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Role of LPG marketing company in development of a community SAM GAS in Gujrat A case study Bushra Aitzaz.

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1 Role of LPG marketing company in development of a community SAM GAS in Gujrat A case study Bushra Aitzaz

2 Agenda Gujrat Overview Role of LPG in Gujrats social development Economic progress and LPG Future outlook and way forward

3 Gujrat background Gujrat is an ancient district of Pakistan located in between two famous rivers, River Jehlum and River Chenab Population of Gujrat district is 20,48,000 persons and mostly hail from middle and lower income strata Density of population in the district is 642 persons / square Km. Rural and Urban population is 72.3% and 27.7% respectively Gujrat district besides located on the main strategic GT road, has a total metalled road-length of 1019 km reflecting the economic development of the district

4 Gujrat – Economic background There are close to 1,059 cottage level and small/medium scale industrial units operating in the district Despite per capita income is below average per capita income, district has one of the high level of literacy amongst both genders Majority population is employed at small cottage industry or agricultural farms Population density, economic activity, literacy levels indicate high level of social awareness and development

5 1PopulationAccording to 1998 Population and Housing Census, total population of Gujrat district is 2,048,008 persons out of which 1,026,000 are males and 1,022,000 are females. Over 25.62% of the population is urban. 2Area (Square Kilometres)3,192 3Population Density (per sq.Km.) 642 4TehsilsGujrat, Kharian and Sarai Alamgir. 5Main TownsJalalpur Jattan, Lalamusa, Dinga, Kunjah and Mangowal 6Main CropsWheat and Rice. 7Main FruitsCitrus and Guava. 8Main VegetablesTurnip, Potato and Cauliflower. 9Forest (Area in Acres)5,173 10Total Metalled Roads (Km) 1019 11No. of Grid Stations10 12No. of Telephone Exchanges 43 13Number of Industrial Units 1,059 14Major IndustriesCarpets, Cycle Tyre /Tubes, Fans, Flour Mills, Leather Footwear, Paper & Paper Board, Plastic Melamine, Pottery, Poultry Feed, Power Generation, Rice Mills, Tannery, Textile Spinning, Textile Weaving, Tyres & Tubes, Vegetable Ghee / Cooking Oil and Wood Pulp.

6 Before deregulation of LPG Gujrat was not a priority or even on the map Consumers were forced to pay more Price spikes was as frequent as product dry outs Less than 20% population had access to natural gas as fuel Majority of the Gujrat population which came from middle / low income strata desperately needed alternate and cheaper fuel supply Rural Gujrat struggled for supplies and access to LPG fuel Safety was an issue and public was exposed to dangerous practices

7 Role of Sam Gas in Gujrat LPG revolution First and foremost, safety measures at the storage and distributors facilities exceeding OGRA standards – zero safety incidence recorded Prices stability and price standardized across Punjab Cheaper and readily availability of LPG fuel supported economic activity at the middle and low income groups Directly and indirectly 25,000 families benefited from the investments of SAM GAS in LPG storage, and distribution network.

8 Role of Sam Gas in Gujrat LPG revolution Efficient and large network of distribution which is spread over 125 distributors and serve nearly 35,000 consumers. Large investments in the storage capacity, safety standards and training of our people reflect our long term commitments towards the people of Gujrat, and our vision for the coming years – 40,000 Domestic Cylinders – 1,400 Commercial Cylinders

9 Role of Sam Gas in penetrating the rural Gujrat, & the difficult terrains of Azad Kashmir Distribution and penetration to the rural Gujrat was high on the priority area We are distributing LPG in Azad Kashmir providing fuel to consumers in a rugged and mountainous area. – Nearly 10,500 Domestic Cylinders – Giving LPG access to neglected regions of Kotli etc.

10 Future & way forward Consumer awareness about LPG and social development Investment in safety, trainings, capacity enhancement Penetration and making product available to far greater areas at affordable prices Invest and then grow with the local community Socially responsible role as LPG marketing operator

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