is called to carry the ring in order to keep him safe.

4 Stage 3 The Refusal of the Call
Frodo does not initially want any part of the call. He is perplexed by the journey set out for him.

5 Stage 5 Crossing the Threshold
Once the fellowship breaks, Frodo reaches the point of no return along his journey. Up until this moment, he could have turned back home.

6 Stage 7 Approach to the Inmost Cave
Frodo begins to become extremely greedy. He yearns for the ring and the power that it possesses. The very dark side of Frodo is brought to light.

7 Stage 8 The Ordeal Frodo is about to die when the elves nurse him back to health. He deals with an extremely dire life or death situation. With the elves help, he is able to survive.

8 Stage 10 The Road Back Frodo returns to the shire at the end of The Fellowship of the Rings. He only stops here momentarily before the next movie.

9 Stage 11 The Resurrection
After the elves bring Frodo back to life, he is transformed. He realizes that he was greedy and overcome by power. It is at this point, that he is reborn both literally and figuratively in this movie.

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