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Santa Rosa District Schools INTERNET SAFETY November, 2006.

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1 Santa Rosa District Schools INTERNET SAFETY November, 2006

2 Students Online 87% of youth ages 12-17 are online 51% of those students are online a minimum of once a day Only 37% of those students say they have Internet rules Only 33% of those students say their parents check their online activities Pew Internet & American Life Project, July, 2005

3 What Students Are Doing Blogging (web log) –online journals –diaries Chatting –instant messaging –chat rooms Web pages –profiles (

4 Students Online Did you know That children would rather spend time in chat rooms than talk to real friends on the phone. Amys Choice Video (

5 Students Online Did you know Every child who spends a lot of time online in chat rooms, etc., has interacted with a sexual offender. Sgt. Ski GowitzkeEscambia Sheriffs Office Investigator, Computer Crimes Against Children Tracking Theresa Video (

6 District Awareness Mental Health Subcommittee of the CEO Roundtable –High School Student Focus Groups Beth Hardcastle

7 District Awareness Focus Group Highlights Santa Rosa County students are well-represented on Gender differences re: use and vulnerability Older students more aware of how to protect themselves on-line Genuine concerns about younger students Role as Peer Educators Parent Involvement

8 District Awareness District Technology Committee –District Technology Plan 06-07 –Telecommunications Plan 06-07 i-Safe Online Curriculum –Train the Trainers (May 24 th ) –Site-based Teacher Training (06-07 School Year) –Student Mentors –Parent Workshops »District »Site-based –Teacher/Parent Lesson Plans Online –Student Activities Online Community Action Team (CEO Roundtable)

9 Internet Safety Action Plan District Campaign –Superintendent Endorsement of Internet Safety Plan –Principal Meeting/Update on Internet Safety –PDC School Site Visits/Information on Internet Safety School Awareness Campaign –Schools Are Addressing Internet Safety Based on Site Need –Examples of School Internet Awareness Activities PTA Meetings provide Internet Safety Training Classroom curriculum/activities School billboard announcements School newsletter announcements

10 Internet Safety Action Plan Community/Media –Diane Coleman, School Board Member Community presentations –Channel WEAR, coverage –Pensacola News Journal, coverage, special editions –Navarre Press, coverage Tools –Brochures –District/School web pages –Media coverage –School awareness activities

11 Internet Safety Web-based links – – – – – – – – video=uyn-stoner-psa

12 The Bottom Line We want Santa Rosa Students to be SAFE Online! Julies Journey ( Rap h.aspx?video=everyday

13 Suggested Community Activities Host a community-awareness event to promote Internet safety Make additional copies of the Internet safety brochure to distribute to employees and other community sites Conduct an Internet safety meeting with employees and their families Distribute lingo lists Include Internet safety tips in newsletters and other company communication

14 CEO Roundtable Support Prepare take home packets for employees and civic groups Sponsor iSAFE training by providing funding for school district refreshments or color copies of the brochure Sponsor Internet safety event for local school by providing refreshments or color copies of the brochure Volunteer as a guest speaker at a local school internet safety event

15 Be safe online!

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