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GS1 MobileCom Plenary Diane Taillard, GS1 Chris Adcock, GS1.

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1 GS1 MobileCom Plenary Diane Taillard, GS1 Chris Adcock, GS1

2 © 2010 GS1 Todays multi-channel consumer Social Media Search Mobile Print TV In-store Packaging Web

3 © 2010 GS1 What does it mean for brands and retailers? Integrated multi-channel experiences Compelling value propositions Relevant, accurate information

4 © 2010 GS1 GS1 MobileCom is working to unlock the potential of the mobile channel A multi-stakeholder steering committee established Over 500 people and 200 organisations currently focus on adoption of open standards to support mobile commerce

5 © 2010 GS1 Focus on Extended Packaging (and Mobile Coupons) Extended Packaging Consumers access to trusted product information or related services via their mobile phone Which barcodes to use? GSMP Multiple Bar Codes Work Group to respond How to access trusted product data? GS1 B2C Steering Committee to develop Mobile Coupons Business need identified Industry costs being estimated for submission to Retail Value Chain Industry User Group

6 © 2010 GS1 B2C an essential area for GS1 and the future value chain GS1s 2020 strategy defines four pillars: GS1 System Data Quality Visibility Business-to-consumer (B2C) B2C is about enabling companies to meet the needs of todays and tomorrows consumer through the sharing of product data

7 © 2010 GS1 B2C Steering Committee Scope: create an operational and business plan to allow access to trusted product data by Dec 2010 Draft proposal (straw man) being circulated with key users and at Management Board level

8 © 2010 GS1 GS1 Trusted Source Of B2C Data Key drivers: Consumers – increasing trend to base purchase decisions on digital information Brand Owners – concerned to ensure that accurate product information is delivered to consumers through digital channels Regulators – increasing requirements to provide consumers with more information Internet Application Providers – need sources of trusted product information to build value of services 14 GS1 Member Organizations conducting 26 pilots

9 © 2010 GS1 GS1 Trusted Source Of B2C Data Enabling access to trusted data Leverage existing GS1 standards Leverage existing GS1 standards based infrastructure Enable linkage to accurate product data Product master data Extended product data e.g nutritional information, allergy information etc Direct access to relevant site Critical success factors Broad industry adoption and usage Data quality

10 © 2010 GS1 Making the most of Amsterdam Make the most of this week: Retail Value Chain Plenary: Tue am Mobile Coupons meeting: Wed am Multiple Bar Codes Info Session: Wed pm GS1 MobileCom Plenary: Thu am GS1 MobileCom Dinner: Thu evening Talk to Diane and the team!

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