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Business Practices Subcommittee Update October 23, 2012 DRAFT.

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1 Business Practices Subcommittee Update October 23, 2012 DRAFT

2 2 Free Template from 2 WEQ BPS Update - Meetings Meetings since last update –September 12-12, 2012 (Houston TX) –October 17-18, 2012 (Las Vegas, NV) –October 17, 2012 (Joint meeting with IDCWG) –Sub-team conference calls (several) Scheduled meetings –November 14-15, 2012 (Houston, TX) –December 11-12, 2012 (Houston, TX) –January 9-10, 2013 (Redwood City, CA – hosted by OATI) –February 20-21, 2013 (Redwood City, CA – hosted by OATI)

3 3 Free Template from 3 Parallel Flow Visualization (Coordination) NAESB/NERC Management NAESB –Executive Committee –Standards Review Subcommittee –OASIS Subcommittee –JESS Subcommittee NERC –Operations Reliability Subcommittee –Interchange Distribution Calculator Working Group –Standards Committee –Standard Drafting Teams Interchange Standards Drafting Team TLR Standards Drafting Team Stakeholders –NAESB –NERC

4 4 Free Template from 4 Parallel Flow Visualization – Recent Activity Continued Development of Finalizing Parallel Flow Visualization Permanent Solution – Items BPS is working on –Several sub-teams formed –Managing/Treatment of Pseudo Ties for generator prioritization under tag all Secondary Network Service Method –Developing Draft Recommendations/BPS Standard document –Submission of generator priorities for service over multiple TSPs. –Developing IDC support Document for PFV –Developing NERC standards/requirements support document for PFV –Minimum criteria for coordinated flowgates –Discussion with JESS if generator prioritization can be handled through e-tagging application –What Data is needed to start the parallel test –Evaluation Criteria for the parallel test (to be developed after finalizing the standard) –Issues to be addressed during full staffing/parallel test

5 5 Free Template from 5 Parallel Flow Visualization – Challenges BPS by default is the forum for understanding the big picture BPS has identified dependencies with NERC standards BPS has no control over establishing priority of NERC standards nor can it impact the outcome Level of detail in standards needed for full staffing Criteria for determining success of full staffing (parallel test) New consortium for managing IDC starting in 2013

6 6 Free Template from 6 Parallel Flow Visualization – Request BPS Working with EC Leadership for Coordination with NERC –For elevating the priority of Interchange Standard Development to tag intra-BA Point-to-Point so that NERC addresses this item within 2013. (FERC Order 693) –Modification to IRO-006-EAST to modify R.3 and R.4 to support curtailment for intra-BA Point-to-Point. –The timing for the changes to the INT and IRO standards will need to coincide with Parallel Flow Visualization moving into production. –The NERC intra-BA tagging requirements should be coordinated with the NAESB Business Practices Subcommittees work on Parallel Flow Visualization – start of the parallel test (to get data)

7 7 Free Template from 7 Parallel Flow Visualization – Next Steps December 2012 –Complete Draft of PFV Standard/Recommendation (good enough for seeking informal industry comments) First Quarter 2013 –Seek informal industry comments due to complexity of the issues –Address Industry comments and update the standard/recommendation –Vote to post standards/recommendation for 30-day formal comment period Second Quarter 2013 –Develop late comments for standards/recommendation

8 8 Free Template from 8 Questions/Feedback ?

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