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Digital Signage at every level Simple Basic Advanced.

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1 Digital Signage at every level Simple Basic Advanced

2 Sony solutions FWD TRUE COLOR Offers user control saturation and the hue red, yellow, green, blue without changing other colors. White balance remains same. Example, color of the corporate logo adjusted to its real shade.

3 Sony solutions FWD Speaker option Concealed connector panel.

4 Sony solutions FWD Video wall support

5 Sony solutions FWD Worry-free & extended warranty What is the cost of going back to a job for a problem Have confidence in Sonys build quality Under the 30 day rule, any qualifying product that fails within the first 30 days of purchase will be exchanged ASC On Site Service for qualifying products in warranty 1-877-350-3477 Could performed panel replacement.

6 Sony solutions KDL Series 32, 37, 40 46 No card slot No RS-232 Built-in speakers Tuners

7 Sony solutions GXDL52H1 Ruggedized Public Venue Model

8 Sony solutions GXDL52H1 Durable Public Venue Model

9 Sony solutions BKM-FW50 Display Card slot (position2) Load content- inserting a compact flash card - No network required Streaming No layering or grouping

10 Sony solutions Software Configure Display, PIP, Loop playback, Scheduling

11 Sony solutions Simple Signage Packages Pre-configured display with all accessories VEGAS 8 Content Creation Software 1 GigaByte Compact Flash Card USB Compact Flash Card Reader/Writer 26, 32, 40 LCD Display Pre-installed BKM-FW50 SimpleSignage Card Quick Start Guide

12 Sony solutions ICS FW40D Display Card slot Grouping- content can be made for a group of signs and sent to all the signs in that group in one step Load via network file transfer Requires dedicated server installed HD playback No layering 60GB hard disk

13 Sony solutions Software

14 Sony solutions External player

15 VSP-NS7 High Definition Digital Signage Player HD Compliant to 1920x1080 Seamless Sequential Playout – No black during video switching Keying capability – Easy to insert a logo over video playout Content Rotation – Easy to rotate video for portrait playback Five Layer Playback – Bitmap, JPEG, URL Browser, Video, and Telop (television opaque projecting device) Live IP Camera Input RS232 Control Controls Display Picture in Picture Feature for powerful flexibility with cable/satellite systems Sony solutions

16 VSP-NS7 High Definition Digital Signage Player 1) Does the NS7 have the ability to play back WM9HD? Yes. 2) Will the NS7 play back H.264 HD No. Although this is possible and maybe introduced later. 3) How long can it play without stopping? The maximum length of a video continuous video is 30mins per file. Although since the NS7 can switch between two video files within one frame, it will be possible to make a continuous video output. 4) RS232 control of the projector or panel? Yes. The NS7 has two RS232 control ports. 5) Can a user have control from central location? The NS7 has control over projectors and display devices, general scheduling, and NS7 management. 6) Can a user update storage of content from central location? Yes. Content can be sent from the Central management PC to the NS7. Sony solutions

17 VSP-NS7 Software. Sony solutions

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