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Troop Leader Instructions for Online Participation

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1 Troop Leader Instructions for Online Participation
New this Fall… Troop Leader Instructions for Online Participation

2 The M2 system automatically sends an to the Troop Fall Product Sale Manager/Leader that provides a link to get started and enables password set up.

3 After creating a password, click on the link in the to login or go directly to:

4 Once logged in, you will be able to manage your troop’s dashboard
Once logged in, you will be able to manage your troop’s dashboard. This dashboard provides a snapshot of the participation and sales for the entire troop. If you manage more than one troop, you will be able to select the troop you want to view.

5 Next Steps to Start the Sale
Create your own Me2 avatar and share with the girls how fun this process is!! Work with your troop to create a troop video. This video will play for each of the girls’ potential customers. There is a sample script online. This step is optional but has shown to increase results! Set up additional logins for co-chairs if necessary

6 During the Sale Enter girls’ “in-person” orders
View the rewards girls can earn and indicate choices where necessary if the girls have not. For the girls who earn the personalized patch, check to see if they entered their address for it to be mailed to them. If not, please enter their address or yours and it will be mailed to you for delivery to the girls. Access the TNOS Nut Tally system. Sales information entered into the M2 dashboard automatically transfers into TNOS. Login often to see your troop sales grow!!

7 Inviting Girls to Participate
Copy the message below and it to all of the parents/guardians of the girls in your troop. This message will be posted on your council site where you can also copy and paste it. Visit “It’s time to kick off our troop’s Fall Product Sale. It’s easier than ever to participate online. To get started, click this link and follow the simple instructions. Girls create their very own Me2 avatar and can even earn a personalized patch with their Me2 image and name on it Send s to friends and family and share on Social Media to ask for support. Supporters can pay with a credit card and our troop earns money for activities. Participating takes 10 minutes and the girls will have so much fun. Thanks in advance for helping our troop!!!” If the girls in your troop have participated in this program before, tell them to check out the new hairstyles, clothes and shoes for Me2. She has a new room and new virtual rewards this year too!

8 Assigning Orders to Girls
If your council / Troop has any Cupboard or Initial Booth orders, those orders need to be assigned to specific girls. From the Troop Screen, Click on the Girl Scout, Click on the green Order Summary, Click on ADD, and use the Assign button to assign the specific amount of product. If the Girl is responsible for Payment, click Additional from the drop down. If the troop is responsible for Payment, click the Booth. Under products, you will see that the system tells you what is available to Assign. It won’t let you assign more than what is available.

9 Payments To Enter Girl Payments or Council Payments, start by choosing a Girl Click on the Green Payment Summary and click Add You will be able to choose whether this is a Troop to Council Payment (Council) or a Girl to Troop Payment (Girl). Note, some councils will not allow Troops to record their own Council Payments.

10 Delivery Tickets From any screen in TNOS, you can print Delivery Tickets for your troop by clicking on the Delivery Tickets button on the left hand side of the page. You can then click on of the Delivery Ticket Choices, By Troop, By Girl. You can then print them out in duplicates. Make sure to keep a signed copy for yourself. You can print Blank Tickets and Receipts where you can fill in the information necessary and get a signature from one of your Girl Scout Parents/Guardians.

11 Good Luck!

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