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Internet Safety Internet Safety Presentation May 3 and 5, 2006 William Fremd High School …and Social Networking.

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1 Internet Safety Internet Safety Presentation May 3 and 5, 2006 William Fremd High School …and Social Networking

2 What is Social Networking? A Way to Learn About Life... DA SOX DA BEARS

3 Social Networking Provides…. A Way to Get Answers...

4 Challenges Facing Teens


6 The Internet Provides…. A place to hang with friends A place to shop A place to create my own space A feeling of being accepted, respected, included, and connected

7 Is Anyone Really Looking? Are there really risks? Current Questionable Internet Sites Online Predators Identity Theft Future College Internships / Future Jobs How Much Information is TOO Much Information? "This generation (will) say things without thinking about the consequences." Mary Beth Mackin University of Wisconsin-Whitewater

8 Headlines Woman Accused of Being an Online Predator Little Rock, AR 4/27/06 Man Arrested for Investigation of Child Rape 4/25/06 Komo, WA 4 Accused of Seeking Underage Girls on the Internet 4/22/06 Canton, OH Net rape suspect charged again 4/12/06 Daily News Journal, TN MySpace is a Predators Playground 4/12/06 VA Man Raped a Girl he met on MySpace Worchester, MA 4/4/06 Man Accused Of Using MySpace To Meet, Rape Teen 4/3/06 WFtv, FL 6800+ MySpace Articles in last 60 days Chat Video

9 Grooming Process Appear Familiar Develops Trust Establishes Secrecy Erodes Barriers Direct Intimidation Face to Face Meeting 37 kids before they caught up with me… Predator Video

10 Social Networking Sites 74 million users 45 million users 40 million users (cell phone based service) 24 million users 12 million users (associated with google) 9 million users 6 million users 2 million users 1 million users

11 Sensitive Information

12 Names/Phone Numbers/Birthdays October 17th, 1987 12.22.89 Tim Kxxx, Barrington, Illinois …call me sometimes too you effin retarded monkey…..305.266.xxxx You should see the photos!

13 Details Schools William Fremd High School, Palatine, Illinois, Graduated in 2008 Clubs: Forensics, track and field, tri-m, jr. class council, student council, SADD, german honor society, german club, band, choir i'm a junior at fremd, a school whose employees dont know how to communicate thus screwing up peoples lives. Work Lotus Montessori School Hoffman Estates, Illinois US Teaching Assistant Aramark Schaumburg, Illinos US General Profile information Smoke / Drink: Yes / Yes if you want to talk to me direct AIM me at : xotruexxxxxxxxx

14 Whos Watching? Admissions dean Paul Marthers at Reed College in Portland, Ore., says the school denied admission this year to one applicant in part because his entries on blogging site LiveJournal included disparaging comments about Reed.LiveJournal Two Louisiana State swimmers were kicked off the team last spring for criticizing their coaches on Facebook. A University of Colorado offensive tackle was suspended from a bowl game in December for sending a racially threatening message through Facebook to a Colorado cross-country runner.

15 Whos Watching? USA Today March 9, 2006 An employer who was ready to hire a student from Vermont Technical College in Randolph Center changed his mind after seeing the student's Facebook page-Lauri Sybel, director of the college career center. Since then, Sybel says she has checked other students' pages to make sure they weren't hurting their job prospects. Chicago Tribune March 28, 2006 75% of job recruiters use web searching as a part of their applicant screening process 25% state that they have eliminated candidates based on information they found online.

16 What Can We Do As Teachers? Educate! Be able to converse with parents about steps we take at FHS to protect students. The Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) should be reviewed with students. Internet content is filtered at the District level by a program called WebSense. Supervise students who use computers in classrooms and labs. Dont grade papers or surf the net while students use computers!

17 What Can We Do As Teachers? Educate! Visit and click on Internet Coming soon, Internet Safety site from D211 Brochure

18 What Can We Do As Teachers? Educate! Pay close attention to those who watch students participating in sports, clubs, etc. People who don't seem to belong Parking lot lurkers Photos being taken by unknown individuals Google yourself

19 What Can We Do As Parents? Talk to your kids Ask them to see their webspace(s) and what it says about them Provide your feelings about their site Search for their sites using their email address or school Inform them of the dangers of TMI Have them remove personal information or contact the web host to do it yourself Talk about the ways that a predator may reach out to your child through the internet Use technology Use software to block or monitor Visit Visit for tips on internet safety and help for resolving Visit iSafe, and NetSmartz,, for great parent

20 Suggestions Restrict Access to ANY Profile You Have Only allow access to people you actually know – and not their friends Remove your Full Name Remove your Birth Date Remove your Job Listings Dont use the bulletin features Restrict your email and IM information Clean up your Language / Profile Choices

21 Signs of Inappropriate Internet Use According to the FBI, some signs that your child might be at risk on-line include: Your child spends large amounts of time on-line, particularly at night. quickly changes screens or turns off the monitor when you enter the room becomes withdrawn from the family is sharing an on-line account with an unknown user or resists sharing passwords or information related to their computer use You find inappropriate material on the home computer. Illicit pop-up advertisements and e-mail spam appears when you use the computer.

22 Resources Be Safe Online ( site discusses common problems associated with e-mail, instant messaging, and file sharing. Be Web Aware ( tips are organized by age group on this site. It also includes a database of kid-friendly web sites. Cybersmart ( -highly acclaimed curriculum empowering K-8 students to use the Internet safely, responsibly and effectively. Free to educators Get Net Wise ( site created and maintained by the Internet Education Foundation, it is a resource for understanding the Internet and how to protect your family from potential Internet-related problems. i-Safe ( well-organized site that provides information for parents, children, and educators. Many suggestions for filtering and monitoring Internet use can be found at this site. NetSmartz ( –This site contains a wealth of information for parents and teens. Wired Safety ( site contains many resources to promote responsible and safe computer use.

23 Presenters : Michael Bachrodt, Technology Coordinator Stewart Seaholm, Fremd Police Consultant Special thanks to Hank Thiele, Technology Coordinator, CHS, and Scott Weidig, Technology Coordinator, SHS, for the use and/or modification of some of their presentation material. Thanks For Attending!

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