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Europe Aid for ACP Countries

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1 Europe Aid for ACP Countries

2 EU Funding Consultation Information
MEUSAC EU Funding Consultation Information

3 Funding Instruments for ACP Countries

4 Funding Instruments for ACP
THEMATIC INSTRUMENTS Development Cooperation Instrument- Thematic Programmes European Institute for Democracy and Human Rights Instrument for Stability GEOGRAPHIC INSTRUMENTS European Development Fund Development Cooperation Instrument

5 Development Cooperation Instrument (2007-2013)
5 Thematic Programmes €5.6 billion ( )

6 Development Cooperation Instrument (Geographic)
Programme of accompanying measures for the 18 ACP Sugar Protocol Countries, in order to help them adjust to the reform following the EU Sugar regime. €1.24 billion ( ) Geographic Programmes supporting development cooperation with 47 countries one of them South Africa.

7 European Instrument for Democracy and Human Rights (2007-2013)
Provides support for the promotion of democracy and human rights in non EU countries. Work with, for and through civil society gives to the EIDHR its critical profile. Supports civil society/ intergovernmental organisations that implement the international mechanism for the protection of human rights. €1.104 billion ( )

8 Instrument for Stability
Short Term Component Crisis Response and Preparedness Long Term Component Fighting and protecting against the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction Strengthening response capacities of non-EU member countries to cross-border threats Enhancing pre- and post-crisis preparedness capacity building Strategic tool designed to address a number of global security and development challenges

9 … external policies are a major field of action in the EU and these have been reinforced with the Lisbon treaty….

10 Global Europe 2014-2020 Budget: €58 704 million
Commit 0.7% of GNI to official development assistance by 2015, thus making a decisive step towards achieving the Millennium Development Goals Increased flexibility and efficiency Awaiting European Parliament approval

11 The EU Programme for Education, Training, Youth and Sport
Erasmus for all The EU Programme for Education, Training, Youth and Sport

12 Erasmus for All Support for high-quality joint degrees and scholarships for students and staff worldwide will be extended. The management of international mobility will be based on the current Erasmus system, whereby scholarships are awarded on the basis of inter-institutional agreements. Funds will be allocated according to the thematic and geographical priorities of EU external action. Capacity-building measures for the modernisation of higher education systems will also be streamlined.

13 European Development Fund
Economic Development Social and Human Development Regional Cooperation and Integration

14 European Development Fund
The main instrument providing community aid for development cooperation in ACP countries Extra- budgetary fund 5 year cycle Current cycle: (€ million)

15 EDF ( ) Country Strategy Papers Regional Strategy Papers Intra-ACP Strategy Paper Multi-Annual Financial Framework ( )

16 EDF 2014-2020 Extra-budgetary fund €26.984 billion
Communication from the European Commission on the 11th EDF Awaiting European Parliament first reading

17 Where can I access info on EU funding opportunities for ACP countries?

18 Call for proposals for the Intra-ACP academic mobility scheme- Deadline: 10 June 2013
EIDHR: Botswana Country Based Support Scheme- Deadline 30th May 2013 Assistance technique d'appui au Programme d'appui budgétaire à la mise en œuvre du Cadre Stratégique de Lutte contre la Pauvreté en Mauritanie- May 2013 Current Open Calls


20 Contact Details 280, Republic Street, MEUSAC Valletta
Contact no:

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