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The European Union THE EUROPEAN UNION Lesson 10 The EU on the World Stage: Promoting Security, Stability, and Prosperity.

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1 The European Union THE EUROPEAN UNION Lesson 10 The EU on the World Stage: Promoting Security, Stability, and Prosperity

2 The European Union European Commission Humanitarian Aid and Civil Protection Department (ECHO) ECHO provides unconditional and indiscriminate assistance to victims of natural or man-made disasters worldwide. has acted in more than 100 countries annual budget is over €700 million funds medical teams, mine- clearance experts, transport, communications, food aid, and logistical support.

3 The European Union Caribbean –Earthquakes –Floods –Hurricanes –Tsunamis –Volcanoes DIPECHO - Disaster Preparedness Program

4 The European Union ECHO: Disaster Preparedness - Reducing Impacts Region Hazard CaribbeanCentral America South America South-East Africa & Indian Ocean Central Asia South Asia South- East Asia Cold Waves x Cyclones x Droughts xxxxx Earth- quakes xxxxxxx “El Nino” x Floods xxxxxxx Hazes x Hurricanes xxxxx Landslides xxxxxx Tsunamis xxxxx Volcanoes xxx

5 The European Union Common Security and Defense Policy (CSDP) Rescue tasks Peacekeeping Peacemaking Military advice Combat forces Fight against terrorism Post-conflict stabilization Joint disarmament operations

6 The European Union Common Foreign and Security Policy (CFSP) CFSP Strengthens and Preserves the security of the EU international peace and security international co-operation CFSP Develops and Consolidates liberty democracy the rule of law human rights

7 The European Union The EU negotiates and acts within the WTO as a single body although all 27 EU member states are among the 153 WTO member states. WTO and External Trade The World Trade Organization (established in 1995, based in Geneva) sets the global rules for trade between nations. mediates in disputes between trade partners. facilitates further open trade between them.

8 The European Union The EU as world’s biggest trader

9 The European Union The EU’s main trading partners

10 The European Union The EU in Iraq and Afghanistan EU Police mission in Afghanistan (EUPOL AFGHANISTAN) builds on the efforts of the GPPO (German Police Project Office) and other international actions in the field of police and the rule of law. It aims to bring together individual national efforts under an EU hat, taking due account of the relevant Community activities. Its activities aim at covering the whole of Afghanistan.

11 The European Union The EU in Haiti In response to the earthquake, the EU has worked under the strategic umbrella of the UN with the US and others. ECHO is opening an office on site for evaluation and monitoring of the funding provided. ECHO is implementing a Global Plan to increase Haitian citizens’ access to basic services and nutrition and help the most vulnerable.

12 The European Union Is a civilian crisis management operation under the auspices of the EU Common Security and Defense Policy. Established to strengthen the rule of law and promote a culture of respect for human rights in Iraq, EUJUST LEX provides professional development opportunities to senior officials from the Iraqi criminal justice system. European Union Integrated Rule of Law Mission for Iraq EUJUST LEX

13 The European Union EU-US Summit meetings Common commitment to advancing the ideals of democracy and human rights, fighting terrorism, and preventing the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction. The transatlantic relationship is vital to global prosperity, and both sides are committed to cooperate in order to promote growth and jobs in their economies.

14 The European Union EU–China Summit Meetings Broaden and deepen dialogue by working together on global challenges, e.g. climate change. Support China’s transition to an open society based upon the rule of law and human rights. Encourage China’s integration into the world economy and trading system and support economic and social reforms.

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