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Managing Conflict and Stress

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1 Managing Conflict and Stress
Chapter 17

2 What is Conflict? Myth Truth
Conflicts is dysfunctional Conflict is a normal part of life All conflicts can be resolved Most conflicts can at least be managed Conflicts will go away if ignored Conflict can motivate change Conflicts result in a winner and a loser Conflict can strengthen relationships Conflict—struggle between people with opposing needs, wishes, or demands

3 Positive Effects of Conflict
Energizes people Opens up channels of communication that may not already exist Parties involved can learn from the experience

4 Negative Effects of Conflict
Anger/Resentment can make it difficult for a working relationship to continue Unresolved conflicts can lead to misconceptions about parties involved Ongoing conflict makes it difficult to focus on jobs

5 Types of Business Conflict
Interpersonal Conflict Between individuals that perceive or value a situation differently Intergroup Conflict Between groups/teams/departments within an organization Organizational Conflict Between employees and the organization itself

6 Managing Conflict Create positive atmosphere Keep an open mind
Parties involved can meet in a quiet, neutral setting Keep an open mind Don’t take one side or the other unless absolutely necessary Be nonjudgmental It may not be important to you, but it is to others Encourage employees to work together to resolve conflicts before they escalate

7 Stress in the Workplace
Any physical, chemical, or emotional factor causing bodily harm or mental tension “Workplace stress could be the #1 health problem in the U.S.” (former pres. of American Institute of Stress)

8 Effects of Stress Positive Effects Negative Effects
Some enjoy high pressure situations Get bored without some stress/pressure Can be motivating in the right dose Can lead to greater productivity Negative Effects Emotional Physical Burnout….lose interest in job

9 Sources of Workplace Stress
Job mismatch Conflicting expectations Role ambiguity Role overload Poor working conditions Unsatisfying work relationships Alienation

10 Managing Stress Employer assistance with employee personal problems is increasing Identifying stress early can save a great deal of both money and anxiety EAP—Employee Assistance Program Puts employees in touch with professionals Social worker, psychologist, counselor, etc All confidential Wellness Programs Company sponsored programs to prevent illness and enhance employee well being Educational programs Medical exams Workout facilities

11 Stress Management Approach problems with a positive outlook
Communicate when problems begin Reward yourself for even small accomplishments Take time for yourself Enjoy the ride, not just the destination!

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