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Selma H. Doyran Joint FAO/WHO Food Standards Programme.

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1 Selma H. Doyran Joint FAO/WHO Food Standards Programme

2 Procedures Transparency in the standard-setting process All Codex Committees and Task Forces are open to all members and observers Comments are requested at all steps of the procedures standard development and prior to final adoption by the Codex Alimentarius Commission Access to standards: publications and Codex website Use of standards : no notification process in Codex, the use of standards – harmonisation of national standards with international standards is considered in the regional FAO/WHO Coordinating Committees

3 Several types of documents Standards and related texts, codes of practice, guidelines..(adopted Codex texts) Working documents used in the elaboration of Codex standards : Documents on which comments are requested Other working documents Electronic distribution lists to Codex contact points and observers

4 Publication of printed documents is limited Special Publications by thematic area: hygiene, labelling, inspection and certification, biotechnology,) CD ROM Main media: Codex website: or through the FAO and WHO websites : standards, data base of pesticide and veterinary drugs MRLs

5 Distribution of documents is mainly electronic since 2006 Codex website: or through FAO and OMS or All reports of Codex sessions Agendas and working documents for Codex sessions Codex (drafts of standards under discussion) Circular Letters asking for comments from governments

6 collection of standards, guidelines etc

7 General information on Codex Schedule of meetings and events Links to relevant websites (FAO/WHO expert bodies, Codex Trust Fund etc.)

8 List of Committees Commission Members, Codex Contact points in countries International Organisations Procedural Manual - Strategic Plan Sites of Regional Committees

9 JECFA JMPR JEMRA FAO/WHO consultations

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