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Science Vocabulary Review Part 1. Choose the best answer for each science definition.

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1 Science Vocabulary Review Part 1

2 Choose the best answer for each science definition.

3 The process of staying alive, outliving others. ecosystem endangered survival photosynthesis 1

4 An arrangement of the organisms in an ecological community according to the order of what eats what? food chain herbivore omnivorescavenger 2

5 An organism (like bacteria, worms, and fungi) that feed upon and breakdown dead organisms. herbivore decomposer food webpredator 3

6 An animal taken by a predator as food. (For example: The hawk ate the rabbit. The rabbit was its prey.) prey decomposer carnivore scavenger 4

7 All of the organisms that make up a specific group or occur in a specified habitat. habitatpopulation extinctpredator 5

8 An animal that eats plants like a rabbit, deer or squirrels. herbivoreinsectivore carnivoreomnivore 6

9 An organism (like flies and wasps) that feeds on refuse and other decaying organic matter. food webomnivore scavengerfood web 7

10 An animal that lives by capturing prey as a means of staying alive. It hunts for its food. preyproducer food chainpredator 8

11 A system formed by the interaction of a community of organisms with their physical environment. extinct endangered photosynthesis ecosystem 9

12 To give signs as a warning of harm to. habitatcarnivore extinct threatened 10

13 An organism or animal that ingests other organisms or organic matter in a food chain. food chainconsumer food webproducer 11

14 An organism (like a bear or human) that eats plants and animals. herbivoreomnivore carnivoreextinct 12

15 A meat eating animal also known as a predator. omnivorehabitat carnivore herbivore 13

16 Threatened with extinction. habitat endangered carnivoreextinct 14

17 The type of environment where a plant, organism or animal normally lives. populationfood web habitatfood chain 15

18 An organism that is able to make its own food (such as a green plant) and is a food source for other organisms. producerfood web omnivorepredator 16

19 Interacting food chains in an ecological community. It shows how more than one animal feeds upon a producer and how energy is passed through organisms. carnivorefood web food chainproducer 17

20 No longer existing. habitatextinct herbivorescavenger 18

21 The chemical process by which plants make their own food. Plants use light to convert carbon dioxide and water into carbohydrates. Oxygen is released during this process. survival ecosystem carnivore photosynthesis 19

22 The area within a habitat occupied by an organism. nicheherbivore food chainproducer 20

23 So how did you do? Should you try again?

24 Be sure to know these words! You will be tested on them!

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