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By: Reynaldo Garza Jr. Roel Cantu Jr. Christian Gonzalez

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1 By: Reynaldo Garza Jr. Roel Cantu Jr. Christian Gonzalez
Energy and Power By: Reynaldo Garza Jr. Roel Cantu Jr. Christian Gonzalez

2 Technology Technology is the use of scientific knowledge to solve practical problems, especially in industry and commerce It’s also known as electronic or digital products

3 Energy and Power This technology deals with the energy used in the modern world, such as Chemical Energy Fossil Fuels Food Wood Batteries Electrical Energy Heat Energy Geothermal Energy Light Energy Solar Power Cells Nuclear Energy

4 Chemical Energy Chemical Energy is energy stored in a substance

5 Chemical Energy A battery contains chemical energy. When needed, it can be released, then converted into electricity

6 Chemical Energy Wood is also a good example of Chemical Energy
When wood is burned, it releases Chemical Energy, therefore creating a chemical reaction, thus creating fire

7 Chemical Energy Food also contains chemical energy. When the food is digested, it is converted into potential energy, which is then converted into kinetic energy.

8 Electrical Energy Electrical Energy is the movement of electrons from one atom to another

9 Electrical Energy Electrical Energy can be created from Nuclear Energy
Hydroelectric Energy Light Energy Geothermal Energy

10 Electrical Energy When Electrical Energy is created, it is then converted into kinetic energy, which is the energy of motion

11 Wind Energy Wind Energy is using the kinetic energy of the wind to rotate a motor, which creates electricity

12 Wind Energy In California, there are lots of strong winds, which can power many windmills and create eco-friendly wind energy

13 Heat Energy Heat Energy is the energy created from the motion of particles in an atom

14 Heat Energy Heat Energy can be created from a geothermal power plant to be converted into electricity

15 Heat Energy A geothermal power plant is a power plant that uses the Mantle’s Heat to create Energy

16 Light Energy Light Energy is energy from the sun which can be converted into electricity

17 Light Energy A solar-power panel uses light energy to create electricity

18 Light Energy Most calculators rely on a solar-power cell to work properly

19 Nuclear Energy Nuclear Energy is created as atoms of certain material are split This is called nuclear fission

20 Nuclear Energy When nuclear fission occurs, a large amount of energy is created, which can then be transferred into electricity

21 Shell Gasoline Shell Gasoline makes gasoline for most transportation vehicles including cars and trucks

22 GE GE is a leading energy producing company
They have made a 120 cart train drive 200 miles on one gallon of fuel

23 MVEC MVEC stands for Magic Valley Electric Cooperative
MVEC is an electric service company here in the Rio Grande Valley

24 Energizer Energizer is a leading battery producing company

25 Falcon Dam Falcon Dam is a hydro-electric plant, which uses running water to make electricity for people in the Rio Grande Valley

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