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Energy Resources.

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1 Energy Resources

2 Energy Resources Energy Resource- a natural resource that can be converted into other forms of energy to do work

3 Non-Renewable Resources
Non- Renewable resources- can not be replaces or are replaced much slower compared to how quickly they are used Fossil Fuels are the most important non-renewable resources

4 Fossil Fuels Fossil fuels- energy resources that formed from the remains of buried plants and animals that lived millions of years ago Coal Produces much of the world’s electricity Petroleum Used in gas, oil, plastics, asphalt Natural Gas Used for heating homes

5 Fossil Fuels


7 Nuclear Energy Fission of uranium or plutonium atoms produces thermal energy which boils water and which makes turbines move and produces electricity. One uranium pellet= 2200 lbs of coal Because uranium and plutonium are rare this is a non-renewable resource

8 Nuclear Power

9 US Energy Consumption

10 Renewable Resources Renewable resources- energy resources that are more quickly replaced than they are used

11 Solar Energy Uses light energy from the sun to produce electrical and heat energy

12 Hydroelectric Power Hydroelectric power- uses the potential energy of water to create electricity Dams are built and cause water to fall, turning potential energy into kinetic. As the water falls in causes turbines to move and transfers energy

13 Hydroelectric Power

14 Wind Energy The kinetic energy of wind causes turbines on windmills to move which cause a generator to transfer electrical energy

15 Geothermal Energy Thermal energy created by the heating of rock under the Earth’s surface. Some plants pump water underground, when the water returns, it comes back as steam that can turn a generator

16 Geothermal Energy

17 Biomass Plants capture and store energy from the sun.
When organic materials are burned they release energy Certain plants can also be turned into liquid fuel Corn can be turned into ethanol

18 Biomass

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