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Right Angled Abstractions

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1 Right Angled Abstractions
Mondrian and Hoffman

2 Piet Mondrian Dutch 1940 emigrated to New York city


4 Mondrian in his New York Studio, 1942-43 Photo Fritz Glarner.
Extract from a letter by Mondrian to H.P.Bremmer, critic and teacher. Circa 'Nature (or what I see) inspires me, gives me, as it does virtually every painter, the emotion from which the urge derives to create something. But I want to approach truth as closely as possible, and thus I abstract everything until I come to the essence (always the external essence!) of things.' This photograph of the high-minded, austere young artist was taken 2 years before Mondrian began work on 'Sun, Church in Zeeland.' Mondrian in his New York Studio, Photo Fritz Glarner.



7 Mondrian, L'Arbre rouge, 70 x 99, 1909, Haags Gementemuseum, La Haye.
Mondrian, Le Pommier en fleur, 78 x 106, 1912, Haags Gementemuseum, La Haye.




11 Composition with Red, Yellow and Blue 1921; Oil on canvas, 39 x 35 cm

12 Piet Mondrian, Composition A, Oil on canvas (Galleria Nazionale d'Arte Moderna e Contemporanea, Rome)


14 Broadway Boogie Woogie ; Oil on canvas, 127 x 127 cm; The Museum of Modern Art, New York Piet Mondrian

15 Pictures using a rectangular composition, but all kinds of wild and completely non-Mondrian colors
(You can do this in your pictures that Dr. Flax is planning on having you do.)




19 http://graphics. stanford

20 Hans Hoffman Born in Bavaria (Germany) in 1880 Moved to Paris in 1904
Emigrated to United States in mid 1930’s Died 1966 Push Pull



23 "The ability to simplify means to eliminate the unnecessary so that the necessary may speak." - - Hans Hofmann


25 Golden Wall 1964


27 Autumn Gold 1957


29 http://www. nearbycafe


31 http://www. shanegarton


33 Song of the Nightingale (1404HOFM#) Hans Hoffman H Schwartz Collection, New York

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