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Mobile Com Extended Packaging GSMP Lunch and Learn 06 October, 2008.

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1 Mobile Com Extended Packaging GSMP Lunch and Learn 06 October, 2008

2 © 2008 GS1 How the shopping experience will change…

3 © 2008 GS1 Nokia estimates sale of 4 bil Mobile Phones by 2010

4 © 2008 GS1 …but they arent just phones

5 © 2008 GS1 Soon everyone will have access to information…

6 © 2008 GS1 Technology will enable us…

7 © 2008 GS1 Consumers are in control

8 © 2008 GS1 Codes and GS1 IDs bridge the physical and virtual worlds…

9 © 2008 GS1 Providing information and efficiencies…

10 © 2008 GS1 GS1 Mobile Com vision 3 billion mobile phones: the new channel of commerce and of the consumer-centric chain. Lack of standards does not enable retailers and brands to offer mobile commerce services in a global, simple and cost efficient way. GS1 will enable it to happen in collaboration with the mobile industry.

11 © 2008 GS1 6 key business applications Extended Packaging Digital Content Purchase & Delivery Mobile Coupons Authentication Re-ordering (Mobile EDI) Mobile Self-scanning

12 © 2008 GS1 Extended Packaging Overview Key concept: consumers access additional information about products through their mobile phone Background information: GS1 Mobile Com White Paper ( pages 24 - 27. For more info on the project See the : Call-to-Action document

13 © 2008 GS1 GS1 Mobile Com Extended Packaging Group Manufacturers & retailers J&J Consumer Kao Kraft LOréal Nestlé P&G Ahold Carrefour Walmart Shoprite Checkers Migros-Genossenschafts- Bund Mobile Industry & provider Ericsson Motorola Nokia Orange BT AT&T Oracle Sprint Atos Origin Upcode Scan Buy Simple Act Inspiry Iexidio CamClick GS1 MOs GS1 Australia GS1 Austria GS1 Brasil GS1 Canada GS1 China GS1 Costa Rica GS1 France GS1 Germany GS1 Hong Kong GS1 Iran GS1 Italy GS1 Japan GS1 Korea GS1 Malta GS1 Netherlands GS1 Poland GS1 Russia GS1 Singapore GS1 Serbia GS1 Switzerland GS1 Taiwan GS1 Tunisia GS1 UK GS1 US

14 © 2008 GS1 Generic scenario GS1 ID Keys GS1 BarCodes + EPC tags Look up service Information Provider GS1 messaging

15 © 2008 GS1 GTIN and Extended Packaging Global Trade Item Number (GTIN) 381370029939 Info Registry Info Pool 1 Info Pool 2 Brands

16 © 2008 GS1 Extended packaging : types of information Certification/Compliance Organic Ingredients Source/Origin Kosher/Halal Carbon/Environment Ethical/Fair Trade Traceability Counterfeit/Authentication Health/Wellness Allergens Nutrition Poison Compatibility Target (e.g. children under 2) Advice/Guidelines/Coaching How to use Recipes Recycling Recommendations Best usage reminders (e.g. take every 3 hours) Services Customer satisfaction Guarantee/Warranty Customer Service Loyalty Where to buy How to find in store Community Who is using Also bought Opinions/Ratings Reviews Price comparison Budgeting Feature comparison Conversions (metric/imperial) Other Games Promotions Accessibility (e.g. blind) Personalized vs. generic Before/during/after sales Delivery method: video / audio / text

17 © 2008 GS1 Q1 2009 Business Requirements Guideline Pilot Gap Analysis Additional Standards CRs Q4 2008 Q3 2008 Q2 2009Q3 2009 Extended Packaging Timeline Draft Guideline Final Guideline + Pilot report + gap analysis + next phase plan

18 © 2008 GS1 GS1 France Code On Line Demonstrator Step 1 (before shopping) : The consumer downloads GS1 CodeOnLine application and defines the information he is interested in. Step 2a (in the shop) : The consumer opens GS1 CodeOnLine application and takes a picture of the product that he may buy. Step 2b (in the shop) : A few seconds later, he receives the required information about the product on his mobile phone from a GDSN catalogue.

19 Contact Details Cameron Green GS1 Global Office E T + 1 609 620 4568 W

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