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Language A means of communication.. Language can be…..

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1 Language A means of communication.

2 Language can be…..

3 All languages contain…. Phonemes The smallest units of sound in a language. English has about 44 phonemes. Morphemes The smallest unit of meaningful sound. Can be words like a or but. Can also be parts of words like prefixes or suffixes…”ed” at the end of a word means past tense. How many phonemes does platypus have?

4 Grammar The rules of a language. Syntax: the order of words in a language. Is this the White House or the House White?

5 Language Acquisition Stages that we learn language… 1.Babbling Stage 2.Holophrastic Stage (one word stage) 3.Telegraphic Speech Stage After the telegraphic stage we get overgeneralization.

6 How do we learn language?

7 Social Learning Theory B.F. Skinner from the Behaviorist School Baby may imitate a parent. If they are reinforced they keep saying the word. If they are punished, they stop saying the word.

8 Chomsky’s Theory (nativist theory) We learn language too quickly for it to be through reinforcement and punishment. Inborn universal language acquisition device

9 Whorf’s Linguistic Relativity The idea that language determines the way we think. The Hopi tribe has no past tense in their language, so Whorf says they rarely think of the past.

10 Do animals use language?

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