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Creating A Meaningful Life Wellness Business Overview BACK.

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1 Creating A Meaningful Life Wellness Business Overview BACK

2 You have been invited to evaluate a business, partnering with a unique organization by someone who respects you.

3 Our mission is to INSPIRE individuals to DISCOVER a whole new way of life and provide them the opportunity to LIVE IT, by changing their lives through improved health and financial well being. YOUR PARTNER…

4 Healthy BODY Healthy MIND Healthy FAMILY Healthy SOCIETY Healthy FINANCES The 5 Pillars of Health Ask yourself… Is my life in balance? A MEANINGFUL PHILOSOPHY

5 Help people take control of their health and finances around the world… Every Home A Wellness Home A MEANINGFUL GOAL

6 Achieving this goal will also create BILLIONS of dollars in business for our partners. A MEANINGFUL BUSINESS

7 These 3 together make a meaningful difference.

8 Evaluate NIKKEN     Industry Company Products Business Plan Before making a decision.

9 Finding balance is a priority worldwide We live in an unbalanced world… working more, sleeping less, subject to stress We are ready for a wellness revolution — and NIKKEN leads the way NIKKEN is the only company with a total wellness solution WHY WELLNESS? OUR INDUSTRY

10 An aging Baby Boomer population striving to stay young and healthy A Sandwich Generation… caught between aging parents and young children Rising traditional health care costs Health care disparities Traditional solutions have failed — NIKKEN has a solution that works WHY NOW? OUR INDUSTRY

11 Wellness is a focus of Baby Boomer spending. Boomer spending = Market Growth OUR INDUSTRY

12 Wellness is the industry to be in… Next, let’s look at the company and the products Industry Company Products Business Plan     Before making a decision.

13 NIKKEN The Company offering Wellness Solutions for over 30 years OUR COMPANY

14 A TRACK RECORD OF SUCCESS! Founded in 1975 in Japan Billions in sales Operations in more than 35 countries Over 30 years of success 5A1 Dun and Bradstreet rating Millions of satisfied customers WORLDWIDE A unique 5 Pillars of Health philosophy Innovators in wellness - Magnetic technology - Far Infrared technology - Negative ion technology - Whole foods - A total wellness environment with our Wellness Home OUR COMPANY

15 YOUR HOME CAN DO ONE OF TWO THINGS: It can make you and your family sick Unhealthy air Bad water Poor sleep Poor nutrition OUR PRODUCTS

16 Or it can make you well Clean air Clean water Quality sleep Good nutrition These basics support good health for the entire family. OUR PRODUCTS

17 ANY HOME CAN BE A WELLNESS HOME. OUR PRODUCTS Performance & Rejuvenation Environment Lifestyle

18 ANY HOME CAN BE A WELLNESS HOME. PERFORMANCE & REJUVENATION SOLUTIONS Discover more energy and live every day fully charged ENVIRONMENTAL SOLUTIONS Wellness begins with the basics. Clean air. Clean water LIFESTYLE SOLUTIONS Fuel for a healthy lifestyle Solutions For A Wellness Home OUR PRODUCTS

19 PERFORMANCE & REJUVENATION SOLUTIONS A key component to overall well-being is the ability to perform at your best Nikken Performance & Rejuvenation solutions utilize unique and proprietary magnetic, far-infrared and negative-ion technologies to promote quality sleep and help relax and energize your body while promoting recovery to aching muscles OUR PRODUCTS

20 According to the EPA, the air you breathe in your home can be more seriously polluted than the outdoor air You bathe in it, you cook with it and drink it, but do you really know what kind of water is being piped into your home. Tap water can have chlorine, sediment, heavy metals, pesticides and more Nikken Environmental Solutions cleans indoor air, generates negative ions with no ozone production and provides clean, healthy, alkaline living water ENVIRONMENTAL SOLUTIONS OUR PRODUCTS

21 Nikken Lifestyle Solutions address the areas of your life that are out of balance due to your lifestyle Our natural whole foods approach to nutrition is based on the principle that whole foods are the ideal source of nutrients and your best medicine Whether your lifestyle needs demand extra targeted nutritional support, a work out that fits into your daily routine, healthy cooking or your ideal weight you’ll find a Nikken Lifestyle Solution LIFESTYLE SOLUTIONS OUR PRODUCTS

22 Thousands of health care professionals Thousands of famous professional & amateur athletes Healthy families around the world Recognized and endorsed by the World Federation of Chiropractic Results confirmed in major scientific studies Ask us here today! WHO USES NIKKEN PRODUCTS?

23 We’ve demonstrated We are in the Right Industry at the Right Time with the Right Company with the Right Products Now let us show you the most powerful Business Plan in the industry. Industry Company Products Business Plan     Before making a decision.

24 CREATING CUSTOMERS Sharing the wellness movement Help five others create a Nikken Wellness Home And pay for your own Wellness Home


26 BUILDING A NETWORK The Concept of Leverage Building a global network of like minded people committed to similar goals… “The richest people in the world build networks. Everyone else is trained to look for work” Robert Kiyosaki Author of #1 best seller Rich Dad, Poor Dad


28 Click on a picture to view the 2-3 minute presentation BUILDING A NETWORK Leverage You, Inc. The Network Advantage

29 HOW TO BUILD YOUR NETWORK Through Customers and Business Partners The NIKKEN Business Model Wellness Home Customers SIX Key Partners

30 The Power of Building a Network

31 The NIKKEN Business Model The Power of Building a Network

32 The NIKKEN Business Model The Power of Building a Network

33 THE NIKKEN COMPENSATION PLAN Imagine a Business Opportunity With a Company That Provides Retail Profit Wholesale Profit Residual Income Performance & Leadership Bonuses Incentive Programs that pay for your car AND your home

34 What do YOU want? NIKKEN Consultants earn: A few hundred dollars/month A few thousand dollars/month $5,000/month $10,000/month $100,000+/month What amount per month would give you the freedom you desire in your life?

35 Industry Company Products Business Plan Now that’s the right COMPANY in the right INDUSTRY with the right PRODUCTS and the plan to make it HAPPEN    

36 The Rhythm of Nikken NIKKEN University Humans Being More National Conventions Women’s Expos Marketing & Presentation Material International Business Support Product Technology Support Online Business Systems SUPPORTING YOUR SUCCESS

37 What are you looking for? Time freedom Financial freedom Better health A way to make a difference

38 No matter what you are looking for… Imagine the impact this simple concept can have on world health. A Meaningful Goal…

39 Discover a Whole New WAY of Life and Get Started Today.  Good  Better  Best Enroll now by completing a distributor application and investing in your future with one of these packs:

40 THANK YOU FOR DISCOVERING NIKKEN The future of Nikken is here and now! There has never been a better time to join our Nikken team.

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