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Management Information Systems Dr. Eric Breimer. Course Syllabus CSIS-114: Management Information Systems (Spring 2006) Lecture: Wednesday and Friday,

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1 Management Information Systems Dr. Eric Breimer

2 Course Syllabus CSIS-114: Management Information Systems (Spring 2006) Lecture: Wednesday and Friday, 11:30AM - 12:25PM, RB340 Lab Section 3M: Monday, 10:25AM - 12:25PM, RB304** Lab Section 8H: Thursday, 1:00PM - 3:00PM, RB304** **Note: The Lab Sections are full. You must come to your assigned lab, otherwise you will not have a seat.

3 Instructor Dr. Eric Breimer,, 786-5084, RB 311 Office Hours Monday 2:00 - 4:00 PM Wednesday 2:00 - 4:00 PM Thursday 10:30 - 11:30 AM

4 Website ~ebreimer/courses/csis-114-s06/ OR Do a Google Search on “Dr. Eric Breimer”

5 Textbook Management Information Systems (Seventh Edition) by James A. O'Brien and George Marakas Many of the exam questions will come directly from the reading In Lecture, I will refer to cases and examples from the book

6 Goal Help students be successful in their careers by providing a framework for understanding information systems and how they benefit businesses and their customers. Increase technical vocabulary Understand how spreadsheets and databases can be used to help solve real management problems.

7 Topics Information Systems in Business Attributes of Information Organizational Structures Using Information Technology for Strategic Advantage Technical Foundations of Database Management Enterprise Resource Planning Systems Electronic Commerce Systems Decision Support & Expert Systems Security, Ethical, and Societal Challenges of IT

8 Grading Your final numeric average will be based on the following weights: 30% Labs 20% Exams 20% Project & Homework 20% Final Exam 10% Lecture Attendance & Participation

9 Letter grades A93.0 or higher and 90.0 or higher on the final exam A- 90.0 or higher B+87.0 or higher B83.0 or higher B-80.0 or higher C+77.0 or higher C73.0 or higher C-70.0 or higher D+67.0 or higher D63.0 or higher D-60.0 or higher Flower than 60.0

10 Lecture Attendance & Participation (10%) You’ll start with a 93 attendance grade. If I notice excessive absence or lateness during lecture, I will lower your attendance grade. If you answer questions or ask questions, your grade will go up.

11 Labs (30%) 10 lab activities during the semester. Some of the labs will include a brief lecture or presentation followed by discussion. Most labs will include a computer activity Student will work in pairs on computer activities. Each lab will conclude with a quiz or worksheet.

12 Lab Attendance Missing 1 lab  2% penalty on your final average. Missing 2 labs  5% total penalty Missing 3 labs  10% total penalty For each lab, the instructor reserves the right to penalize 1% on your final average for arriving late or leaving before the lab activity is complete.

13 Making up labs If you are absence from lab, you must still complete the lab activity and the lab quiz/worksheet on your own. Otherwise, you will receive a zero on the lab. Each lab is worth 3% (30% / 10 labs). Entirely missing one lab will result in a 3% loss from the zero and a 2% attendance penalty if the absence was not excused (5% total).

14 Excused Absences If a serious emergency or medical issue arises, students can be excused from lab, i.e., no attendance penalty but you still have to make complete the lab on your own. For illness or medical emergencies, students WILL have to show documentation (a doctor's note or equivalent). For family emergencies, funerals, or other serious commitments, student should contact academic affairs or the counseling center.

15 Attendance Policy A student is expected to attend every class and laboratory for which he or she has registered. Be aware of the following penalties: 10% penalty toward final average for excessive absence, lateness, etc. during lecture. In addition: 2% for the first unexcused lab absence, 5% total for the second 10% total for the third. Students will receive a zero on any missed exam or quiz (unexcused).

16 Exams (20%) Two exams given during the semester. Each exam will be given in the evening (outside of normal class time). This gives you more than an hour to complete the exam. Also, we will have three lecture days off during the semester to compensate for this extra time commitment. Check the online schedule for exam dates and times.

17 Final Exam (20%) There is a mandatory final exam in this course. You must earn 90% or higher on the final exam to earn an A in the course.

18 Project & Homework (20%) Students will work in groups of two or three on a research project, which will include a report and presentation. there might be a few homework assignments leading up the the project. The report, presentation, and homework together are worth 20% of your final grade. The report will be turned in using the Turnitin feature on Blackboard.

19 Academic Integrity Cheating on a report, a homework, or an exam will result in an automatic grade of zero. In addition, you will receive a letter grade reduction on your final grade for the semester. If you are caught cheating a second time, you will automatically fail the course and a formal letter describing your misconduct will be send to the academic affairs office.

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