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1 Colorado Coordinated Planning Group PCC Update March 6-7, 2008.

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1 1 Colorado Coordinated Planning Group PCC Update March 6-7, 2008

2 PCC Presentation 2 CCPG The CCPG is a forum to bring reliability study ideas for joint study purposes. Website:

3 PCC Presentation 3 Map Colorado Coordinated Planning Group Southwest Area Transmission CCPG SWAT SIERRA New Area

4 PCC Presentation 4 Transmission Participants Arkansas River Power Authority Aquila Basin Electric Black Hills Power Colorado Springs Utilities Pacificorp Platte River Power Authority Public Service Company of Colorado Tri-State Generation & Transmission Western Area Power Administration

5 PCC Presentation GOALS Establish Charter Subcommittee Formation Studies Data Coordination Schedule Synchronization

6 PCC Presentation 6 08 Goals - Charter Subgroup Organization Re-Name Subgroup? Formalize Structure Defined Responsibilities Voting Rights Stakeholder Processes (Attendees vs. Participants) Formal Agreements? Subcommittee Organization Existing Long-Range, NERC Compliance, Foothills, Voltage Coordination New: Additional Sub-Sub-Regions (Denver-metro, SECO, SWCO,WY, etc.) Area Coordination 890 Issues WECC Liaison (TEPPC) 890 Compliance

7 PCC Presentation 7 08 Goals - Subcommittees Existing: Long Range Transmission Planning NERC Compliance Foothills (Sub-subregion) Voltage Coordination Rocky Mountain Area Coordinator NEW: Additional Sub-subregions: e.g. Wyoming, Denver-metro, SECO, SWCO, etc. SB Base Case Coordination

8 PCC Presentation 8 08 Goals - Studies Long Range Transmission Planning NERC Compliance Senate Bill 100 Sub-subregions Mega Projects

9 PCC Presentation 9 Long Range Planning Study SC: Long Range Transmission Planning Group Purpose: Develop 10 Year Transmission Plans (2018 Models) Consider RPS & up to 30% Renewable Re-evaluate the Eastern Plains Transmission Project Lead:TSGT Kicked off December 19, 2007

10 PCC Presentation 10 NERC Compliance Study SC: NERC Purpose: Meet TPL-001,2,3,4 Requirements Near (5 yr) & Far (10yr) Windows Consider RPS & up to 30% Renewable Lead:BEPC

11 PCC Presentation 11 SB100 Study SC: SB100 Purpose: Meet requirements of Colorado Senate Bill 100 Identify Energy Resource Zones Plan Transmission to Serve the ERZs File CPCNs with CPUC Lead:PSCo Kicked off March 4, Models (Correspond to PSCo Resource Plan)

12 PCC Presentation 12 Sub-subregion Studies SC: Various Purpose: Analyze transmission requirements for specific regions within the CCPG Footprint Foothills, Tot 3, Wyoming Joint Q, Denver-Metro, SECO, SWCO, Front Range, etc Lead:Various

13 PCC Presentation 13 Mega-Project Studies SC: Various Purpose: Evaluate impacts of mega-projects on CCPG Subregion: High Plains Express Wyoming – Colorado Intertie EPTP Lead:Various

14 PCC Presentation Goals - Area Coordination SC: WECC Purpose: Address Issues associated with preparation of cases for WECC Annual Study Program Rocky Mountain Area Coordinator Lead:PSCo

15 PCC Presentation Goals - Synchronization WestConnect SWAT WECC (TEPPC) 890 Requirements

16 PCC Presentation 16 Next Next CCPG meeting March 25, 2008 TSGT Contact Thomas Green Or Jared Griffiths (Co-chair) Phone

17 PCC Presentation CCPG Study Plan Kicked Off the next Colorado Long-Range Transmission Planning Group study effort on December 19, 2007 Will look at updated L&Rs for 2018 and 2013 Take into Account State Renewable Portfolio Standards Address Some of the Renewable Resource Generation Development Areas Outlined in the Senate Bill Report Complete Initial Feasibility Study Report for the High Plains Express Project Re-structure the CCPG Charter

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