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Hi – This is __ Name – brief background – why were & are excited about Nikken– if not millions of Life-Styles. Nikken, THE Worlds only WELLNESS HOME COMPANY.

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1 Hi – This is __ Name – brief background – why were & are excited about Nikken– if not millions of Life-Styles. Nikken, THE Worlds only WELLNESS HOME COMPANY. Partner presenter - This evening, well be talking about one of the top media topics & Concerns – Our Water! - Put all together – Its almost unbelievable. INTERNATIONAL COMPANY FROM JAPAN Began with amazing Magnetic Products & are an integral part of our water products. THIRTY + YEARS IN BUSINESS 5 A-1 DUN & BRADSTREET RATED STRONG COMPANY TEAM AGENDA: WHOOPPORTUNITY = Ability to Meet a Need at the Right Time 1.If reading the concerns of Water in the news … together with realizing the quality of products we have at Nikken … and seeing disease statistics doubling & knowing of people suffering; doesnt give cause for a need to share this information…. Check for your pulse. 2.When the Economy is in crisis – People look to Network Marketing – The characteristics of Network marketing & financial experts Expect 2009-2010 to be the years of NW Marketing to come of Age! WHO - - - WATER …. HEALTH….OPPORTUNITY So… How important is water on our Health Needs list ? 1 Hosts: Pause before introducing next page so Co-host can comment, testify, or joke before next page. Primary Host Second Host

2 Water is the principal component – our body weight according to the Mayo clinic info site. Every system in our body depends on water. Those we show here in addition to flushing toxins from every cell, carrying nutrients into our cells, providing a moist environment in our tissues – throat, eyes, ears, etc. Is there some reason why we cant just get our water from the tap ?…. 2 Second Host

3 . Both the EPA & this EWG have researched Health Limits with the contaminants… – Were these ever studied with the contaminants combined?.... (I dont think so… ) EWG ( Environmental Working Group) is a nonprofit research organization based in Washington, DC that uses the power of information to protect human health and the environment. ( WASHINGTON, Dec. 20, 2005) - The first ever nationwide compilation of tap water testing results from drinking water utilities shows widespread contamination of drinking water with scores of contaminants for which there are no enforceable health standards. Searching this site is an Eye opening education about our water situation. 3 Primary Host

4 . Nitrates Personal products Which of these contaminants are you willing to have in your familys drinking water? You can check your citys Tap Water Districts Contaminant record. – Youll find them at the address below. Hormones Chloroform Pharmaceuticals NATION WIDE TOP 4 CONTAMINANTS - Have 4 th because is 2 nd most above Health Limits. (Lets not read all of this) …. But look at it ! Tri halo methanes (THMs) are byproducts of chlorinated disinfectants added to drinking water to control pathogens. THMs are formed when chlorine byproducts react with organic matter found in water treatment influent. Bromo di chloro meth ane – EPA lists safe minimum at.10ppm – Most Water tested over safe limits. >>EPA estimates that long-term exposures at these levels cause up to 7,000 cases of bladder cancer each year nationwide. Also, THMs have been linked to low birth weight, neural tube defects, oral clefts, fetal death and spontaneous abortion (Bove, et al. 2002). Environmental Working Group – EWG 4 Primary Host

5 STEALING HEALTH. Monday, March 10, 2008 EWG Public Affairs (202) 667-6982 WASHINGTON – A wide range of pharmaceuticals that include antibiotics, sex hormones, and drugs used to treat epilepsy and depression, contaminate drinking water supplies of at least 41 million Americans, according to a 5-month investigation by the Associated Press National Investigation Team released today. All this data relates to city water. However, it is reported that rural well water shows seepage contamination as well. – not just sewage seepage – but RX as well. HEALTH STEALER 5 Primary Host

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7 Nikken Introduced the Aqua Pour shortly after 911 – In Answer of need to BE PREPARED - Why is it #1 - Because it is such an efficient water purifier. EMERGENCY MANAGEMENT: (Water –next to air- is the next most important factor for survival. Its #1 because everyone should have one on hand to be Prepared – just in case. It works without water pressure, electricity, or batteries. Its Gravity activated. Its #1 Because the water from the Aqua Pour is very delicious – kids love it & others do too. …. Produces slightly alkaline water because of the minerals. Your cells will be satisfied. #1 BECAUSE of its VERY REASONABLY PRICE. FOR PRODUCT INFORMATION – USE BROCHURE # 9676 Information from Nikken Library – Quick Reference Sheet Also please see: Aqua brochure Item# 13631 8 Second Host

8 PiMag Deluxe Water System Provides instant PiMag water straight from faucet Choose Countertop or Under Counter model 50 microns human hair 25 microns white blood cell PiMag Deluxe Water System – data reports 98-99% toxin reductions #1 – Best on the market - & Im always at the shows looking at whats new. Charles Franklin, Water expert from Harrisonburg, VA - Particulate, Class I particles 0.5 to <1 micron Library data on countertop Nikken Pi Mag Water Brochure 9 Second Host

9 . OTHER System SOLUTIONS … ARE INCOMPLETE COMPARED TO NIKKEN. Some dont remove much - see the demo Some remove the minerals – The Reverse Osmosis & Distilling type leave acidic water –not good for you. NIKKEN: WATER WITH WHICH OUR CELLS THRIVE: Our CELLS THRIVE with Pure, Alkaline, Oxygen rich, Hexagonal, Nikken Pi-Mag, Optimized WATER. … And so they do not have equal results ! Which would you want to filter the contaminants out of your water? 10 Second Host

10 NIKKEN OPTIMIZED WATER: THE PREMIER TO CARE FOR YOUR CELLS WITH THE ULTIMATE IN HEALTHY WATER. The #1 reason for premature aging... Is dehydration Structured – like a snowflake (Living Water)– like the bees honeycomb- hexagonal water = 6 individual molecules of water bonded together make it smaller & more rapidly absorbed into our cells – helping us be more healthy in many ways. Contaminated water retains the molecular structure of the contaminate. Running over rocks or whirling in magnetic environment causes the natural water structure to return. This is the hexagonal water structure our cells recognize & absorb. Improve nutrient absorption Better waste removal at cell level Increase energy Decrease craving for sweets Improved pH balance ref. The Water Puzzle and the Hexagonal Key by Dr. Mu Shik Jhon Have you sometimes found yourself feeling thirsty when youve just been drinking ordinary water? Your cells need the water they arecreated to recognize & absorb –Hexagonal (hek- SAG-uh-nl) water - not water full of contaminants & molecules too large to be absorbed. YOUR BODY IS REMINDING YOU OF ITS NEED FOR PIMAG, OPTIMIZED WATER. 11 Second Host Click when ready.

11 CHLORINE The EPA has raised skin absorption of chlorine to its top 10 carcinogen watch list. The Washington Post, June 1994 "There is a clear pattern between consumption of chlorinated water and rectal and bladder cancer. Dr. Robert Morris, Wisconsin Medical College While showering, chlorine is absorbed through the skin, and in water vapor it is inhaled, where it passes from the lungs into the bloodstream. The PiMag Ultra Shower System effectively reduces chlorine exposure and makes your shower water SAFE! YIKES! Chlorine is recognized as a Carcinogen. As an oxidizing agent it produces dangerous compounds on contact. Click 12 Second Host

12 . 2.We have the answer to a World Wide Need. In good conscience we must share. In addition to the Health Need – there are those with a desperate pain in the pocketbook. 2.The timing for these products & the readiness of the Market couldnt be any better. If you were to search far & wide, You would not find an Opportunity as ripe as we have now with Nikken. Would You swim with sharks ? 1. FOR THE HEALTH OF IT… Would you encourage your family members to take this plunge - and swim with sharks? Would it be much different than drinking water with disease causing contaminants? …. Or Acidic water? Like distilled water or that from Reverse Osmosis water producers – the process removes the minerals …..or…the very acidic soda pop… How long would we swim in this water? If I were just beginning – could I earn some income right away? 13 Primary Host

13 . Whom do you know who would or should be concerned about the water in their home or office? Whom do you know who would or should be concerned about other aspects of their current & future health? Whom do you know whose primary pain emanates from their bank account? Lets have a look at how to save substantially on products to use & show and HOW TO EARN $$$ WITH NIKKEN

14 BEGIN YOUR BUSINESS WITH A PACK & AUTOSHIP Includes $25.00 off Autoship for 6 Months Includes $25.00 off Autoship for 3 Months Includes $25.00 off Autoship for 1 Month Home or Professional Pack Starter Pack 90 Days Nikken offers an incentive to get us started using products right away; so they are offering Pack savings for 90 days after sponsoring. Home or Business Pack

15 SPONSORING POWER PACK BONUS-E$ $50.00 each Starter Pack Home or Professional Pack Home or Business Pack $100.00 each 1 st 90 Days Market 2 Packs = Bonus ! 4 or More = DOUBLE BONUS! $150.00 each or $300.00 !! each

16 Find one a week who sponsors 1 who sponsors 1 = NETWORKING ! First Week: Packs Total = 4500 PV A-S x 3 = 360. PV You share Nikken, sponsor one & teach her do the same. All have 20% off products + Pack savings. Mo. 1 2500. PV 1500. PV 500. PV STEP ONE 2500 point PV = Product Volume A-S (Auto-Ship) Beginning 120 PV YOU – BEGIN YOUR BUSINESS With a Pro Pack & Autoship. AUTOSHIP 10% additional savings.

17 Month 1: YOU Sponsor 1 a week who teaches sponsoring. Mo. 1 First Level Second Level Mo. 1 Third Level Step 2. A, B, C, D & downline are called Legs Each First Level will have $5000 K PV You will have 20,000 PV You have reached the First Leadership Level Check – 15 th following month – About - $2400.00 Pack Bonuses = Additional $1000.00 ADCB

18 . Additional income from Associates Check for 2 nd month in Nikken. Around 70 people in the group. $3,218.67 $616.50. IT DOESNT TAKE YEARS TO EARN A VERY SUBSTANTIAL INCOME

19 A SAMPLE – WITHOUT PACK BONUSES IT DOESNT HAVE TO TAKE YEARS TO EARN A SUBSTANTIAL INCOME Check for February, 3 rd Month Check for March, 4 th Month $5689.90 $9239.75

20 Hundreds of other Silvers, Golds, Platinums & Diamonds D&R R A Rairdon D Schwab D Ford D Rogers RD Rogers D Stevens RD Stoltzfus RD Maclin RD Wagenbach D Nutter G Murphy D Latham D Duncan P Spader D Spader D Hanley D Brown D Snoozy D Dingman D Spader D Rooney D Wiens D Branham D Rooney P Gullo RD Stanley P Andersen RD Schoenfeld D Trubenbach P McTerrys RD Eastwood D Tannenholz D Boynton D Bowman P Watkins D

21 SPONSORING POWER PACK BONUS-E$ $50.00 each April 09 – Top winners – Extra Bonuses of 1 st : $1800.00 2 nd: $1440. 3 rd: $1000. Many other winners – Hundreds of $$ NOW: EARN AS MUCH OR MORE WITH PACKS & PACK BONUSES! Ask for time with your leader to learn Starter Pack Home or Professional Pack Home or Business Pack $100.00 each 1 st 90 Days Market 2 Packs = Bonus ! 4 or More = DOUBLE BONUS! $150.00 each or $300.00 !! each

22 LETS GET STARTED! Get yourself started - Contact your Leader for Getting Started information. Get started & Never Quit! HELP PROTECT HEALTH – SHARE NIKKEN WATER. & learn about the Nikken Nutritionals on the WINN/R-RIP PRESENTATION We invite you to join our Nikken Team helping to Improve Lives. See the Current presentation schedules: Ideal Business overview WINN & R-RIP - Auto-ship & Repetitive – Reproductive Income Plan SHOW ME THE MONEY See links for more presentations NIKKEN GOAL: EVERY HOME A WELLNESS HOME. JUST IMAGINE IT! ADDRESS THE HEALTH CRISIS, THE INCOME CHALLENGE, & MANY LIFESTYLE CHALLENGES. FREEDOM, HOME WITH FAMILY WHEN DESIRED – A BETTER WAY OF MARKETING ALL WITH NIKKEN! Thanks for joining us! We have a goal to see disease statistics reverse their direction – People should not be getting these terrible diseases – It should not be common to be on drugs. LETS MAKE IT DIFFERENT FOR YOUR FRIENDS & MINE & EVERYONE ELSES FRIENDS! 20 Second HostPrimary Host Second Host LAST SLIDE Primary Host

23 Crusader Headlines Anne R.s Dr. says she has the bones of a young person now! NIKKEN LIFE-STYLE OPPORTUNITIES & CRUSADERS Leadership Lunch with Dr. Naidu S teven B – Personal Holiday – on phone Crusader Headlines *Formerly Autistic son now playing football! –Nikken Wellness Home. ** Gr. Grandpa claims Osteodenx is a Magic Pill since he doesnt hurt anymore. Convention 2008 Pirate Party Meet with Celebrities

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