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Anatomy and Physiology Journal Ch 6

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1 Anatomy and Physiology Journal Ch 6

2 What are the three types of muscles?
Skeletal Cardiac Smooth

3 Which muscle types are striated?
Cardiac Skeletal

4 Define Epimysium & Endomysium
Connective tissue ensheathing the entire muscle. Endomysium Thin connective tissue investing each muscle cell.

5 Contrast Isotonic to Isometric.
Isotonic- Muscle shortens Isometric- Muscle does not shorten even though tension increases

6 Describe anaerobic glycolysis.
No oxygen used Fastest pathway to regenerate ATP 30-60 seconds

7 Explain the condition of skeletal muscle fatigue.
It is caused by insufficient intracellular quantities of ATP due to excessive consumption.

8 List the functions of the muscular system:
production of movement maintenance of posture stabilization of joints generation of heat

9 What is a muscle group that works with and assists the action of a prime mover?

10 What are the four abdominal muscles?
rectus abdominis external oblique internal oblique transverse abdominis

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